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I was all ready to sit down and do a post on the first 3 episodes of Gun Frontier when I noticed that this would be my 5th post in a row connected to Leiji Matsumoto.  I think it’s better to break the chain right now, but I don’t have enough for a post on another series at the moment, and the coming Spring Season is totally depressing me, I’m just going to run through all the anime and manga I’ve been consuming and do mini-comments and mini-rants on each.  You’ll forgive me if I pepper the post with caps from Gun Frontier.

Soul Eater (anime)

I’m up to ep 48 on this.  The plot in this episode got so outrageous that the characters broke the 5th wall and begun wondering whether the public would accept it!!  Usually, I’d laugh but Soul Eater of late is so woeful it makes me wanna cry.  Oh well, there’s always the manga…

Soul Eater (manga)

I’m up to chapter 59.  This rocks!  The fact that Medusa cuts a deal with Shinigami to actually lead the Shibusen charge against Arachne is greatness.  And so is Arachne’s response.  And of course none of this is in the anime.  I hope this manga goes on forever.


Last Exile

Up to ep 12.  This is getting boring.  Tatiana should be shot, and her lackey with her.  And Klaus, is it?  He should be poster child for a govt. Japanese food promotional campaign: B-L-A-N-D.  Lavie should ditch him.  But the captain of the Silvana kicks ass.

I love the opening song.  I went and researched the singer and it turns out he’s a wannabe John Lennon named Shuntaro Okino.  And he’s got his own homemade cover of Daft Punk’s “One more time” here.  Hmmm.. Not bad, but he’s no Hominem de Christo…

Cowboy Bebop

I’m loving this series, right now I’m on ep 8.  Character designs are cool and the voice acting is awesome.  Koichi Yamadera does Spike in Bebop, Kaji in Evangelion, and Harlock in the latest series.  That’s the Trifecta!  And look at his photo!

That said, the minor characters’ voices tick me off for some reason.  And some of the minor character designs look straight out of Totally Spies.  (Not that I’m dissing on the Spies, I like the Spies).


Haruhi-chan & Churuya-san

I’m totally up to date on these, so up to eps 10 and 5 respectively.  A couple of chuckles out of 3 minutes on YouTube is acceptable, in my opinion, so I’m enjoying this.  And the fact that Haruhi and Konata from Lucky Star are merging before our eyes under the auspices of Aya Hirano is further proof of, well, read my post.

Franken Fran

This manga has been going down hill real fast in the last 2 or 3 chapters.  We’re up to 23.  I feel like it’s time to switch from episodic to an actual plot.  Either Prof. Madaraki returns soon, or Fran starts showing us some more skin (and stitches), or both, or this thing might just lose all of its glow.

My Street

Rabbits’ busy time is Easter, with all the egg decorating and stuff.  So it’s understandable that The Rabbit Reich is a bit slow coming through with the next installment of this manhua.  I know for a fact that the Rabbits are preparing to deliver a ton of goodies in April so keep a watch on that site.

Gun Frontier

Well, come on, I have to comment on this.  Here’s Leiji for you: the story is set in the Wild West, the genre is comedy, lots of echiness thrown in–so you’d think it would be totally different from anything else he’s famous for, right??


Wrong!!!  In the first episode cowboys Harlock and Tochiro (they’re ancestors of Harlock and Tochiro, duh) meet a mysterious blond woman who decides to accompany them, and who, at different stops along the way, communicates with unknown folk on their progress to god knows where.  OMG!  This is friggin’ Maetel and the Galaxy Express all over again!

Anyway, I’m loving this.  And the ending song is great, but I’m not researching the singer or anything.  I’ve learned my lesson.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 19, 2009.

13 Responses to “Crumbs of Animekriticism”

  1. I know ~chan/san clips aren’t supposed to be very ambitious but *le sigh…* I don’t know, all I could do was sigh at those clips. I wonder when they’ll finally get around to doing Haruhi 2.

  2. you’ll enjoy Cowboy Bebop, its a wonderful series. I have a movie review blog focusing on asian cinema, next week I hope to review the Cowboy Bebop movie, swing by if you ever get bored 🙂

  3. Watch out for Vicious, Spike’s old friend. His voice actor is the Wakamoto Norio, possibly the manliest voice in the business.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you that Faye is voiced by Hayashibara Megumi.

    Both seiyuu are so badass TV tropes has articles on each of them.

  4. There’s almost no chance I’ll like the Soul Eater manga as much as the anime.

    Last Exile’s weakness is definitely it’s plot and characters. I watch for totally different reasons. Dio is prolly the only worthwhile character the show over.

    You bastard, I just started Franken Fran and you’re saying it;s old already?! So far it’s been great, one of those things only people like me (and I suspect you) could appreciate. I still haven’t gotten over the girl eating her boyfriend’s intestines in chapter 2. It totally blindsided me. Great stuff. It’s like reading a Japanese B-rate horror flick.

  5. @gaguri

    If Christians can wait 2000 years, we can handle a few more months. She’ll come.


    Your site, content and design, rocks. I’ll be definitely using it as a reference to figure out what movies to check up on!


    You don’t have to tell me about hayashibara, no. that’s rei ayanami too, right? wow! i don’t really know about wakamoto, though. i’ll look him up..


    i have hope for franken fran. but it needs to get a story right now. or have fran strip- (wait, no) stitch-tease a bit.

  6. @ animekritik

    Ayanami yes, and less known for her turn as Christina Mackenzie – one of the more beloved female characters in the Gundam franchise (Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket – I couldn’t help myself from replying as I’ve just started watching this absolute gem of an OVA).

    My favorite 2 (I can’t settle on just 1) roles of Wakamoto Norio are:

    Coach in Gunbuster: Aim for the top!
    Oskar von Reuenthal in Legend of the Galactic Heroes (possibly his best performance in one of the most interesting characters in anime IMO)

    Honorable mention as Emperor Charles zi Britannia in Code Geass

  7. @ghostlightning

    and a couple of stints in the leijiverse as well for mr. wakamoto. wow. rewatching gunbuster is something i need to do…

  8. Oh, Soul Eater. Siiigh. I told you that I couldn’t wait to see how Bones wrapped it all up, and yeah, as it turned out they just didn’t. I can’t honestly say that I disliked it, it was fun. But while they were following the manga, they dangled so many intriguing possibilities in front of us–then forgot them, or handwaved them with a “Oh, the hints and the lies, and the foreshadowing and the louring dread? That was nothing! Ha ha!”

    Now, I can see why they didn’t end the anime as the manga probably will end. One, I don’t think they had enough episodes to do it correctly. Two, If Ohkubo has a firm ending in mind, he doesn’t want it given away years before he writes it. But if Bones intended to have, say, the “Kid Investigates His Father” plot go up in a puff of silly smoke, they should really have taken the whole thing out in the first place. I wonder why they didn’t? They were doing so well for awhile!

  9. Christo, word “trainwreck” comes to mind. I think you’re right on the loose ends department. Honestly, they should have followed the manga 100%, ended on a cliffhanger inside Baba Yaga Castle, and announced a second season. That would have been great. I wonder if eventually they’ll do for this what they’re doing for Full Metal Alchemist (redoing the season more faithful to the manga..).

  10. […] Specifically the thick black lines around things.  There are some screencaps of Gun Frontier in my post here if you want to take a […]

  11. I like the ending of Gun Frontier very much, as well as the opening. Great songs, and the sepia picture at the very end makes me smile every time I see it. It is fun and sweet, and reminds me of Back to the Future, too.

    • I still have the ED in my phone mp3 collection, which is pretty amazing because I can fit about 70 songs total and I keep changing them around. Sadly, I don’t know what else this singer sings. The ending sequence is definitely awesome..

      BTW, we’ll have more Gun Frontier manga chapters up on The Rabbit Reich very soon!

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