The Buzz over Garnet’s Shower Scene

I couldn’t find anything in English on this by now infamous event occurring in episode 14 of Jewel Pet (aired on the 5th of this month) so I’ve translated some relevant posts from 2chan’s Jewel Pet: Ruby Moe thread (here):

I've covered her eyes to protect her.

I've covered her eyes to protect her.

# 283

Little Garnet’s shower scene…ha ha.

# 284

[…] Garnet’s unpopular, she’s not even getting talked about in the threads, so they probably ordered her to get naked.  She’ll end up as a “full nude” in one of the gravure magazines that include 2nd grade models!

# 285

Garnet has finally been stained. ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・


# 286

And then a photo weekly will come out with the headline: “Shocking!  Pink Lecherous Thieving Kitten’s Folly”.  She won’t be able to parry the blow, she’ll retire and spend the rest of her days secluded in the pink room that she decorated with the splendor earned in that brief moment of glory in her youth.

Seriously though, I don’t get what the staff is aiming at with this…the only people pleased with it are going to be this thread’s denizens.  Even if it’s considered as a bad promotion of personal grooming, why didn’t they just simply animate it instead of this fanservice-like display for the boys?!  LOL

# 288

Isn’t this a case of “sooner or later they will bring in legal regulations against this so draw what you want while you still can”?  LOL  Actually, these days even panty-shots (legal matters aside) seem to be off limits.


Over at the Mental Image Projector, Rinko’s shower scene is playing.


At the risk of getting stuck in a Freudian interminable analysis, here are my comments on each of those posts.

note on #283

This is probably the best way to handle the incident.  Laugh it off and don’t analyze it.  The writers were being funny.  The primary consumers will simply think Garnet’s cute etc.  Why go any further?  Why?

note on # 284

An attempt at predicting Garnet’s trajectory, with particular view to the usual fate of women who take up these actions in real life.  I definitely agree that Ruby is an attention-grabber: her expressions and her quirky behavior relegate Garnet and Sapphy to a secondary, backup role.  I suppose this is meant to happen in the case of Sapphy, but Garnet is too proud to let that happen.  One suggestion from the director might be all she needed to do the scene.

Also, how old is Garnet?  2-3 years old?  Japan is pushing it again!


note on #285

If a character is dirty, this reflects on the character of the actor playing the role.  Does this apply in the case of animation?  In one sense, character and actor are one: Garnet is Garnet.  Therefore, she is dirty.  In another, an equivalent dichotomy holds between animated cartoon and voice actor.  So Garnet does the shower scene, and now Aya Hirano is dirty.

Many say Hirano’s career has seen its high point, and therefore it is at least possible that what is happening to Garnet is but a reflection of the real event, to wit, what is happening (or not happening, buzzwise) to Aya Hirano in 2009.

note on #286

I agree.

note on #288

No laughable matter, this.  What is fundamentally wrong with our society today is how the increasing (technologically-based) ability to find out and punish crime comes along with a propensity to expand the definition of what constitutes one.

Think about it, it doesn’t make any sense.  Enjoy your naked furries while you can…

note on #290

No comment.

Is she next?

Is she next?

~ by Haloed Bane on July 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Buzz over Garnet’s Shower Scene”

  1. Thanks for this amusing piece. Much ado about a five-second scene. The hatred for Hirano is beyond human comprehension. 2channel has been saying she is on the downslide for the past three years — the very period during which she has been getting more and more rich and famous. How many seiyuus have their own hour-long TV show?

  2. You’re welcome. The day Aya falls off the radar, she’ll have so much money stored away, she’ll be laughing forever. In the hip hop parlance, the Aya detractors would be called “playa haters”.

  3. I wonder what the response was to the recent Baron Ashura shower scene :p

  4. @bisondollar

    Good question. Haven’t seen anything yet. I myself am pretty shocked.

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