Last Exile – Episode 15!!!

Don’t worry about any spoilers, coz I have absolutely no clue what’s going on.  15 episodes into the show and I don’t know where’s Norkia, what’s a Disith and how you’re supposed to use an Anatoray.  I’m not even sure who the bad guys are except that the Emperor dude looks kind of evil.

Oops, there goes Norkia.  Whatever that means…

Anyway, this episode blew me away.  Maybe it was the angle in which I was sitting (I ate quite a bit of pizza so my belly might have been messing up my posture) or maybe for some reason the animators were told to work harder or who knows what, but the faces were amazing!


Sad Lavie

Sad Lavie

Even Claus “Lil’ Hannibal” Barca is looking rad here!

Thoughtful Claus

Thoughtful Claus

And Dio stepped it up as well!

Hawt Dio

Hawt Dio

On top of which, the ending was a total surprise of the sort even I can understand.  Here:

How come Claus is suddenly the MAN?!

How come Claus is suddenly the MAN?!

Well, that last pic could be considered a spoiler…sorry.  This was an awesome episode in all departments and it really shows what Murata designs, when lovingly transferred onto the screen, are capable of.  And hopefully they’ll be able to help out that Norkia thing too…

~ by Haloed Bane on March 24, 2009.

8 Responses to “Last Exile – Episode 15!!!”

  1. New GonzoxMurata show airing as well, hopefully done so well.

  2. well, so far so good for shangri-la. but japanese enviromentalism is such an oxymoron it makes me kinda sick. anyway, i’ll be watching..

  3. Well, no better cure for heartache than a kiss, as they say. Hopefully things will get less muddled as you proceed onward; I found Last Exile often would leave a number of niggling loose threads lying about until the very end, at which point all becomes clear… or at least clearer.

  4. @vendredi

    i can think of several cures better than a kiss, but yeah, it’s a good start 😉 I trust you’re right about the development of the show..

  5. It has been a while my friend. I enjoyed this episode very much as well and I think you’ll enjoy the rest of it as it progresses, anyways enjoy the rest of show.

  6. thanks, funeral. i’m sure i will.

  7. ah Last exile watched that so long ago, total forgot what happen in the story… but do have some memories of some awesome sky pictures… but I know its a good series 😛

  8. balance, i’m not even finished watching it and i already forgot the story!!

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