LAIN 2 ???? !!!!!

WORD UP!!!  Triumvirate of Awesome ABe, Konaka and Nakamura are coming out with a new project.  Serial Experiments Lain had ABe for character design, Konaka for story and Nakamura as director.  These three are working together again!!!  Could this be the new Lain?! (Ghost Hound was supposed to be the new Lain but ABe was missing so it doesn’t count…)

ABe wrote the following on his blog:

“The announcement is at Mr. Konaka’s website.  Starting with the July issue of Animage (on sale from June 10th) it will be serialized for one year.  The one-year period is our current estimate.

About ten years ago, when we were releasing serial experiments lain, I became completely absorbed in the project and worked almost blindly on it, but now that I look back I feel that something like the core of my art came out of that work.

On this occasion too, I will try my best to have it turn out that way.”

I was the first to comment, telling him to gambare!!!

Project Pic from Konaka's site!!!

Project Pic from Konaka's site!!!

Konaka’s website has it titled “The New Project of Yoshitoshi Abe, Ryutaro Nakamura and Chiaki J. Konaka”.  He writes:

“I’m in poor health, and this will go on forever…Just as I was thinking this I get to announce a brand-new project.  Starting on the upcoming issue of Animage (the 31st anniversary issue), a new “graphic novel” or something like it will start serialization, the product of a collaboration between Yoshitoshi ABe and me.

Strictly speaking, the first chapter will appear on the issue after the next.  This time it will be sort of an introduction chapter.  In addition to this first glimpse we are planning an intro to the composition of the work so I hope you will check it out for more news.  Naturally, Director Nakamura is also involved in the creation of the concept for this project.  The “page design work” is being directed by Senior Editor Matsushita.  We’ve also asked help from Norihito Nezu, to whom I have often be in debt in relation to Geneon work.  Already I was making unreasonable demands regarding fonts and I am very grateful that help is coming so quickly.

Wow, it’s been a while, huh…this session-style series (laughs).  The plan is to run this for one year.  Updates will be on the Animage page so do check that out too.”

My translation was kinda rushed but I’m sure you get the point.  Sure, it’s a graphic novel, but what is Director Nakamura doing in there??  I smell awesome anime coming, and that pic is delish!!!

ABe’s post is here, Konaka’s announcement is here.

~ by Haloed Bane on June 7, 2009.

12 Responses to “LAIN 2 ???? !!!!!”

  1. You mean Despera ? Oh, it won’t be Lain 2.
    Apparently the story takes place in the Taishou era (1912-1926) and is about a girl called Ain who builds electronic equipments. That’s all we know for the moment.

  2. Any amount of superlatives added onto the word ‘excited’ wouldn’t be enough to describe how I feel about this project. Abe. is. GOD.

  3. ABe & Nakamura would be wonderful. I’m not so happy with Konaka’s involvement — Lain is really the last work he did with major script supervision that I’ve enjoyed (Ghost Hound wasn’t bad, however, and the second Kino movie (“In the land of illness”) didn’t have time to wear out its welcome). For me, Konaka is at his best when he’s working on other people’s projects (Princess Tutu, Rah-Xephon).

    Except for Lain….

    But I’m excited by this new project, and eagerly await it.

  4. @Smankh

    I didn’t mean literally “Lain 2” as in featuring Lain and all, that’d be a travesty!! I just mean something of that caliber. Notice though, her name is “Ain”!!! and she works on electronic equipment!!! It might be Lain’s grandmother…

    Thanks for the link! It says there that THERE WILL BE an anime of this too. JOY.


    Ditto to the max.


    I get the feeling Konaka is going to be in top form for this. I hope…

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  6. I hope it isn’t Lain, but at least something in its vein (lol rhyming).

  7. OMG! I´m so exited. I love animes like this that makes you think of something. And I also love short animes. Lain is good cause it has only 13 episodes and has no “to be continued” at the end.


  8. @omisyth

    as long they put together their brains, it will all be to our gain.. god, that’s bad..


    OMG is the right way to describe it 🙂 and i’m sure it will be 12-13 eps indeed..

  9. Lain is one of my favorite anime of all time, and if Abe will put as much effort into this new project as he did in Lain, I wonder what kind of a result we’ll get 🙂

  10. @Kitsune

    A good one, for sure.

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