Animekritik’s April First Episode Pledge

All the shows coming out in April look either terrible, plain, or fake cool.  What I mean by fake cool is like that guy in Catcher in the Rye that was a total bum in his own room but looked good outside.  Phony, that’s what I mean by fake cool.

Still, there are shows that I’ll be watching in the hope that somehow I might like them.  Here are seven shows that I will absolutely most definitely sit down to watch for at least one episode, crossing my fingers all the way.  I’ve culled them from these four animevangelists preview posts: Omni’s, Kitsune’s, Hashihime’s and THAT’s.     Listed in order of first airing, according to Omni’s post.

1. Queen’s Blade

queensbladeI have two reasons for watching this show 😉  Nah, I’m joking, really!  What’s up with this?!  I think the genesis of the game on which this is based off was like this:

Creator # 1: Hey, let’s do a game full of girls with big boobs!

Creator # 2: Oh come off it.  That’s been done a million times.

Creator # 1: Wait a sec, I’ve got it!  Let’s do a game full of girls with big artificial boobs!

Creator # 2: What, you mean like silicon?

Creator # 1: Yeah.  See, artists waste their time making the breasts look natural, right?  They’re idiots!  We can take it to the next level!

Creator # 2: The next level…Los Angeles character design…yes..I like it!

Creator # 1: Nip and tuck, baby!

And so forth.  Still, it’s got Aya Hirano in it and I’m programmed to give any show with Aya in it a chance [I’ve reserved the orange font in this blog just for her, guess why?]  Also, the godhead of the Loli Trinity, Rie Kugimiya is in it.  The theological consequences could be tremendous.  That said, the show itself will most likely blow big chunks.


asuracryinNothing much to say about this one except it’s only 13 episodes long (good) and it’s got seiyuu Ai Nonaka, who voiced Akira Kogami in Lucky Star.  Apparently she also did something on a clannad, but I’m not sure what that is.  Wait, wait, it’s an Irish dance of some sort.  Yes, that’s right…

3. K-On!


13 episodes, same character designer from Lucky Star, based on a 4-koma…  I must admit I’m kind of actually looking forward to this.

It’s only got one drawback so far: the plot.  It’s about a music club.  The only school teacher that was able to make me cry, and make me cry systematically, like week in week out, was my Music teacher.  Hopefully this won’t make me cry.

4. Shin Mazinger this and that


I loved the original series when I was a little boy.  So really I should steer clear from this but I’m gonna go ahead and watch the first episode.  Curiosity killed the cat…oh well…

5. Senjou no Valkyria


Japanese are obsessed with the following plotline: small country between great powers is vital in the world war because of its unique resource (sakuradite et al).  So this show is not interesting me because of this plot, but because of the fact that it takes place in the 1930s.

I believe that the world we live in today has been determined by the events that took place in the 1930s (in America, Europe, East Asia) so any alternate history playing off of that key time is bound to interest me.  Plus the main girl in this looks cute!

6. Shangri-la


Murata is doing the character design.  That’s reason enough.  And it better be enough because there’s not much else to delight over.  Certainly not the fact that it’s based on an environmentalist novel written by a Japanese guy.  Imagine:

Gonzo: So, if it’s possible we would like to adapt your novel into an anime show…

Novelist: (munch munch)

Gonzo: Umm, yes, so, we think children will benefit so much from the message.  The future of the planet is in their hands and…

Novelist: (munch munch)

Gonzo: Uhh, what do you think, sir?

Novelist: This whale is scrumptious!

Gonzo: Oh yes, it’s from the Niigata coast.  The blowhole is particularly tender, no?

Novelist: (munch) Yes, yum.. (munch) the planet (munch) the children…yes…

Gonzo [aside]: I’m glad we sacked that dude last week, the one crying about his newborn twins or something.  This whale’s expensive!

Anyway, if the animators keep up Murata’s designs then I might watch this until the end.

7. Eden of the East


OK, when I was talking about phony at the beginning, this one is it.  Call me jaded, but everything about this show looks so gimmicky!  And at 11 episodes, they could feed us one or two gimmicks per episode and do away with substance all together.

One interesting aspect here is that the show will be featuring a 17-year old seiyuu (Hayamin).  From what I hear the trend this year is going to be the Morningmusumification of voice acting.  If you don’t know Morning Musume, look it up.  As I consider myself a trendy person, I’ll give this a chance.

[Incidentally, if you like neologisms, I’ve also coined Morningmusumeval, to be used as an adjective.  For example:

“We are living in Morningmusumeval times after all, huh…”

“Don’t make me get Morningmusumeval on your grass!”

This last one is a lawnmowing term, possibly…]

~ by Haloed Bane on March 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Animekritik’s April First Episode Pledge”

  1. I think whale meat is absolutely disgusting (but then again, I had like one bite of it). Aside from that, I really am looking forward to K-ON despite its obvious stupidity. From what I can see in the manga, it won’t really be about music anyways.

  2. the new Mazinger is going to be fuckmazing. Fucking director of Giant Robo and G Gundam, 2 of the manliest mecha anime ever made. It’s going to be a jizzfest from me.

  3. I don’t think Ai Nonaka’s soft voice(to name 3:fuuko-clannad, mika-manabi straight, maya-toradora) did Akira Kogami, Hiromi Konno did.

  4. I’m interested in the same shows more or less, except Queen’s Blade. I saw too many Ikkitousen episodes. I’m not that easily titillated anymore.

    @ digiboy

    Is Imagawa still on board? I thought I read that he left the project.

  5. @sasa

    Yes, K-On might be the one. whale meat is so-so in my opinion. Deer though, that’s delish!!


    Let’s all pray for Mazinger!

    @no name

    God bless you! That’s one series off the list. Yay!!


    i haven’t seen ikkitousen, but from what i’ve heard blade might be even more blatant..

  6. most looking forward to K-ON and Eden of the East

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