K-On! Rules, Queen’s Blade Sucks

I wish they’d pay people for pointing out the obvious…this post’s title would be earning me some dough.



Euphoric Field has reviewed the first ep of K-On! complete with its mathematical formula for success and I agree with its assessment.  This show rocks.  The formula has Lucky Star squared in it, and I think it’s definitely possible that this will top it, although I disagree with digiboy’s opinion that Lucky Star didn’t have a storyline.  The storyline is this:

Kagami struggles to overcome her shyness and obtain what she has always wanted: men; while Konata struggles to maintain a stable family environment under repeated attacks from men: her amorous father and the store clerks.  So it’s kind of a deep, ironic show when you think about it. 🙂

Anyway, K-On!  The character design is totally edible.  I wish I had more of an artistic vocabulary to describe it, sorry.  It’s like the artist started with the eyes and mouth first and then drew the face and hair to frame them (so that actually the head is quite big because it was thought up after the fact to accommodate the facial features).  Or something along those lines.



This sort of design works because the characters’ hearts and personalities are bursting out of their bosoms in exactly the same way.  I absolutely love it.  Not to mention the surroundings are lush.  The teachers’ room looks like Seventh Heaven.  Believe me, I’ve been in many a Japanese teachers’ room and this is the prettiest by far.

One criticism you could make it is that all of the characters look somewhat similar but I myself don’t mind that.  If the basic design is good why mess with it?  Just stick different-colored ribbons or something so I can tell them apart…with help from the voice acting which is solid all-around.  Yui’s voice reminded me of Miki from Marmalade Boy, especially when she was in a bind and saying “dou shiyo!”.

The ending vid was wonderful, check out  Euphoric Field’s post if you want to see it.

The chances of me dropping this are about as low as the chances I will be able to retire by the age of 45: i.e. NIL.

mio, ritsu + miyuki clone

mio, ritsu + miyuki clone

I wish Queen’s Blade were half as good.  or a third, or a tenth.  I thought the idea of doing a borderline hentai show with a bunch of superstar seiyuu could lead to greatness, but clearly this ain’t happening.  For one thing, the titillation factor is pretty much zero: bodies and faces look like so much silicon and botox.  Honestly, look at the main character, she looks like she overdosed on botox.  And the dialogue is ridiculous.

So borderline hentai fails because the art is bad.  Voice actress factor fails because the dialogue is bad.  I feel I’ve paid my dues to Aya Hirano and can now drop this show without the slightest sense of guilt.  I guess Aya’s in Jewelpet or whatever it’s called so I might be catching that too when it comes out.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 3, 2009.

18 Responses to “K-On! Rules, Queen’s Blade Sucks”

  1. Queen Blade is too wrong lol for an anime, might work if it was hentai. If I’m ever in a mood for hentai queens blade will be on the list lol

    K-ON ❤ I liked beck alot too when it air

  2. Queen’s Blade is, I will say it as many times as I have to, amazing.

    It’s pure shit made art. I thought it would just be normal-bad, but it was rather spectacularly horrid. Kugimkiya exploding because that chick from Claymore clogged her acid-leaking tits = win.

    And re: K-ON, I am not wholly sold yet, but I along with seemingly 95% of everyone, am in love with Mio. Her and and that girl with huge and ubercute eyebrows.

  3. The acid-leaking tits was that last draw, like being nake its ok but doing that wtf ITS SO WRONG!

    but there will always be people that is going to watch these kind of shows….

    /me goes back to finish Turn A Gundam ^^

  4. NO FUCK YOU Lucky Star’s plot is definitely about KAGAMI AND KONATA’S BURNING LESBIAN LUST!!!!! I HAVE THE DOUJINS TO PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t speak on either of these anime, but on the Lucky Star question, are there any changes in that Kagami/Konata situation by the end of the show? It seemed rather too static to be a story rather than a tableau to me.

    Anyway, from the screencaps, Queen’s Blade is actually more NSFW than the original game books, which is a rare state of affairs, given the tendency for anime to be toned down from its source material.

  6. Kagamin and Konata show plenty of signs of attraction, especially in the OVA.

  7. Sorry, I meant the argument animekritik was advancing for LS having a story.

    If I recall correctly Megami Magazine kept throwing bones to the Kagami x Konata shippers.

  8. I absolutely loved the first ep of K-ON, and from the little we’ve seen, I think you’ve highlighted one of the simple things that makes it appealing: the art. I’m really looking forward to this one, and I get the feeling we’re all going to be really disappointed if by some chance it doesn’t work out.

  9. @Anima: They did. And as for a story, LS does have some meaningful moments in the later eps but nothing really ‘story’.

  10. Char in K-ON is just so Moe and Yui just makes me laugh. I love comedy. Like how toradora gave me good comedy at the start. K-ON is one of the show to watch this season for sure!

  11. @kaiser

    your views are disturbing me at the moment. although i do agree with Ritsu’s eyebrowine (eyebrowial?, eyebrowean?) loveliness.


    I wonder if it’s still OK to call it a storyline if there’s no actual change in the situation. I kind of think you can, just because real life often has circumstances that flow but don’t actually become something else…


    Kagami is the most heterosexual lady in the planet. She just exudes heterosexuality!!


    I don’t really see how they could mess this up. anyway, let’s not jinx it!


    K-On! puts the K On “Kool”. Amen.

  12. @ak Eyebrowneval, perhaps? I was thinkin’ of Tsumugi though.

    And aww, am I really so alone in my love for the inexcusably bad? ;A;

  13. You’ll want to read this. Afterward, you probably wont watch Shangri La.


  14. @kaiser

    Tsumugi has beautifully bushy brows, to be sure, but I prefer Ritsu’s deadly boomerang brows myself.


    That’s the second negative review of shangri-la i’ve read in 15 minutes. I’m gonna watch the first episode of it, plus mazinger, and then write about it tomorrow..

  15. Ha, boobs. Also, as long as Shangri-La gives us rocked out Range Murata concept art, maybe some doujinshi like Spheres, I don’t care what they do with it. Then again, was I going to watch it to begin with? Ain’t gonna be me.

  16. @prophet

    After seeing the first ep of shangri-la, i’m gonna join your camp, wait for murata’s release..

  17. Baka-Raptor rules, Kritik der Animationskraft sucks.

    • You better watch it, or I’ll use my 877 ip addresses to sink you in the next round of the tourney.

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