Time and the Leijiverse Part V (Chronology Blues)

Captain Harlock lives in the 30th century in Space Pirate Captain Harlock series, whereas he, Emeraldas and the others flourish early in the 23rd century in the Galaxy Express 999 timeline.  There’s a neat way of resolving this within the concept of the Time Sphere we’ve developed.  It’s just a matter of adding a little more detail.

I’m calling the Prime Ring the first Ring of Time in a Time Sphere.  It might be that literally there’s a first timeline that gets everything going, or not.  The Prime Ring is useful right now simply as a reference point (like the Prime Meridian in cartography helps us name all of the longitudes).

The Prime Ring and its Friends

The Prime Ring and its Friends

Now let’s bring in the theory from last post: that the center of a Time Sphere is the Room of Gaf, and every Ring of Time or timeline on that sphere will see the emergence of the same souls/personalities simply because it’s the center that determines it: same center, same folk will pop up.  But when?

Here’s where the Prime Ring notation can help us.  Let’s say that the Galaxy Express timeline = Prime Ring.  Let’s also say that one time ring in the Leijiverse lasts 10,000 years.  I know this is absolutely ridiculous but if I start dealing with millions of years I’m going to get confused real fast, so just deal with it for now. Let’s suppose, finally, that the Christian time reckoning we like to use starts exactly at the halfway point of the ring, that is, in the year 5,000.

Captain Harlock lived in the 23rd century in the 999 timeline, so this means roughly 7,200 years into the Prime Ring (5,000 years passed until Christianity + 2200 since Christianity).  When we reach the 10,000 year point (at AΩ), ka-boom the whole universe is destroyed and starts anew.  As we know, the new Ring of Time will have shifted somewhat from the old path of the Time Ring.  In simple terms, it will travel at an angle different from 0° (= Prime Ring, look at the pic).

We know already that Harlock will come again in this second ring, it’s absolutely determined he will show up.  But how do we know when?  Well, my theory is that the angle of the Time Ring determines where Harlock (and everyone else) shows up.  So if in the Prime Ring Harlock showed up 7,200 years into the timeline (around the year 2200 AD), maybe the wider the positive angle of the new time ring, the later on Harlock shows up in the universe, up to the 10,000 year mark.  If the angle’s even wider then he starts appearing toward the dawn of time (maybe with the gods of Harlock Saga).

Mimay (Nibelung version) and Tochiro

Mimay (Nibelung version) and Tochiro

Let me be more specific.  In the original Harlock series, the pirate lives about 700 years later than in Galaxy Express. 700 divided by 10,000 is 0.07.  A sphere is divided into 360 degrees, and 0.07 of a sphere is thus equivalent to 25 °.  If the Galaxy Express time ring is taken as the Prime Ring, then what I’m saying is that the Space Pirate Captain Harlock Ring is the 25 degree ring.  Possibly any soul in the Leijiversal Time Sphere born around the same time with Harlock will keep being born around the same time with him as the various rings take their place.  So the each generation of souls “time-travels” together across the rings.

If you went 25 degrees west in the picture, to the 335 ° ring, then you’d find Harlock and company being born 700 years prior to the Galaxy Express timeline, around the year 1500 when Imperial Spain ruled the world. The Gun Frontier story, btw, would be right around the 348 ° ring.

You may possibly be thinking: “Hey, wait a minute.  If everyone’s born at the same time in relation to everyone else, in every possible universe, then all of the timelines should be almost exactly the same, it’s just that stuff that happens earlier in one ring happens later in another.”  But consider that the Room of Gaf only deals with souls, leaving all other natural processes intact.  The same personalities placed in totally different points of universal history will make for very different people and societies.  For example, a Mimay born at the dawn of time, when even her planet in the original series might not exist yet, will probably be a spirit or god of some sort (or a mysterious Nibelung, see Harlock Saga).

I still don't get it!!!

I still don't get it!!!

But there’s another criticism that can and should be made to this scheme, and this one’s serious.  You may have noticed a severe inconsistency in the second condition I lay out: I supposed we could fix Christianity to a certain point in every ring.  But hey, Christianity certainly couldn’t have existed without the person of Jesus.  But then Jesus’ birth must change in every ring along with everyone else’s.  And if it does, then the Christian reckoning shouldn’t really change at all, if Harlock’s born 700 years later then so is Jesus!

Even more serious, if the Prime Ring Jesus was, for argument’s sake, born in Roman Judaea just like in our world, and at a time ripe for a new world religion, would this still hold if he was born 700 years later?  For all I know, the founding of Christianity could be impossible in 700 AD, which would make the whole AD thing impossible!

I guess I could still tweak this further to make it work but maybe I should just stop here…!

~ by Haloed Bane on February 24, 2009.

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