Site Update No. 1

Ruler of the Mechanization Empire

Ruler of the Mechanization Empire

Just to let you know about a few things going on in my site.

a) I’ve finished my translation of the Wikipedia article on Promethium, Maetel’s mother in the Leiji Matsumoto universe.  You can find it on the sidebar under Alberich’s Dream.  This article is 5,000 words long!!  I think it could be useful as a reference for anyone watching any Maetel-related stories (TV, movies, manga).  It has separate entries for Promethium’s character, activities, abilities each of these entries is broken down into sections for each of the stories she appears in.

b) Also to be found under Alberich’s Dream are my summaries of the Miraizer Ban manga chapters.  Miraizer Ban = Doctor Ban = Maetel’s father.  I’ve just finished the six chapters of the first volume (there are 3 volumes in all).  Frankly, I don’t see how anyone could be interested in plodding through text-only chapter summaries for manga they haven’t read, but my next task is going to be extracting the data that is interesting or relevant, and maybe making a table or a chart out of that.

By the way, the first volume rocked.  It’s a shame this was never animated, not only because it would have made for a great show but because it means the manga itself hasn’t generated enough interest to translate into other languages.  Anyway, I’ll be picking up the second volume soon.

c) I’ve put my total comment count at the bottom of my sidebar.  To make it more exciting (?) I’ve correlated the number with the Western calendar system, so if I reach 500 comments then I will write a blurb on a key event occurring in the year 500 AD.  If I ever reach 2,000+ comments then I guess I’ll have to start predicting the future.  Anyway, I’ll try to update this daily.

d) I typed in “Promethium Maetel” on the Google Image Search and 12 out of the first 20 images on there are from this blog!  At first I thought “Wow, neat” but then I immediately realized how bad this is.  How many posts on Gundam would it take me to get on the first page of a Google Image Search?!

~ by Haloed Bane on May 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Site Update No. 1”

  1. >How many posts on Gundam would it take me to get on the first page of a Google Image Search?!

    Apparently, you need to pull off a ghostlightning. His blog is like, 7th from the 1st page when GISed.

  2. HARD CORE. You rock. The comment count ‘history’ is a touch of madness. I love it.

  3. @schneider

    ghostlightning seems to operate on 36 hour days. My theory is he operates a little rocket in the evenings, he flies around the solar system a couple of times, during which time he works on his blog.. TIME DILATION ftw.


    I can’t wait for my 476th comment!!

  4. LOL I don’t! I just have a mobile phone that conveniently connects me to the web. I write drafts and post comments via mobile so I have very little completely idle moments.

    I wake up before sunrise. Before this blogging hobby I just ended up playing console games or went back to sleep. I use the 2 hours before I get ready for work to create blog content/chat with people in different time zones.

    Posts are usually written days in advance and scheduled in 2-day intervals. I fucked up and clicked publish on a post that’s due for tomorrow.

  5. Good to see this site evolving week after week. Good stuff my friend!

  6. Actually I can understand how sad it is, when I search for La Andromeda Promethium on google images I find easily my own drawings…even the unrelated ones! °°

    • Ha! Well, now at least we can share the sadness spotlight.

      I liked your comments on one of your pictures. Yes, there’s a lot of contradiction and variety in the mechanization process in Maetel Legend, Space Symphony, and the other shows. Matsumoto kept experimenting with different ideas and, not only that, I think he wants to understand there are many processes possible and factors like money, culture and technological ability affect which kind of mechanization different characters undergo.

      • Thanks, Matsumoto created an huge universe and Maetel Legend to me is really an alternative version of that story, I heard that in Galaxy Express 999 now Tetsuro and Maetel are facing another mechanical empire and that Hardgear can easily be one of those people seeing as he drinks human souls, like the battery that were used in Adieu Galaxy Express.
        Reading the Queen Millennia manga, I did noticed that Lahmetalians do have the tecnology for the mechanization since there are already cyborgs there and all that “Soul technology”, Larela does the same thing Mirai did in the manga.
        From this point of view, Space Symphony Maetel it’s full of cameos, since the mechanical soldier share the design from one Galaxy Express movie, while the robot that Nazca repair it’s identical to the one that Hajime befriends, in queen millennia we also see Yayoi’s clones and Larela’s quarters, besides, every millennial queen pass her memories to the new one so it’s reasonable that Promethium try to do the same with Maetel.
        But for example Leopard presence break continuity since he die at the end of Queen Millennia manga, not to mention that Harloc couldn’t be there, to me the whole point is that leijiverse it’s a very big but variable picture that changes slightly and that can be traced with mangas.
        So Maetel Legend it’s just one way to explain how Yayoi lost her human heart and to reinforce this “Maetel it’s Emeraude’s sister” thing, to see Promethium shooting on her daughters looks very strange since in every other opera she does keep her rationality and even show an obsessive love for Maetel.
        What’s fun here it’s that you can really select the story you like more and build your own version, to me for exmple it’s clear how Promethium keep some of her human traits distorting them, she love Maetel and she desire the best for her, after the mechanization this “best for her” become a beautiful mechanical body and empire.
        And she’s a good person too, so she would rationally think that everyone should get a mechanical body and of course, if they do not like it they are wrong since in her opinion there are only advantages in the change, in movies and recent series are depicted wars between man and mechanical men, but in Galaxy Express the operation was very subtle and mechanicle men are every where.

        I could also take some elements from Maetel Legend, there she experiment the mechanization before everyone else, the process could be far from perfection and thus make her lose her emotions, while we see many good people between the mechanical men in Galaxy Express wich should be many years in the future.

        To me it’s fascinating the basic idea, if you would have a choice, would you change your body with a new one that fits more your taste?

        What if you need lots of money to get one? What kind of society would come out from there?

        These two questions gives lots of material, mechanical men aren’t just evil guys, the mechanical body represent a desire, but it’s immortality really worth the change?
        Do we even need to be immortal? Maybe it’s our short life and primary to move us out of apathy.
        It’s intersting to see the weak willed mechanical men from andromeda compared to the strong willed tetsuro.

        As you sid before, these themes can be portraied in lots of ways, each one of them add something to the big picture.

        That’s why we have a beautiful queen millennia tv series that ends in the opposite way, since lah metal becomes earth’s twin planet and yayoi dies to destroy laah, each version face another side of the same problem.

        Argh, I did write too much again! >.<

        • Yup, the latest set-up in Galaxy Express 999 is that Hardgear is a Metanoid, and the Metanoids like to send agents to various kingdoms and empires to convince rulers to mechanize. This is part of an attempt by Leiji to bring all of his various works into some sort of central plotline of heroes fighting the ultimate foe (i.e. the Metanoids).

          Promethium’s attitude can be a great mystery. You have a great solution: Maetel Legend and Space Symphony are simply different, and there’s no way to harmonize the two Promethiums (in Legend she’s downright evil and in Symphony she still has a lot of love for Maetel).

          There are other possibilities. Maybe Hardgear’s mechanization took over Promethium’s emotions initially, but the humanity in the strong-willed queen gradually took back some of Promethium and thus we see her with some affection for Maetel later on in Symphony.

          Another possibility is that Promethium in Space Symphony is simply faking it: she’s absolutely evil, hates Maetel, but decides to keep her around for whatever nefarious purpose. (I don’t like this last theory: I think Promethium’s affection for Maetel is too awesome a part of the Leijiverse to discard).

          Your observation on GE 999 in terms of technology is spot on. In GE 999 mechanization is ridiculously popular (and quite cheap, it would seem). GE 999 is really something like the last part of the Maetelverse saga. (Of course, there’s tons of continuity problems so that doesn’t really work though…)

          Interesting things to ponder… 😀

          • “Maybe Hardgear’s mechanization took over Promethium’s emotions initially, but the humanity in the strong-willed queen gradually took back some of Promethium and thus we see her with some affection for Maetel later on in Symphony.”

            I thinked that too at first since Space Symphony it’s pretty open in it’s start, it does just say that Maetel comes back to her planet because her mother has returned to be a human.
            But there we clearly see the dark design just a the end of the series and every mechanical man has it’s own will, while in Maetel Legend they were just slaves and they were moving a war against humans, we could take in account a change of strategy but i would see more fitting something that will see Maetel and Emeraude reach Earth and encountering Harlock and Tochiro who of course, would be the only ones disposed to believe them.

            From that point of view, It could be reasonable that Emeraude and Harlock keep fighting while Maetel pointed on a plan b.
            We usually see Harlock in the GE999 time period, but it’s really strange for a simple reason, Earth it’s totally different in Harlock story and we could say that humans were just then starting to explore the universe, in Maetel Legend I get the impression they can be from the same time period of Harlock, because in the GE999 time period humans are everywhere and they even developed the galaxy railways.

            If I could think of a timeline, I would say that after queen millennia, we could have even centuries since lahmetalians were used to sleep for almost 1000 years and Yayoi admit that they lives much longer than a regoular human, even if I think that’s just because they were awake just 3 months every 1000 years.
            For the sake of argoument, let’s say we get to harlock’s era, maybe they were awakened because Laah stopped moving and they finally could think of something to generate heat, they try some things like the artificial sun and then hardgear get in touch with lahmetal, so they try mechanization.

            Even if Maetel Legend isn’t really good for continuity, we could keep 3 elements, Promethium change after the mechanizations, Hardgear and his people are now in the official continuity and at some point he died because Promethium was stronger, besides, she had also aid from Larela wich in Maetel Legend did not appear and maybe it was Doctor Ban to save his daughters from the mechanization, as soon as it will come out in italy, I would like to read about him to see how he could be paired with yayoi.

            Aniway, the third point would be the two of them leaving lahmetal and getting to earth, where they could find tochiro and harlock, then fight toghether for a while but parting ways at some point, Maetel does have a mechanical body and in GE 999 she does envy Emeraude in one episode since she was free to die, now I don’t think they actually met in GE999 manga, but it’s a tought Maetel have often like in the planet of the immortal where the people who didn’t know death were so bored to celebrate funerals as soon as somebody fainted just to kill some time.
            GE 999 it’s full of all kind of crazy people and it’s totally possible to make a “Destroyed Planet drinking game” out of it.

            So I can totally think that they fought together in the past, but in the end Maetel got a mechanical body and she start tralveling all universe back and fourth for centuries.
            Space Symphony could be the point at wich the sisters parted ways, even if Promethium should be kind of dumb to happily take in the boys Maetel brings to her, it’s clear that in GE999 she was never betrayed by Maetel before, that’s why the plan worked, but we could keep the idea that she gets kicked out from the original lahmetal, we do get that story in adieu galaxy express even if in a different way and harlock could’ve been there, I could see an ending where Emeraude go free in the universe with tochiro and maetel stay with her mother.

            Personally, I like to think that Maetel and Emeraude are unrelated, Promethium herself doesn’t care about Emeraude “I do not recognize you as a daughter, you aren’t blonde and you do not get naked as much as we usually do in our family, you never used that spaceship moved with thougts just because you didn’t want to get naked inside it.
            I will keep you around just because you totally fill the role that my sister had when she was the leader of the 1000 years pirates.”.

            Aniway, it’s kind of fun how the mechanical men should be killed just by shooting at the brain, but instead in GE999 they die if they got shoot in the chest and Promethium apparently could survive to almost everything, adieu galay express it’s a movie, we could expect dragonball resurrection there and also darth vader, but in Space Maetel she gets killed two times…not counting radio-controlled clones wich are actually intersting.

            The first clone acts like Yayoi and she does get to the conclusion that she does have to pay with her life what she’s done to lahmetal, a sign that the first person to ask Maetel to kill promethium is promethium herself.
            The one sent to emeraude it’s really loving her daughter, they point out how hard it must be to feel all the warm emotions Promethium possessed while controlled by the mechanical and emotionless one, the third one it’s probabily the last step, we do see both the loving mother and the ruler, it’s a good wa to show us how much Promethium changed before going completely evil when the real one shows up.

            Damn, too long again. >.<

            • The original Harlock series has a universe that’s much less advanced than the 999 universe, yes. The terrible thing about it is that the Harlock series takes place around 2979 and GE 999 begins in the 2200s, I think. This is one of the worst continuity problems! So your scheme works well only if you ignore the dates that Leiji gives us.

              Do you know of the Ring of the Nibelungs manga? In that one the very young Emeraldas and Maetel meet up with very young Tochiro and Harlock. It’s neat, but again it’s a continuity problem because the girls are much younger than in Maetel Legend when they left LaMetal.

              By my reckoning, Maetel betrays her mother three times.

              1) At the end of Space Symphony.
              2) At the end of the original Galaxy Express 999.
              3) At the end of Adieu Galaxy Express 999.

              In short, Maetel tries to destroy Promethium, fails, and then is somehow forgiven by her mother, Maetel begins to plot against Promethium again, fails, and is forgiven a second time, plots again and finally succeeds.

              I guess one way to look at this is to think of them as completely different continuities, but I love the theme of the mother always forgiving the daughter no matter what 🙂

              • I did ignored the timeline on purpose, Leiji Matsumoto don’t seems to care too much about it, so why should we?
                Besides, In the first manga of GE999 I didn’t read any date and even if I don’t own the other ones yet, I don’t think that the year will be stated later, in Harlock makes sense since it takes place 1000 years in the future…at least when it was pubblished and it’s a reasonable time to travel in space, by comparison, it’s the same difference between the middle ages and the present day.
                GE999 could take place in any moment in the far future, we can think that for some reason technology went backwards after GE999 but it does seems really strange, but again, it’s strange like lahmetalians could be so scared of eternal winter since their human slaves did so well taking care of the planet for them for 999 years and 9 months.

                About Promethium, i think the 3 deaths are unrelated, we have the one in the manga and anime series, first and only one.
                Then they made the movie and a follow-up wich create another continuity, Space Symphony it’s a prequel made years later so it’s normal to have continuity problem, the impression I have it’s more like we have the same story told over and over in a different way.

  7. I’m not sure if it’s in the first episode of the anime, or where it shows up, but GE 999 begins in the year 2221.

    Anyway, I’ve written before about how fans have three basic options open to them: 1) dismiss the idea of continuity and treat everything separately (what you do with the Maetel/Promethium series), 2) harmonize all the kinks by establishing one universal timeline, which means getting rid of some dates (like 2221) and using others (2979) plus choosing one version of events over others (Tochiro’s death, for example); 3) try to think in terms of multiple timelines in one universe.

    I know it doesn’t look like it, but Matsumoto himself claims to believe in # 3, although he’s never been very specific on how this scheme is supposed to work 🙂

    • Well, option 3 it’s basically the one that sees planet Heavy Melder like the point were every storyline it’s able to cross other ones, in the GE999 tv series we got the castle of time and it’s an important planet for Harlock as well since that’s the place were Tochiro builded the Arcadia, at least in the 70’s tv series.
      Also this option do not clash with option 1 and 2, since different storylines could meet in Heavy Melder and even if you do your own storyline, it will just add to the other ones that we have around.

      From this point of view it’s really a system similiar to the multiverse from DC comics, basically it’s all possible and you don’t need to waste too much time about a canon timeline, each story is both familiar and new, just think how happy it’s the future after the Queen Millennia TV series, yayoi it’s gone [a black hole doesn’t mean death] and hajime it’s re-building earth while lahmetalians are getting friendly with earthlings.
      Just think how much different things could be in Yamato, Galaxy and Harlock eras starting from that premise.

      And that’s part of the charm in the Leijiverse, you could really make your own story starting from what you see and choosing what you like more.

      • I have yet to see the time castle episode but that’s what i’m talking about. Everything hinges on Heavy Melder, doesn’t it? We would need to send an expeditionary team to that planet to do some archaeological work and figure out all the timelines out!! There’s a nice scene in the Ring of the Nibelungs manga where Harlock and company go to Metabloody (another crossroads planet like Heavy Melder) and they see the Yamato from the past. It’s explained then that the planet is not only a crossroads in space but also a crossroads in time.

        You can totally follow your own story. I agree that’s a strong point of the Leijiverse. It has a lot of flexibility. You can even do things like Interstella 5555, which I think is so different and yet totally cool!

        • If you’ve seen the first GE999 movie, the time castle it’s mostly the same thing, with the ecception of Count Mecha wich die in the first episode in the tv series.

          Interstella 5555 rocks!

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