Poaching CANAAN’s Liang Qi…

…to make a point.  Well, not a point, because a point sounds like I’m putting forth an argument I want to defend etc…  To express a feeling is more accurate.  Now, I call this poaching because I’m not actually watching CANAAN, so I’m just borrowing Liang Qi to make a..uhhm, to express a feeling.  Now, how come I was watching episode 11 in the first place?  Well, if I were making a point, then your query would prove a serious blow, but I’m not, so it doesn’t, so I won’t (answer it).  Let me just get to the point of the post, which is not a point, but a feeling!!!

CANAAN's Liang Qi

CANAAN's Liang Qi

Don’t you ever get the feeling sometimes that anime characters are being exploited?  This is the feeling that I get seeing the way Liang Qi was handled throughout this show.  90% of her words and deeds seemingly forced out of her in order to please us (Mikuru-like).

The Shot

The Shot

You’ll say this happens in the entertainment business at large.  A young actress debuting will have to bear it all and endure all sorts of things (on and off) camera in order to make it big.  But there’s a critical difference.  The exploitation in Hollywood works both ways.  Why is the actor or actress in Hollywood anyway?  To make it big.  What they do is what it takes and the star will use the studios just as the studios use them.

The Attire

The Attire

But Liang Qi didn’t have that choice, did she.  It’s not like she can turn down a role or object to a scene.  And I don’t want to diss a show I’m not watching but it seems pure exploitation to have not one but two supposedly “professional” terrorist operatives (Liang Qi, Cummings) be so blinded by love that they let their emotions be the final arbiter of their actions.

The Gore

The Gore

I guess if the writers wanted to convey the power of love then it’d all be a “silly-romantic” gesture, but I suspect they’re more interested in portraying S&M scenes, and of course not in an experimental spirit of exploration but for nothing more than a cheap thrill.

The Pain

The Pain

Anime characters don’t have souls.  Or at least that’s the consensus today.  Do animals have souls?  Do lobsters scream when they’re being boiled (within their lobster souls, I mean, not audibly)?  There used to be a consensus on these matters too but these days it’s been broken so who knows what will be thought in the future…

The End

The End

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this feeling.  Its cause might be a dissatisfaction with the way a character is characterized: a gap between the way the character behaves and the manner in which I believe she should behave.  But how on Earth could I defend a preconception of behavior in what is obviously a fantasy setting?  No, it’s something else.  Something in the eyes, in the motion, a scream that can’t be heard…

~ by Haloed Bane on September 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Poaching CANAAN’s Liang Qi…”

  1. Funny you mentioned Mikuru. As I’ve stated here [ http://twitter.com/ghostlightning/status/3972023458 ],

    If Haruhi and the SOS-Dan had a hueg budget, they wouldn’t end up with Legend of Mikuru. They’d end up making Canaan.

  2. Keep in mind Rie Tanaka did do a fine job at crazy yuri girl back in Mai Otome so it wasn’t that unexpected for some of us when we first saw Liang Qi taking bath and how she felt her onee-sama. To be fair it might well be that Liang Qi was being exploited, but so is every other character, it’s just more noticeable since Liang Qi has few if any redeeming qualities to speak of and all the while she was walking around in her under pants. Though we do have to factor in that Liang took off her dress when she had Hakko kill Santana and between that and the Delta Force Raid there wasn’t exactly time to get new clothes.

    While you dismiss her as bieng blinded by love her professionalism does leak out here and there. She discarded her Uzi when she had a malfunction and went straight for her pistol without a second though while an amateur might have fumbled with the Uzi for a while. Liang Qi also prioritized getting ammo and weapons instead of clothes when the raid started, which is what you are supposed to do in the event of an attack since modesty counts for little if you are dead.

    Just because you are a pro doesn’t mean you can’t be capable of doing stupid things.

  3. @ghostlightning

    LOL how true! And it’d be bad, because Kyon would be drooling over Mikuru and Haruhi would get upset and so forth..


    I( wonder if the choice of voice actress was factored into how they portrayed Liang Qi…as if she was doomed to play this out from the start. I do realize she was like that from the get (I think I properly saw the first 3 episodes).

    I really liked the switching of guns, it was done really well. All in all it looks like a nicely done series, but not my cup of tea in terms of plotline.

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