CANAAN ep 03 and so forth…

It’s a sad thing, but I guess it had to happen.  Five minutes into the third episode of Canaan I paused the video, sighed, and dropped the show.  I took a look at a couple of scenes later on but I didn’t see anything that would change my mind.

I can stand silliness, actually, I enjoy silliness, but when a show makes me cringe then I know it’s time to let go.  The dude at the bar talking about “women’s hearts” made me cringe.

That was me watching this.

That was me watching this.

The terrible thing is that I’m left without a new show this season.  Shin Mazinger and Jewel Pet are doing very well coming off of last season and…well, no comment on You-know-who…  I’ve been scanlating like crazy so that’s good.  Keep an eye on The Rabbit Reich, July is WTF month!!!

We put out a scanlation of Aya Hirano’s Space Ship EE.  Hirano’s art is museum-worthy (I know because she shows up in galleries all over the place) so this is definitely worth taking a look.  There’ll be another very artistic piece coming out in the next few days, plus a wacky tale from a writer dear to this blog, and an extremely wacky 4-koma involving Nordic spears…

EE's da bomb

EE's da bomb

In the meantime, the first volume of Acony is almost done (I translated chapters 3-6 and am now in the process of doing 1-2, which I’d skipped earlier because another group had already done it).  Another of our translators is working on Okama’s Food Girls.  Plus starting next month we’ll start up yet another series, whose author name I won’t give away but it sorta rhymes with Reggie Math Zoo Moe Toe.

OK, back on topic…Is anyone watching any amazingly awesome new series this season???

~ by Haloed Bane on July 22, 2009.

14 Responses to “CANAAN ep 03 and so forth…”

  1. The only new series I’m watching is Sea Story (or Umi Monogatari), but it isn’t amazingly awesome. Except for its delicious soundtrack.

  2. I’m with you re Canaan. I’m already considering dropping it. I recommend Bakemonogatari, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I wrote first impressions on them so feel free to look those up if you’re interested. I enjoy those two considerably so far.

  3. Join me in totally ignoring everything airing, and start catching up on old titles 😀

    Sometime ago I marathoned Mai-Hime, which had its problems with writing…but very theatric and entertaining! I downloaded a bunch of other obscure animated shorts as well, which I’ll watch now and then.

  4. Watch Bakemonogatari.

  5. Ah heck I might as well just give a rundown on what I have caught up with so far
    Aoi Hana – well-directed, calm and, hmm, natural slife/romance. With lesbians, I might add. 8/10
    Bakemonogatari – Akiyuki Shinbou meets awesome dialogue and supernatural problems/mysteries. Must-watch for Shinbou, really, and I suspect someone with better knowledge of Japanese may enjoy the dialogue even more. 8,5/10
    canaan – well, yeah. If only I could drop it… But I seldomly do, and I have hope thatthey later drop all,er ,”story” and just go for what they do best, action. Or just sexy Canaan shouldershots. 4/10
    GA Art Design Class – Well, cute and moe, but not something really spectacular. 5/10
    Kanamemo – dull humour show. But it has lesbians. Truly uninhibited lesbians, I might add. 4/10
    Toukyou Magnitude 8.0 – Uninteresting, I think, but well done. 7/10
    Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Mediocre anime, horrible adaption, the novels are to be preferred infinitely. 5,5/10

    How well my tastes coincide with yours is a mystery, but I don’t think Bakemonogatari would be a miss. Probably.

  6. ak’s given it away: the next Rabbit project for August is Naruto. Subs too.

    Also, “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0” sounds a lot like this. Course, I’m more partial to Furuya’s comic since it’s fucking Furuya….and the Richter scale for that one is 8.1. Higher number wins.

  7. Amazingly awesome new shows? HELLZ YAH. While I have yet to really decide on Canaan, I have Bakemonogatari, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and Umineko definitely on my watch list. Bake is mostly for the pretty pictures/angles, TM8.0 because it seems to make the most sense out of every show this season, and Umineko because, well, it’s awesome. I haven’t read the vn yet, but from what I hear, it’s so much better than the animu. Hmmm…

  8. The dude at the bar talking about “women’s hearts” made me cringe.

    heh Well, I am sure there will be many more such lines later on, so it is a good thing that you are dropping it now.

    I’ll keep watching it for the visual properties and music 🙂

    Is anyone watching any amazingly awesome new series this season???

    Unfortunately, this season does not have any amazingly awesome new series for me. Besides Canaan, I watch and blog Zan SZS, but the textures and colors are somewhat irritating. Although TM8 also made me cringe, I’ll give it a chance for one more episode, but it is likely that I’ll drop it.

  9. You’re good, animekritik, because you’re one of the few people around willing to call out this crap for what it is. So many people seem to be tumbling over each other to be the first to shoot big sticky wads over it, while I’m standing here wondering what the big deal about this mountain of “stupid” is. Sure, it looks amazing, but there’s hardly a plot to speak of yet, and the characters are (for the most part) a bunch of half-wits.

    I’ll also vouch for Bakemonogatari, which is really good, and I also quite like Aoi Hana and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 so far, but YMMV.

  10. Is it wrong if I think that CANAAN’s an amazingly awesome thing that I’m watching right now? I don’t mind the silliness, lack of cohesive plot (at the moment) or the lack of serious moments in a show that’s apparently “supposed” to be serious. I’m liking the art, the animation, the voices, the music, and whatever glimpses we’re getting about the characters that there are.

    I also think Aoi Hana, Bakemonogatari, and Taishou Yakyuu Musume are “awesome”, while there are plenty of other “good” shows this season too.

  11. Thanks everyone!!!

    I think the consensus is to check out Bakemonogatari, so I’ll do that. Umi looks very loli and I’m not in a loli mood at the moment. And I guess if I don’t like Bakemonogatari then I’ll become an anihermit like gaguri’s doing.

    Prophet, if the next big thing we’re doing is Naruto then I must say: sorry, I got the swine flu, see ya later 😉 Furuya…name sounds oddly familiar, in a WTF sorta way….but I can’t remember….Maybe if I keep checking The Rabbit Reich homepage…

    TheBigN, I don’t believe there’s an absolute standard to determine Good vs Bad with regard to Taste (or anything else, for that matter). Therefore, you’re not wrong, you’re just seriously twisted 🙂 (kidding) I meant to say we’ve got different ways of looking at it!

  12. Ah well. In any case, Bakemonogatari’s good because it’s SHAFTXSHINBO, so yeah, watch that.

    People seem to forget that all media are subjective, so no, you’re not wrong for liking something that others don’t.

  13. sad to hear this, this one was on my radar. Nooot annyymoooreee lol.

  14. Sad as this might be, it also calls for a celebration because then I could focus more on Cross Game and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, w00t! Probably Bakemonogatari too (though I’m tempted to skip the anime first till I get to read the novel)

    Also, no one recommended Cross Game yet?! USODAA! Ok I’m exaggerating, but will put my HONOR at stake and vouch for Cross Game, which has been running since the previous season. I’m not really sure if it’s up your alley, slow-paced slice-of-life baseball, but I do hope you’ll get to like it! 🙂

    Oh, and there are times when I feel like becoming an anihermit like gaguri too lol.

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