April’s Fool (from ak’s notebooks)

Work these days being enough to actually make me busy, I don’t have time for a proper April Fool’s joke, so I thought I’d open up my notebooks from about 2003-2004.  What better joke than my wannabe Nietzsche act?  Laugh while I weep.  Or weep while I laugh?  Your pick…

Is this



The fight against forms must not be a fight against the goal of a final form.


The hobby is a middle-class invention. The poor have no time for it, the rich—the truly wealthy—pass from one fancy to the next effortlessly for they value themselves more highly than the acts they perform. Note to the petty bourgeois.

83 – Thomas Mann’s “Doktor Faustus” (DF)

“The demonic, in German, that means the instinctual” (133). This is Zarathustra and the Death of God in a nutshell.


The masculine and the feminine are real. We have doubts about the human so-called.


Life could have only begun in winter, in the environment most conducive to struggle (cold, dark = bitter). If not, then whence life? It seems fitting to begin the new year on the longest night (winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere), as the Hsia Dynasty did in China and Confucius recommended.


Racialism was and remains a great “pia fraus” to rally the troops, achieve control and propel. It is comparable to religion in that regard. The problem is that too many top Nazi and Imperial officials actually believed in this nonsense. There is a strong un-Machiavellian streak even, particularly, in Adolf Hitler, that could not but ultimately lead to defeat. The failure of the Axis as an alliance was itself the result of this active belief on both sides of the world in racialism. The Axis Powers all consistently underestimated both enemy and friend.

We can state the following: Race as a factor in life is preponderant when it is not the focus of attention. Attention to and manipulation of racial characteristics is axiomatically a poor strategy if preconditioned by attitudes toward race. Therefore, unless impartiality is guaranteed in this matter, it is always better to let nature run its course.


Coming to grips with the fact that the great forefathers of French postwar thought are Hegel, Marx and Freud is most important. Hegel, arguably a charlatan and a fool. Marx, the most destructive force in recent history. Freud, a victim of his own mind. It makes one choose the Analytics.

109 (May 06)

Theses on the Ideology of Meta-Platonic Love and Death

# 0 The newborn babe is the product of the thought of his parents, his nation and humanity.

# 1 Thought gives birth to body.

# 2 Body is shaped by thought, and thought is again shaped by body.

# 3 Thought depends on the senses to be.

# 4 The senses are senses of the body, and are directed toward bodies.

# 5 Thought can only be of the body.

# 6 The measure of strength in thought is concentration.

# 7 The measure of power in thought is possibility.

# 8 Love is thought strong and powerful.

# 9 Love can only be of the body.

# 10 Death alone is certain for the body.

# 11 The greatest love is of the body toward death.

(2007 addendum) on the above. Rather, than #11 the following:

# 11 A thought is true if it is certain

# 12 The greatest thought is true love—viz. of the body-in-dying.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “April’s Fool (from ak’s notebooks)”

  1. What then of necrophilia? A love that transcends death?

  2. Enjoyable and insightful, you should do more of this.

  3. @ghost

    necrophilia doesn’t overcome death, it embraces it. ideally though, both lovers should be dead..


    thanks. when i’m in a bind for posting, i’ll put more of these up.

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