Disappearance of Animekritik

Oh boy! So basically I’m not being able to access my blog, or any wordpress.com or blogspot blogs, except by some technical acrobatics that are, not only headache-inducing, but also potentially risky. Which means I will be on forced hiatus until whatever is causing this gets fixed. Also, if you run a wordpress.com or blogspot site and you don’t see any comments from me anymore, now you know.

And BTW, if anyone has any info on why this could be happening (blog virus? something to do with me being in Thailand?) be sure to let me know at animekritik@hotmail.com. Thanks!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 18, 2009.

16 Responses to “Disappearance of Animekritik”


    also, this could be related to whatever FUBARed my old blog.

  2. No, digitalboy. Animekritik is mine. Join my blog! Hurr durr.

  3. you are on WORDPRESS. He can’t access it!!!

  4. Oh fuck. You got me there digitalboy.

  5. Sorry to hear that. Technical stuff is beyond me, so I can only wish you luck.

  6. Hope you find solution soon, you are my most loyal customer when it comes to comments ;_;

  7. That sounds more or less incredibly odd. May WordPress swiftly be led to the path of illumination and wisdom and deliver you from blog-privation!

  8. Perhaps someone has a vendetta against you <_<? Anyway, good luck.

  9. for the moment i’m just waiting to see if i can get access again. thanks for the support, merger offers, and conspiracy theories (I’m checking my blacklist to see who could have done this to me 🙂 )

  10. Oh, I thought you moved to China… I hope this problem will be resolved soon.

  11. Have you checked to see if Thailand has done any recent limitations on sites that people can visit there? Good luck.

  12. It was because of those damn political comics you put up. Way too inflammatory. Stick with K-ON and classical allusions.

  13. Didn’t wordpress staff send you any response, explanation?

  14. This morning all of a sudden I’m being able to access everything no problem. I won’t look the gift horse in the mouth (unless they take it back!).


    I know for a fact sites and servers have been getting shut down in the last few days. but i don’t know about wordpress specifically. i had friends in the country try and no one could get into wordpress yesterday, so it wasn’t just my computer.


    Actually, as one of the conditions of my release, I had to confess a few names and I gave them yours. If you see some foreign dudes with a black van in your neighborhood, say hello to them for me.

  15. As mentioned, I think it’s a wprdpress thing. you were saying how wordpress was giving you problems from right around the time my blog self-destructed. And I still haven’t figured out how to fix that shit.

  16. everyone,

    Things are a lot clearer now. Apparently my internet provider is having loads of trouble with wordpress, blogspot, wikipedia and other sites. I used my wife’s phone internet provider (which is another company) and everything works fine. 2 out of the 3 major ISPs in Thailand seem to be doing just fine, so it’s not a blocking policy or virus, it’s just my ISP is in trouble. Hmm…

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