Jewel Pet: A Reasoned Exposition of Certain Elements Occurring in the Six Episodes Released So Far

My fears that Aya Hirano voiced Jewel Pet Garnet’s facetime would inexorably decline as the show went on has been proven wrong.  See, the way the show works is that a brand new pet is discovered every episode, so I assumed Garnet would get less and less lines as the number of available pets grew.

That's beer!!  Somebody stop that bunny.

That's beer!! Garnet, stop that bunny!

What’s happened, rather, is that a troika of pets (Ruby, Garnet and Sapphy) has taken over.  Each episode, after sharing the limelight with the new Pet of the Week, they pretty much banish it from ever rearing its ugly head in town.  I’m relieved!

But so far what the Greeks called the agon, the conflict at the heart of the story, has been, well, anything but dramatic.  The problem is the enemies are too weak.  The one evil Jewel Pet, Diana, seems to be quite powerful magically speaking, but she delegates confrontations to her idiotic subordinates.  And Diana’s strategy is very, very flawed.

Here’s the deal: we have a bunch of Jewel Pets spread out all over town, in a dormant “Jewel” state.  It takes a Jewel Pet to wake up another Jewel Pet, and apparently the evil Diana is unqualified to do the arousing.  That said, it just so happens that she’s extremely clever at finding out where the Jewels are sleeping.  The trick is that each Jewel has an associated power, and they tend to gravitate toward people who both have an affinity for that power and a serious defficiency in that same area.


OK, so that sounds paradoxical right there.  I’ve basically just said a Friendship Jewel Pet would be attracted to friendly people and unfriendly people!  What gives?

This bunny is really going too far...

Ruby bunny, you're really going too far...

The way Jewel Pet deals with it is is like this: some people might possess a natural talent for X or Y, but suppress that talent (consciously or unconsciously) because of fear, shame or other circumstances.  This is the exact sort of person that the Jewel Pet is attracted to.  Take Sapphy, for example.  Her power is Friendship.  When she is attracted to the rich girl Arisugawa, said girl doesn’t have any real friends!!  But in fact, Arisugawa is a ridiculously friendly person who because of her wealth and shyness has been unable to establish true friendships.  So Sapphy is attracted both to that lack of friends and the actual friendliness within.

In a nutshell, Jewel Pets allow people to fulfill their potentials and become who they are.


Diana's Evil Paw

Diana's Evil Paw

So Diana finds a person likely to have a Jewel hanging about.  The black cat then puts her dirty little magical pawprint on the victim, and whatever power that person had affinity to is completely wiped out.  Smart people lose their smarts, brave people lose their courage, etc…

I don’t see the point of this, quite frankly.  I should think once Diana has ID’d a probable Jewel carrier, she should just tail that person until the whereabouts of the Jewel are clear.  Then she can snatch it.  If it is indeed true that she needs a good Jewel Pet to activate the Jewels, she should just kidnap one of the darling little critters (I suggest Ruby, since she’s so incompetent at offensive magic).  She then should often to return the enslaved pet to its ownerin return for the activation of the jewel (as it takes both human and pet together to wake up a sleeping jewel).  Voila, problem solved!


As much as I love Ruby, the witches should really let Garnet head the jewel hunt.  Ruby’s absolutely incompetent and Sapphy, although more powerful than either Ruby or Garnet, doesn’t strike me as the leader type (she’s such a lapdog!!).

Anyway, let Aya, I mean, Garnet take over and we’ll have those Jewel Pets rounded up in no time.

No, Ruby, we're not buying that scholar look either...

No, Ruby, we're not buying that scholar look either...


Due to the lack of extended discussion on Jewel Pet in the Internet, and the fact that I am watching the episodes RAW, I might be getting more than the usual share of details wrong.  I apologize for this…

~ by Haloed Bane on May 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Jewel Pet: A Reasoned Exposition of Certain Elements Occurring in the Six Episodes Released So Far”

  1. Thanks to this, if I ever watch this show, I half-expect it to be the eternal war between the overman and the last man. And if it’s not, ak, you’re a very bad person for getting my hopes up.

  2. I am just going to say that I have no idea what Gewel Pet is (other than an obviously kid’s program) but


    in a post about whatever Jewel Pet is is highly amusing. Exactly as amusing as the time my brother and I watched Blue’s Clues and deduced that Steve was actually suffering from severe schizophrenia and was attempting to escape it by using hallucinogenics, while also applying conventional laws of physics to Blue’s Clues physics.


  3. I recall watching episode 1. Ruby seemed lost on just about everything going on, which was amusing. Also, the concept of a Jewel Pet seems very similar to the eggs in Shugo Chara.

    Anyway, sweet writeup.

  4. Words cannot convey my gratitude for your comments, so instead i shall wish Jewel Pets upon you…

    To prophet, a rabbit with the power of pink and purple sweetness. To OGT, a turtle with the power of enjoyment without over-analysis (i need this damn turtle myself but…). To Ryan, a robot with the power of illogical irrationality.

    Now, Diana, go and stick your evil paw on them!

  5. […] One fan, with apparently a lot of time on his or her hands was worried their favorite character, a bunny named Garnet, would lose air time as new Jewel Pets were discovered each episode, but was relieved to find that wasn’t the case. What’s happened, rather, is that a troika of pets (Ruby, Garnet and Sapphy) has taken over. Each episode, after sharing the limelight with the new Pet of the Week, they pretty much banish it from ever rearing its ugly head in town. I’m relieved! […]

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