While we wait for Haruhi S2

Nietzsche is dead, biiiiiii-!

"Nietzsche is dead, biiiiiii-!"

Let us refine and perfect our faith.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it’s been a long one–folks are getting depressed/antsy/cooky, you name it.  The second season thread at Animesuki Forum is over the hundredth-page mark.  Honestly though, I’m sure the magisters  at Holy Kyoto smile on fanfics, genderbending, anything pretty much as long as you remain interested.  Heresy is well-nigh impossible in Kyoani’s eyes.

It recently dawned on me that to speak the name of the God might be disrepectful, so I’m suggesting the use of the term Trikanaton (for the three kana in “ha”, “ru”, “hi”), or if you add “su-zu-mi-ya” then Nanakanaton.

I’m currently watching Lucky Star and enjoying it greatly.  Trikanaton figures prominently, often in mysterious ways.  Clearly, Lucky Star is not a new dispensation, but more like a very pious apocryphon (something like a Haruhiist Book of Enoch, good enough to be studied, but not good enough to base dogma on) to tide us over until the next testament/show.  Konata is kosher.

Flawless Prostration

Flawless Prostration Form

I am aware that some people disagree with this.  I’ve even heard it argued that Lucky Star was a comic strip before Holy Kyoto ever made into an anime, and so forth.  Fools!  Maybe Trikanaton went back in time to create it first, or mess with our memories so we think that there was this comic strip, or whatever.  The Lucky Star Onlyers don’t have a leg to stand on, imho.  To try to shield Kona-chan from Haruhiism is like worshipping John the Baptist and banishing Jesus as a corruptor.  That’s actually called Mandaeism, my friends, it’s been tried before, and it doesn’t work.  Anyway, I realize that Kyoani doesn’t mind Lucky Star Onlyers, but since they refuse to join the greater community I am forced to brand them, if not heretic, then full-fledged schismatics.


~ by Haloed Bane on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “While we wait for Haruhi S2”

  1. You had me at the reference in the first pic XD

  2. […] course, Aya Hirano is mostly known for portraying Haruhi/ Trikanaton, or God.  Until this point I haven’t actually read any discussions on the specific role of […]

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