As you probably already know, I’m a fan of Leiji Matsumoto’s work.  One of the mission objectives of this blog is to gather interesting info and tidbits on the so-called Leijiverse, especially esoteric stuff and data not readily available in the English language.

Alberich (from Harlock Saga)

Alberich (from Harlock Saga)

But I realize that to do long, detailed, esoteric posts on the Leijiverse I need total freedom to revise what I write, so the post medium is not the best.  Plus, even though currently Matsumoto fandom is in the doldrums, I believe there are many out there who haven’t seen these shows and who might be thinking of seeing them in the future.  Mega-spoilers covering the whole metaverse might do more harm than good (this same reason stops me from reading many Gundam posts in other websites!).

My solution is ALBERICH’S DREAM, my new page (really, sub-pages) on the Leijiverse, which you can find on my sidebar.  More or less the way I will operate is like this:

1) Say I want to write about Space Symphony Maetel and how the character design is different from earlier Matsumoto.  That’s pretty straightforward, probably under 1,000 words, so that’ll go into a regular post.

2) Say I want to translate a 5,000 word + Wikipedia article on Maetel’s mother.  Yikes!  That’ll probably go under ALBERICH’S DREAM.

3) Say I want to set up a concordance between Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Harlock Saga.  Oh yeah, that’s going into ALBERICH’S DREAM for sure.

Miraizer Ban

Miraizer Ban

The very first thing I’m putting in this page is chapter summaries for the Miraizer Ban manga.  I might as well explain why I’m doing this.

As I wrote in another post, Miraizer Ban is a Matsumoto comic (1976-7) based around the concept of “Time”, very possibly the Holy Grail of the Leijiverse may be found within its pages (not to mention the protagonist is very likely Maetel’s father!).  Miraizer also happens to be quite difficult to acquire.  The series was never animated, so the 3-volume manga is not well know and it’s sold out on amazon japan.

Luckily, they have it at ebookjapan.  This is one of those deals where you purchase the right to read the book online (no copying, no printing).  The scan quality is not as good as I would like, the prices are a tad high at 75% of retail, but hey, they have many sold out works of Matsumoto so I’m not going to complain.  I’m not going to even try to snap images and upload them.  Call me paranoid but I want to stay on their good side!

Anyway, for those fans who are curious but cannot read Japanese and/or do not want to pay for something like this, I’m doing these summaries.  The first chapter summary ended up being 600 words, but I’m thinking the rest will be shorter and focusing only on the essential info.  Browse as you see fit.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 24, 2009.

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