Soul Eater 61: Paths

There’s a correction I must make to my last Soul Eater post.  I messed up the South American duo: it turns out Tezcatlipoca (the bear) is the Death Scythe and Enrique (the monkey) is the Technician.  I had it the other way around, but it’s hard to tell with these two!

War's over, and you slept thru it..

War's over, and you slept thru it..

Baba Yaga’s done with.  Giriko, who’s been drugged by Liz and Patty, wakes up to find that the war’s over, and Arachne and Mosquito are both dead.  This makes Giriko a free agent, and just like in the “real world” of the NBA and the NFL, it doesn’t take long for a prospective buyer to show up.

Can I get his MP3 mix?

Can I get his MP3 mix?

I cannot feel shocked that Justin Law has turned to the dark path, for these two reasons: 1) when something happens in fiction that is 100% unexpected, I don’t have an emotional investment in the event, so I just take for what it is.  We were never given any hint that this could happen…  If Soul Eater, who’s been struggling with madness all along, turned, then I’d be shocked and say: WOW!  Precisely because I knew it could happen but I was hoping and expecting it wouldn’t.

2) Justin Law is a religious man.  Very often deeply religious people convert from one faith to another; it’s not uncommon for them to become even more involved with the second than they were with the first.  From Shinigami-sama to Kishin-sama is but a single step.  Anyway, I’ll be curious to see if Giriko goes down the path of alliance with Justin.  And even more curious whether Noah or Medusa or both have a hand in this pie too.  Go Medusa go!

Shinigami is such a pushover...

Shinigami is such a pushover...

The key event of this episode is Shinigami’s (predictable) decision to allow the witches Kim and Angela to remain in Shibusen.  On the one hand, taking the “scion of evil” Black☆Star in when he was a baby has totally paid off.  Stein and Chrona, however, have brought in mixed results.  On the other hand, with Shibusen’s record of information leaks and infiltrations, it might be best to acknowledge potential threats like Angela and allow them to act freely, rather than forcing them underground.

Kim’s expertise is Regeneration Magic, so she can count as a white witch of sorts.  And she volunteers to influence Angela (with a name like that she’s bound to turn out well!) so that she won’t go down the usual witch’s path of destruction.  I may add here, for what it’s worth, my theory that Angela is the third Gorgon sister, for which I have absolutely no proof whatsoever.

Tsubaki’s maternal instinct is taking over and as you can see from the pic she’s already on her way to becoming Angela’s caretaker, which is messed up as her partner is the man who killed Mifune.  Nice twist that will put the honest Black☆Star to the test.

as long as there's no ghosts, Liz is as tough as they come.

As long as there's no ghosts, Liz is as tough as they come.

If many fans have been shocked by Justin’s actions, just as many (the exact same many, I suspect..) have been shocked by Shinigami and the Thompson Sisters’ seeming inaction on the Kid situation: aka being trapped in a book by a suspicious collector dude.  Again, I don’t find anything shocking here.

We already know that Shinigami has completely recreated his persona since the founding of Shibusen so as not to scare the students off.  If Shinigami begins panicking about Kid, it will probably make things worse.  In any case, his happy-go-lucky facade now is the same he’s had all of this time.  We can only guess at what he’s feeling inside.  Same thing goes for the Thompson Sisters.  We know they’re tough (remember their backstory), and when you’re really tough, you don’t show it.  It’s not that they don’t care…

Round One

Round One

As for Stein-Mari vs Justin, I’ll just say this: the Shibusen duo is about to get pwned.  You wait for it: it’s coming, and I feel it in the air…

~ by Haloed Bane on May 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “Soul Eater 61: Paths”

  1. Man Justin Law being the bad man was completely unexpected indeed. It was even worse if you recall that Stein had mentioned in the past Justin would be one of the least possible affected by the Kishin’s wavelength. Maybe the clown had something to do with it, but whatever it was, Justin is now on the dark side for sure.

  2. Considering how much happened this chapter I was strangely underwhelmed – maybe that’s inevitable when a series has just wrapped up a fucking brilliant arc, or it might just be the lack of visual fun this chapter. Anyway, the pose and little twirl Marie did when she arrived was my favourite bit. And I’m afraid you must be right about the pwnage.

  3. @panther

    Someone mentioned on animesuki their impression that Justin was intellectually drawn to Kishin, rather than being sucked in by the madness. I honestly don’t know. It’s a fun twist anyhow!


    I know how you feel, and I think it’s simply the fact that Baba Yaga just ended. I as a reader needed a break after, so I wasn’t as excited by what happened here either..

    I hope Medusa, Eruka and Mizune show up soon!!

  4. Coburn said: “Considering how much happened this chapter I was strangely underwhelmed…”
    Yeah, it’s not just you. I think Ohkubo looked at his active plot threads and decided to advance them all in one fell swoop. Sort of a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version to tie things up and make way for a brand new plot complication.

    Speaking of complications, I re-read Chapter 60 and had a “!” moment. Every time I looked at the panels with Crona, I thought “What up with her hair? He’s never drawn it like that before. That weird, serrated-looking strand, well, two of them actually–that’s not your normal bed-head, is it? Oh well, whatever.”

    Today I looked at those locks of hair again, noticed the peculiar-looking arrangement of Ragnarok limbs sprouting out of her back, snapped the image together with Medusa’s “The Chrona you know no longer exists” comment, and thought “Oh my God, she’s turning into a bug.”
    I’m the last person on the Internet to realize this, right? OK, Animekritik, if Crona’s metamorphosing, you’ll certainly have to bust out the Kafka! 🙂

  5. @Christo

    Kafka is cool and all, but don’t turn Chrona into a bug!!! (well, it’s ok if it’s temporary…)

  6. Who knows how long Justin’s been up to no good. He wears those headphones all the time – that man has his own agenda. I think the precise reason he doesn’t care to listen to anyone is because he is already thinking about how his plans are going to override theirs. Was he just waiting for Arachne to fall so he could set his plans in motion? Could he have spared chainsaw boy those times on purpose? We’ll see.

    I was definitely impressed with the chill Thompson sisters. Street-wise business sense, mothafucka. Kid may be the most important thing they’ve lost yet, but I’m sure they’ve dealt with loss plenty of times and know the fuck what to do.

    Oh, I forgot to mention this on the last post, but that Chrona image practically made me jizz my pants.

    • What’s crappy about the Chrona pic is how Ookubo goes on to ignore her for next series of chapters. Tease!!

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Just In Law is, like many judge/lawyer types, a total rascal who’s been bad from the get…

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