Celebratory Omnibus

Tomorrow the 26th, the exiled and infamous (whether in the accepted sense or in the Three Amigos sense is a matter of considerable dispute) former Prime Minister Thaksin is celebrating his birthday with a holographic broadcast to his supporters: the idea is for them to see him in 3-D.  At the age of 33 the Messiah completed his mission on Earth.  With regard to the first case I happen to share the date, but not the coffers, with regard to the second I happen to share the age, though not the passion, and so instead of a divine three-dimensional post I’m writing this catch-all omnibus post.



1. Haruhi

I just finished watching episode 17 and (yes, I watched it) I must say that what’s happening at KyoAni would make a good case study for a course on Japanese Culture & Society.  Either one of the guys at the top came up with the idea, or one of the people at the bottom did and the boss liked it and picked it up…Anyway, what’s amazing about Japan is that even though 90% of KyoAni must have hated the Endless Eight deal all along, evidently no one stood up and said: “This idea sucks!”  And the reason he or she didn’t is because they knew that if they did, everyone else would have been silent, no one would have backed him or her up, and the person’s standing in the company would have been imperiled.

Drowning Mikuru!!  That'd break the spell!  (I'm ready for anything)

Drowning Mikuru!! That'd break the spell! (I'm ready for anything)

2. New Page

I still haven’t decided on a name yet, but I’ll be adding a new page to the sidebar.  Here I’ll put everything that does NOT have to do with anime, manga or doujinshi.  To prevent the sidebar from swelling up I’ll dump absolutely anything on that page rather than creating sub-pages like I’m doing for the Leijiverse Lore page.  I have quite the range of interests so god only knows what’ll end up on that page…

3. The Rabbit Reich

Check out scanlations of Firefly Inn (Leiji Matsumoto) and the ever-so-lovely Sadomi over at the site.  I find the Matsumoto piece very à propos for this 21st century of ours where genders are engendering much confusion.  As for Sadomi, this is a MUST READ!  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!  In fact, it’s the stuff out of which new religions are born, but hopefully not an über-trolling one like Haruhiism.

I watch the same ep 6 times in a row.  To obey is to live, to live is to obey.

I can watch the same episode 6 times in a row. To obey is to live, to live is to obey.


I’m not going to get into specifics and lovefests because I want to save that for the 1st year blog anniversary post coming up in three months.  Let me just say thank you to all of the visitors, commenters and supporters of the blog 🙂  (I need more smileys)


The first pic (Ruby from Jewel Pet) is by the pixiv artist 猫田 みみ, which I guess reads Nekoda Mimi.  Here’s the gallery.

~ by Haloed Bane on July 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “Celebratory Omnibus”

  1. Happy Birthday, Animekritik! 😀 I wish you good health and plenty of inspiration to continue fueling your prolific writings 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, eternal source of comfort (knowing someone is older than I am, even if not by much), and source of some of the best kind of indulgent reading.

  3. Happy birthday, good sir!

    I’ll look forward to that new page of yours. Sounds promising~

  4. Woo I’ve only lived 2/3 of your years, this makes me feel so much younger 😀 Happy birthday!

    As for Mikuru, I hope she drowns too 😦

  5. @Kitsune

    Thanx. For my present, please teach me how to do the different smiles, like, I only know how to do this one: 🙂


    Thank you, my brother in indulgence (Luther would be outraged).


    Thanks. The new page will be a 21st century Necronomicon.


    Thank you. 22 is my favorite number, you know..

  6. Happy birthday dammit, could’ve got the Rabbits to get something to release for you, you sneaky thing. Course, that kinda goes against my own rational but…..hell, with everything you’ve done, that ain’t even the least we could do.

    Have a rocked out one!

  7. Sure, this page might be helpful for learning how to smile on WordPress 🙂

  8. @prophet

    Thank YOU for all the great stuff you’ve allowed me to be a part of.


    I 😛 have 😦 the 😡 power 😉 !!!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Thanks Omisyth, I appreciate it!

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