Eden of the East, Valkyria Chronicles (It’s not You)

I just finished watching the first episode of Eden of the East, and I’ve come to this realization:

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m talking to this Spring Season.  Eden of the East has gorgeous art, especially the backgrounds in Washington D.C.  What can be gleaned from the plot in the first ep is interesting and relatively original.  The voice acting is OK, although I think all the bonus points they gained for having actual native English speakers do the American roles were wasted again by the zombie-like deliveries of said native English speakers.


But halfway through show the dude “Akira” starts talking on his phone, and the lady on the other line says she’s his “concierge”.  And I felt a rush of nausea and that was it, I knew I couldn’t follow this show.  What’s this “concierge” thing?  Western word sounds fancy to Japanese ears… Surely it’s the cool in-fictional jargon for the agents that oversee whatever is happening, and which we will gradually get to know more about until we realize it’s, oh my, something totally different and unexpected.  Like the “daemons” in Golden Compass (spelled with an “e”, wooohh)…

I just can’t take in another dish of metaversal jargon and concepts right now, however hip and cool they might be…  I’m not in the mood.


As for Valkyria Chronicles, I wasn’t too impressed with the animation.  There was a scene where the main character girl was running around, and it looked so choppy I felt more tired by the end of it than she did.  The story itself reminds me of Final Fantasy circa VIII, and of course the Ragnadite issue reminded me of the Sakuradite situation in Code Geass.  Entertaining fare, surely, but I’m not up for it.

Upshot is I will have more time to focus on K-On! and the new Mazinger!!!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 11, 2009.

10 Responses to “Eden of the East, Valkyria Chronicles (It’s not You)”

  1. In other words, you just dropped (?) two anime because one didn’t agree with your emotional-jargon needs, and another because it didn’t match your emotional-visual needs. Right?

    y so emo ):

  2. Tut tut, Owen, you’d think normal people watch what they do because it’s good.

    Personally I’m a sucker for ‘metaversal jargon and concepts’, but I’ve definitely had the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ experience this season, with Basquash.

  3. Owen, part of the reason for my Angst is the current political situation over here, kinda pushing me away from politics and toward slice-of-lifey happy happy stuff like K-On! (and Mazinger, I dare say).

    Usually if I don’t like something I won’t write about it, but as I pledged to try these shows out I felt I had to report on them. From now on Happy Posts!!

    (Mr. IKnight, let’s not open that “good/bad/opinion” can of worms right now!)

  4. A part of me wants to support Valkyria because the game rocks hardcore…and then it’s like, “Anime adaptation? FUCK.” And I don’t even want to think about the manga after seeing the cover.

    And ak, the Rabbits say, “Let’s think politics positive.”

  5. @prophet

    I’m gonna go more for the “Let’s play Persona and eat donuts” route.

  6. I see your point on meaningless choices of terminology, yet I feel compelled to point out that Pullman’s ‘daemon’ wasn’t just for the look of the thing. The spelling is used to distinguish between the supernatural beings that could be malevolent or good, from ‘demon’ which has wholly negative connotations in English.

    This is somewhat justified given the nature of the daemons (manifestations of people’s soul) and the position of religion in His Dark Materials. It is also relevant considering that the trilogy was originally marketed towards children, where clarifying the difference would have been that bit more important.

    Valkyria Chronicle did little for me either. I saw nothing wrong with the visuals or the premise, but nothing was there that made me think it was a series I’m going to follow. I haven’t necessarily dismissed it entirely, it’s just not one I’m eager to continue.

    But if they disagree with you, they disagree with you. No point watching things you’re not going to enjoy. Glad it seems you’ve found things you will like of the new shows.

  7. @lmd_84

    You’re totally right. Now, I was reacting not so much against Pullman but against the fans that took the spelling to be something wonderful and neat, when obviously “demon” comes from “daemon” like “esthetics” comes from “aesthetics”, although the shift in nuance does make Pullman’s choice appropriate (not to mention certain elements of society would’ve been most upset with children’s demons). I remember also Socrates’ daemon as well, certainly not a bad dude, although some would disagree.

    As I said before, I think it’s silly for me to blog about stuff that I don’t like, but this was just a one-off because of my “First Episode Pledge” post!

  8. People watch anime for different reasons. There is nothing wrong with dropping a show because it does not fit your taste. You have to see the entire series to assess a plot and a story, but one or two episodes are sufficient for evaluation of visual qualities. There is no point in continuing to invest time in an anime that has irritating dialog or animation.

  9. Just a note, albeit too late to matter, concierge is more than “in-fictional jargon”. In modern terms, a concierge is like a doorman or a porter. They serve and take orders from guests, but the medieval meaning is the one of importance. A concierge in medieval times was an officer of the king who carried out justice.

    So it has a meaning, and it actually makes sense in context of the anime, but if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

    As a side note, the first time I heard/saw the word in Eden of the East I immediately thought of a similar term used by the Mafia, consigliere. The meanings, I think, are similar enough that you can get the gist Juiz’s role.

  10. @Op

    I love late comments, actually. They’re like surprise presents.

    In fact, I didn’t know concierge meant that in the Middle Ages.. That would have made the event less painful to me, for sure. And I do remember the consiglieri from Godfather.

    Truth is people seem really happy with Eden of the East so far, so I might have to revisit it next year or so if the hype keeps up..

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