Soul Eater 60: Gorgon Merger

First off, Happy New Year 2552 (according to the Thai Buddhist reckoning).  Incidentally I have the whole week off and that’s why I’m being able to post daily like this!

Soul Eater chapter 60.  SPOILERS APLENTY.

This stuff just gets better and better.  Maka pounds Arachne’s to the ground a tad harder than Arachne had pounded her sister earlier on.  I still believe that Arachne felt some sort of sisterly love toward Medusa, as she had plenty of chances to get rid of her but didn’t.  God did it cost her in the end!

Arachne is already beat by this point

Arachne is already beat by this point

Medusa, down but not out, leaves the little girl that she’d been possessing and takes over Arachne’s own body.  Now, there’s been a significant amount of discussion over at the Animesuki forum over this very process.  A lot of fans feel that if Medusa’s soul inhabits Arachne’s body it should still look like Arachne, and not like this:

Medusa's Soul in Arachne's Body

Medusa's Soul in Arachne's Body

I myself always thought that the little Medusa (affectionately known as loli-milf-medusa) looked more like the original Medusa than a little girl (except for the size), so I was expecting this.  It seems that the soul wears the body like a skin, and that the outward appearance of individuals (their phenotype) is actually determined by the soul.  So no matter what body Medusa goes into, she’ll look like Medusa, within certain limits imposed by size, etc.

if you think it’s odd that a soul would have any influence on the shape of a body, remember this: “souls” are material in Soul Eater, not immaterial like we tend to think in our mythologies religions.  I mean, we see the friggin’ souls flying around, don’t we?  People even eat them.  So we don’t have to worry like Descartes about how a spiritual soul could affect a physical body.  Locke is the only philosopher I know who dared to think the possibility of material souls…

Arachne's thoughts...

Arachne's thoughts...

After Medusa takes over Arachne’s body, she is forced to withdraw from the scene because of two reasons: the first is that some of Arachne’s thoughts have remained inside the body and are struggling against Medusa.  Right now I’m thinking that these thoughts are something like electrical impulses (the sfx in the pic above means *crackle crackle*) the soul sends to the body to move it into action.  I imagine Medusa will be able to handle this, but who knows?

The second reason Medusa scrams is the appearance of the South American Death Scythe and his Meister: Enrique and Tezcatlipoca.  Now we know why Shibusen couldn’t really communicate with these guys: they’re insane!  I also get the feeling they’re ridiculously powerful too.

Enrique (top) and Tezcatlipoca

Enrique (top) and Tezcatlipoca

Tezcatlipoca is originally a major Aztec god, and it goes to show you how much I know about these things that I’ve never heard of him before.  Enrique, besides being an extremely common Spanish name (=Henry), is actually written here with the characters 猿里華.  Phonetically you read this “en-ri-ke” and the meaning of the characters is “monkey-village-flower”, but the character for flower here is different from the usual flower (花) and it’s often used to mean something great or wonderful.  Enrique is the Flower (=hero, great one) of Monkey Village.  Pretty neat, huh.

As to the very last page, well, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Medusa's oeuvre

Medusa's oeuvre

On the debate of Chrona’s gender, I wouldn’t put it past Ohkubo to create a brand new one just for “her” (alright, that’s what naturally comes to me so I wrote it; sounds much better than “it).  It’s a great tease for the next chapter.  I can’t wait…

By the way, I’m going to be blogging this chapter by chapter from now on.  Yoroshiku!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “Soul Eater 60: Gorgon Merger”

  1. Well now that is interesting. Especially with the appearance of the insane South American meister and his Death Scythe. The part about Medusa taking over Arachne’s body and still looking like herself is also a nice touch, one would indeed believe that the soul is more immaterial (as taught to us by society) as compared to how the soul is like in Soul Eater.

    Good to hear that you are doing this chapter by chapter, will be keeping up.

  2. thanx. I think this manga is meaty enough for a post a chapter, for sure.

  3. Thank you for the info on the new Death Scythes and their names, that was really interesting. I can’t wait to see how they figure into the story; I particularly want to see how the rest of the SE gang reacts to them. Because for some reason, they just floor me. I know we already saw them a few chapters back, but I think I decided they were a hallucination and firmly forgot all about it. Ohkubo has hit me with human weapons, piano demons, magical cats, teenage gunmen on flying skateboards, and Stein, and I flowed with it all. All but this. We got ourselves a monkey and a bear, and I’m delighted but very, very nonplussed.
    I like Medusa’s new body! I hope she has to put up with some internal conflict for awhile, that’ll be interesting.
    Please do continue blogging, I like reading these!

  4. Oh yeah, I’ll be blogging about next chapter as soon as i can get my hands on it. one of the most exciting stories around right now 🙂

  5. I am reading Soul Eater now just so that I can read and reply to your posts and then blog the new issues as they get tled, so I’ll reply to each of your posts as I come to them. I’m glad I made this decision, because this has quickly become one of my favorite manga.

    In regards to Medusa’s soul changing the shape of the body, I’m surprised people didn’t see something like this coming. Souls change the shapes of bodies all the time in this manga – when Mosquito would choose an age of his soul, his body would change form. When Kid’s soul power enhances, his stripe expands and he gains super healing powers. The shape of Free’s soul and body are always on the move. When Tsubaki goes into Demon Sword mode, the representation of her body gains a ton of tatoos. Even Medusa’s kid form always changed her face when she became particularly devilish. And Sid became a zombie, though I’m sure not sure why the hell that is.

    The only time we didn’t see a change in personality become a change in body was with Kim and Jackie, but I think it’s because they weren’t really altered in any way – they were just expressing a radically sideways set of motions that they already felt but had, perhaps, suppressed.

    • Neat, the manga’s great…

      Yup, I think this Gorgon merger is in line with the way Ookubo has been doing souls all along.

      I’ve never understood the Sid Zombie thing…never!

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