Shin Mazinger 17-18: Tragedy

Wonderful episodes, these two.  Seeing Mazinger fight alongside Zeus…having Zeus do his own version of the Rocket Punch, amazing!

Tristan and Iseult

Tristan and Iseult

I don’t know if they’ll make use of this line, but the way I see it if Kabuto and company are inside of the Kedora’s memory, then it means that they were there at the time that Zeus fought Kedora, and so whatever is happening in this memory including the actions of Kouji and the Kurogane happened long ago!  What we are seeing is the real past of Bardos, as directly affected by some subtle sort of time travel as it were.

Then there’s Ashura.

I thought that the whole series in the first few episodes seemed to revolve around this character, and the focus is back on “them” in these last couple of episodes.  Watching episode 19 I was stunned at how lovely the phrasing of Ashura’s tragic dilemma was set.  Shin Mazinger doesn’t just show you things, it tells them [this redundancy is part of the epic flavor of the series, as it seems to hark back to the plays of old].  The four voices of the narrator, Nishikiori and Tristan/Iseult/Ashura are so different and yet they harmonize with the straight-up majestic soundtrack to give the text even more power.

I think the fansubbers for this series are great, but I’m gonna go ahead and write my own translation of the key sequence in minutes 15-17.  That way it’ll be easier to see show how beautiful this language is.


Ashura: True.  There is no greater irony than this…

Narrator: Yes, Ashura tasted the irony.  Even if it is within the memory of Kedora, can he/she betray Mycenae?  Ashura looks on…silently….at his/her own hands.

Ashura: That is right.  I do not forget that promise I made that day together with Gorgon for the revival of Mycenae.

Narrator: For that purpose Ashura went to sleep…a deep, deep sleep.

Nishikiori: Despite of which now you choose to betray…

Ashura: What are you saying?  I am Mycenae’s…  No, I belong to Doctor Hell.  And this door…with these hands…with these hands…I will open…

Tristan: You cannot!

Iseult: You must not!

Tristan/Iseult: If you do that, you will bring about the destruction of Mycenae.

Narrator: The two called from within the memory, “Do not betray Mycenae!  Think!   Who and what are you?  Why did you go to sleep?  That is right!  You are the priests of Mycenae, you are Tristan and Iseult!”

Tristan: You are us!

Iseult: We are you!

Ashura: And my compatriots, Mycenaeans!

[And then, in spite of those very words, Ashura proceeds to put his/her hands to the doors and betray Mycenae.]

Nishikiori: Well done.  With this, you too are a splendid traitor.


I wonder why Nishikiori uses the word “too” in that last sentence.

~ by Haloed Bane on August 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Shin Mazinger 17-18: Tragedy”

  1. GRAWR! So much awesome! The dialogue is theatrical and bombastic, and I love it for being so. Mazinger Z was this awesome silly kids show I saw almost 30 years ago, now it is returned to me with such gravitas and bombast that I welcome with a raised fist that I could throw at my enemies (not that I think I have any).

    I am actually quite impressed at how they made Ashura not only sympathetic, but very rich in story and characterization. Their pathos is grand, to be contemplated while looking far into the sea while standing on a rocky cliff beneath which the waves fight each other amongst the rocks not unlike half-starved dogs over a leg of some poor mammal.

  2. ghost, we’ve talked about this before but let’s just say it again: the last 2-3 episodes of this show are going to be PLATINUM GREATNESS!!!

  3. Hey ^^

    Thought you might want to know that there are RAWS of Galaxy Express 999 now on Mangashare:

    Just in case you need to read them 😉

  4. @Fallen

    Awesome! This edition is 12 volumes in full so I hope they keep releasing them!

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