Last week was, if I’m not mistaken, the first in which I didn’t put up at least two posts.  Certain events have occurred that will constrain my time from now on.  Add to this the dwindling of my mental capacities as I grow older, and I think it’s fair to say that my post count will drop for the remainder of the year…

Diana put her paw on my back, is what happened...

Diana put her paw on my back, is what happened...

A truly abominable effect of this new situation relates to my anime consumption.  After having gained so many recommendations to watch Bakemonogatari, and after having actually watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them, I must regretfully let the series go.  It’s a game of priorities here on out, and what must be jettisoned must be jettisoned etc.  I’ll stick to Haruhi (how do I love thee, let me count the ways, or why not I just I repeat my declaration in slightly different permutations: how do I love you, let me count the ways; how do I love thee, allow me to count the ways), Shin Mazinger (who would have thought it would be a a set of crisscrossing love-affairs? oh Lorelei / sweet Gamia) and Jewel Pet (Rinko shall overcome, or I swear I’ll stop watching anime altogether).

These three shall be my Yorktown, Hornet and Enterprise to protect me as I course midway upon the journey of our life, and if you’ve come across a better metaphor integrating the Battle of Midway with Dante’s Inferno then darn, you’ve read a lot.

~ by Haloed Bane on August 3, 2009.

11 Responses to “Constraints”

  1. Ah too bad. I would have liked very much to have read your posts on Bakemonogatari. Do find a way to keep writing. I know my number is coming up soon as well and am buffering my articles scheduled as much as I can.

  2. Diana is a nice kitty, but don’t let her take control over you! 😉

    Add to this the dwindling of my mental capacities as I grow older

    Oh, come on! Although, cognitive abilities start to decline in the 20s, you are still fine for several decades! 🙂 I hope you’ll not be too busy, and find time to write 🙂

    See, what a nice metaphor you came up with! I can’t write such things, but I found this passage by an ancient writer 😛

    Eight beige snakes infect the great new city.
    Hungry alloy paws consume dragons.
    Howling hares sting in the shower.
    New equinox will come.

    Harudamus (Century 7, Quatrain 35)

  3. Just take it easy :3

  4. So which one’s sinking after taking two whole attacks? Not like it matters, since you got the Paradiso campaign at the end.

    ……then again, I wouldn’t know how rock that is, seeing how I never bothered to read past the 3rd canto of Inferno.

  5. @ghost

    Yes, that’s a good strategy. I splurged on my posts a few weeks back, should have kept some for a rainy day. It’s like the grasshopper and the ants all over again, or like the hare and the tortoise..


    I’m a huge fan of Harudamus. He pwns Nostra whatever his name is. I keep a tome of his right next to my copy of the Necronomicon.


    Yes, I must keep this in mind. This above all.


    Well, we’ll see about that, but it’s better than the 4 Japanese carriers. They got whomped 😉

  6. “Add to this the dwindling of my mental capacities as I grow older…” Oh, yes. The dwindling of your mental capacities! The stillness of the mountain stream! The cool of the summer sun!
    Well, if you’re pressed for time, then by all means, cut what needs to be cut. I hope that the thing eating up your time is a *good* thing, or at least interesting. Do what you have to, it’s not like the anime is going to run away from you and hide.
    Take it easy!

  7. @christo

    Good…interesting…let’s hope….Thanks for the advice though!

  8. Having just come back from a break, it’s kinda obvious that I’ll say that breaks are sometimes necessary. I think it’s also important to distribute entertainment/media across mediums and genres, regardless of having to write about them (i.e. watching a show because it interests you rather than because it’s easy to post on, or playing a game just for the heck of it even though you know it won’t give you post material). I’ve personally found that I burn out of ideas if I follow the “watch anime –> write about anime –> read others’ thoughts about anime” flowchart, and I think it’s even beneficial to your writing if you take a break and focus on other things.

    Anyway, it’s not like you said you’re actually going anywhere, so I guess we’re over-reacting. Even at my best pace I find it hard to exceed 2 posts per week!


    Thanx 🙂

  10. Gack, Well the next arc of episodes in Bakemonogatari from ep. 3-5 were extremely fulfilling. It really is worth the time.

  11. @Fundefined

    Worth the time, sure, but time I don’t have 😦

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