Shangri-la Ruffles, Shin Mazinger Baffles

Wow.  Wow wow wow.  On both counts.  First off, Shangri-la.

Wow.  Wait, oh darn!  Not wow, I meant woe.  Woe woe woe!  Right around the halfway point I was kind of expecting the four horsemen of the Apocalypse to show up and say: “Alright, this sucks.  We’re gonna burn everything up!”  And I’d secretly cheer them on.  Now, for all I know this might have been in the episode because I  didn’t finish it.  It ruffled my feathers way too much.

great pic.  no need to animate.

great pic. no need to animate.

The animation was OK, and they did a good job on translating the Murata character designs, except that sometimes the main character would do something with her mouth that made her look like a Muppet…

The transvestite thing really ticked me off.  I mean, if you’re going to have transvestites in a show do it right!  And if you don’t have that knowledge then by all means come down to Thailand and take a look.  Sure they can be theatrical and over the top but Shangri-la just makes them look ridiculous.  It’s not just about putting on makeup and running after every dude you see.  Geez.

The whole discussion on CO2 and stuff was dreadful, like they were saying: oh yeah, BTW this show is about the environment.

Bottom line: Dropped.

everyone showed up for the first ep..everyone!

everyone showed up for the first ep..everyone!

Shin Mazinger was absolutely baffling.  It looked like the 99th episode in an epic 100 episode show where they recap everything that’s happened and make you go: “Yeah baby!  And now the finale!”.  Except it was all in the first episode.  So 99 episodes worth of action crammed into 20 minutes.  Confusing to say the least.

This series has potential.  If they start building up a story in the second episode and eventually after several hours it gets to the point where you have an epiphany and you get the 1st episode, then it’ll be wonderful.  Or they could just decide not to explain anything and rely on the hardcore Mazinger history fans to sort it out, in which case it’ll suck for most of us.

I sense the power in this Shin Mazinger crew.  These dudes and dudettes have what it takes to do a great show, and the first episode is plenty of proof of that.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll be checking out the next episode (plus rewatching the first subbed, although I’ll doubt it will put an end to my bafflement).

~ by Haloed Bane on April 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “Shangri-la Ruffles, Shin Mazinger Baffles”

  1. lol Muppets!

    Yes, you are right that Momoko’s portrayal in the first episode was stereotypical, but I hope they’ll show some more sophistication later. (I’ll not be there to see it though).

    haha Yeah, the Mazinger first episode was unexpected. I liked your analogy of “99th episode in an epic 100 episode show” 🙂

  2. transvestite?…I hope you’re not talking about the main character.

  3. @kitsune

    i won’t be there to see it either


    not the main character. might be interesting if it was…

  4. Like many other I was looking forward to Shangri-la =(

  5. Besides the carbon dioxide discussion (which, I presume, was intended to confuse the audience and thus prove that the bug toting loli is smarter than everybody, even the viewers), I actually liked the first episode of Shangri-la.

    The transvestite thing was over the top, no doubt, but the kiss was hilarious. I just don’t know why the fat one’s there.

  6. ^ er. bear toting*
    wtftypo. (・_・;)

  7. […] found the frenetic unfolding of events in the episode baffling, but thinks the series is promising […]

  8. @ balance

    me too. me too.


    i’m happy you liked it. i don’t think it’s badly done at all. It’s pretty well done, I just don’t like what IT is. To each his own, right?

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