Reappearance of Animekritik (fingers crossed)

My ISP is still having major trouble with big sites like wordpress and wikipedia, so right now I’m getting very spotty access (an hour here, two hours there).  I like my ISP a lot so I’ll be patient and see if they can fix this, though I already know of people switching service.  The trouble is probably indirectly caused by the turmoil in the country, as people turn more and more away from TV and newspapers and onto blogs and forums to learn and discuss events.  But enough of that!!  Let’s talk about happy things like:

Who’s the real idiot in K-On!?

Derrailed by Darry has a very good post on K-On! episode 3 that focuses in part on how we can now be sure that Yui is not an idiot, but that she simply decides to live in a certain, idiotic kinda way.  She scored a hundred on retaking the test, after all.

In a sense, my comments on this episode will be the necessary sequel to Darry’s post, which Mio fans might be blind to, or more likely simply overlooking.  Episode 3 reveals not only that Yui is not an idiot, but that Mio is.

She needs help.

She needs help.

What do we see in the first scene?  Ritsu makes a silly joke to the effect that if Yui isn’t careful when playing the guitar her hands might bleed.  Mio screams and tells them to stop.  Talk about pain upsets her.

Well, alright, some people are very squeamish and there’s nothing stupid about phobias.  However, when Yui goes over to Mio to prove to her that she isn’t bleeding (again, not a silly action considering Mio’s amazing state at that moment), Mio recalls that there’s no way that Yui will actually bleed because blah blah…  So it turns out that Mio actually feared that Yui would get hurt, and this from a “seasoned” bass player!  Is this not idiotic?

Couple this with what can only be described as Mio’s involuntary (spastic) jerks in the ED.  I think it’s possible a main plotline in this show will be Yui helping Mio out of her idiocy 😉

Vocal Schizophrenia

Forget about the plot.  Forget about the art and the animation.  If you were to grade Jewel Pet solely on voice acting, well, it’d be impossible.  This show is vocally schizophrenic.

5 characters, 3 seiyuu??

5 characters, 3 seiyuu??

Mamoru Miyano (dude), Aya Hirano (cat) and Ayaka Saito (bunny) are giving great performances.  I could almost call this threesome the baby shojo version of Cowboy Bebop’s Faye, Spike and Jet.  It feels great to hear them banter back and forth.

Now, the voices of the two girls in the show are nowhere near as good, which makes sense as they come from pop idols Kamei Eri (Morning Musume) and AKINA. I guess it’s totally within the realm of possibility that these two will improve much in the future, but ideally I’d like not to have to go through their training!

The difference between the threesome and the twosome is astronomical.  I’m watching this raw, which makes it even more obvious.

But the one thing that troubles me most about Jewel Pet has to do with the merchandising.  Apparently you have to find (IRL=buy) these jewels and then turn them into pets.  In the show, it takes an already transformed pet to do the spell that will change a jewel into a pet.  But IRL if you just buy the jewels, how can you get the pets to come out?!  You need a pet to change a jewel into a pet.  So in order to get a pet you need a pet.  It’s philosophical!  I could see this issue severely hampering the “realism” of games involving jewel pets.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “Reappearance of Animekritik (fingers crossed)”

  1. Theory of Yui being smart seems sound, but our Mio theory doens’t have very good footing.

  2. Welcome back (may this not jinx you)~

    I’d like to add a petition for this episode proving that Ritsu is smart. Or I think so, afaik 89 is a pretty good score over yonder. I’ll gloss over the evidence in favour of Mio’s lacking cognitive skills, because, as ghostlightning says, fandom is forgiving.

    And why would you want to change the jewel into a pet, afaik jewels are more valuable, given the sufficient carat? 😮

  3. Welcome back 🙂

    Ok, I think you indirectly convinced me to check out Jewel Pet anime 🙂

  4. @digiboy

    I agree with you. Mio is probably not an idiot, just emotionally crippled.


    Well, duh, did anyone ever doubt Ritsu’s intellectual skills?? Her forehead alone indicates immense cognitive potential.

    (And on Jewel Pet, what do you think will fetch you more money, a jewel or a talking animal? My friend, think of the endorsements, the worldwide tour, the reality shows!!)


    You’re not the only one with them psychological skillz 🙂

  5. “because, as ghostlightning says, fandom is forgiving.”

    I wonder if they’ll forgive Yui, since most people haven’t seemed to at the moment. 😛

    And on Mio’s point, the scene with the lack of blood is supposed to increase her “moe points”, it seems. 😛

  6. @TheBigN I suspect EVERYTHING in K-On! is supposed to increase moe points, and it does so admirably.

    @animekritik Oh, talking, that changes everything. How about talking jewels then? I suspect a jewel sounding like Our Goddess Hirano would fetch a nice price. Supposing the jewels do talk. The lack of speech organs may have to be factored in.

  7. @N

    Exactly right. The blood thing makes Mio more moe, and people swoon. Why won’t they swoon with Yui’s moe scenes? Is it the black hair??

  8. @Kaiser

    Geez, speaking jewels?? Get real, mr. pingvin.

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