Soul Eater 64: Stacked

Every great war has to have a game changer, that secret weapon which for some reason cannot be mass produced but which in the wrong hands can destroy the world.  World War II had the the atom bomb, Middle-Earth the One Ring, and the world of Soul Eater a rare ability known as Soul Perception.

Pleased with herself

Pleased with herself

B.J. had it, and he’s dead.  Now Noah and his minions are after another member of Shibusen School with the same skill: Maka Albarn.  And Maka’s maxed out, her weapon is a Death Scythe, she’s an angelic Egrigori etc…  Then again, Sauron had the All-Seeing Eye and the U.S. had the world’s strongest industrial capacity so powerful abilities do tend to cluster around the same entity.

As Maka’s father lectures her daughter on her “strategic importance” we see flashes of two of Shibusen’s enemies, Noah and Medusa:

darkness all around us

darkness all around us

Is the image meant to tell us they’re working together (each an eye) or that they are two sides of the coin or what?  Interesting…  Of course, at a personal level I’m just psyched at this suggestion that Medusa might show up again, hopefully soon.  If Ookubo wanted to be the greatest manga writer of all time, he’d have Medusa win out in the end.  It’d be that easy for him!


And then Gopher shows up to take Maka out.  I might be totally mistaken about Gopher, but Soul Eater somehow always gets me in a speculative mood so I can’t help myself.  We’re blatantly made to understand that Gopher is ridiculously loyal to Noah.  I think it’s easy to reach the conclusion that Gopher (who really does seem more female than male to me) is actually in love with Noah…  Therefore Gopher will be a powerful enemy for Maka and Soul simply because love is a part of the equation.

That said, this picture really caught my attention.


That’s one twisted attack, as Soul succintly puts it: “That ain’t normal!”  It almost seems witchy to me…  Maka’s decision to do away with the wings and fight Gopher the way she’s used to makes sense now, but I think she’s definitely got to learn how to fly and fly well.  Flight is too big an advantage to give up in the long term.

And as for Tsubaki, Star and the Thompsons, I think Ookubo should do an omake side story (or two or three) on daily life in down-time Shibusen.  I’d be totally up for that (although it’d better be in addition to the regular episodes and not as subsititute!).



~ by Haloed Bane on August 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Soul Eater 64: Stacked”

  1. Ohkubo could also do an omake on Blair. ❤

    Gopher being male is something I still find hard to accept. The way he has been portrayed so far has always been so feminine. Or we might yet get surprised.

  2. @Panther

    I wouldn’t mind a whole volume on Blair, and I agree with you, Gopher is most likely female…

  3. I so thought Gopher was a fairly attractive woman until this chapter T_T now he’s a really beautiful gay bishie… ugh. Guess I’ll have to punish my nuts again.

    Somewhat boring chapter MO because Gopher isn’t very interesting (yet), but I do think it’s fun how Maka is like the god-modding weapon here.

    • Gopher sucks. I’d much rather have Ookubo spend 10 pages on which ice cream flavors each of the Shibusen students liked. That way, I can be a totally cool otaku and buy each an ice cream on their “birthdays”, take a photo of the 2 scoops on the altar, then eat the ice cream myself and go punish my nuts or something.

  4. i personally like gopher. he’s really adorable when you think about it…

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