Soul Eater 65: Noah, just hop on that Ark and sail away!

I know usually my Soul Eater posts have a title relating to the content of the chapter, but this time I’ve decided to just write out my opinion.  I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this Noah character is a pretty crappy villain.  If he’s too lazy to go after his targets (Maka) himself AND the minions he sends out (Gopher) are boring AND he lets his cool allies (Giriko and Justin) just sit around, gah, he’s worthless as far as I’m concerned.

Nothing SCRAM!

Nothing SCRAM!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the first thing I did with this chapter was skip to the last page because of the Net gossip on Medusa’s return.  Indeed [joy!] it does seem like Medusa and Chrona are back, although if you remember the last pic of chapter 60 had Chrona in it and yet somehow 61 didn’t feature her at all!

Mos of this chapter is spent on Gopher giving us ample proof that he (or she?) is playing Liang Qi to Noah’s Alphard, to phrase it in CANAAN terms.  But really, this sort of obsession only works well if we see it build up and then explode.  Just having Gopher call Maka a dirty female dog ain’t gonna cut it.  Hopefully Maka’s defeat of Gopher is final.  If it is, then it’ll be mildly interesting to see what Ookubo will do with the Egrigori angel wings.  I mean, it does seem that they were introduced into the story simply to set up the air combat between Gopher and Maka.

Kid, Justin, Giriko, all make cameos here that, instead of making a good chapter even better, end up reminding us of all the cool stuff that could be happening.  So Noah, just hop on that ark and sail away!



My suggestions to Ookubo (yeah, I know this is silly but indulge me):

1) Cut out Noah.  Have Death the Kid take him out but collect precious data on Eibon and whatever happened 800 years ago, maybe through Noah’s book, so that his existence will be somewhat justified.  Then blot him out!

2) Develop the Angela situation.  Angela is (or can be) the octopus out of which flow the following tentacles: a) Black☆Star’s tortuous development; b) the role of the Witch community in general; c) the Gorgons, according to my pet theory that Angela is the third Gorgon.

3) More Medusa, more Chrona.  This is self-explanatory.  Medusa is the true arch-enemy here because she’s the only one focused enough to take the prize!

4) Give some screentime to the following fan favorites: Blair, the Mizune, Eruka, Wolf.  Notice how naturally this could come about by simply implementing the other three suggestions.

That’s it.  Next chapter will be awesome, I hope!

This shows promise...

This shows promise...

~ by Haloed Bane on September 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Soul Eater 65: Noah, just hop on that Ark and sail away!”

  1. you stupid
    noah amd gopher and cool
    you just like old charac cuz you saw them animated, you little brat

  2. I dunno, it’s not that I’d say Gopher is that cool, but I can’t help but feel that your hostility to him is tied to your newfound certainty that he is in fact not a lady (you… brat). I quite like having a villain turn up, pose badassedly, and then get owned instantly – makes a change from new villain procedure.

    That said, the recommendations would be fan-pleasers, and more witch community would be well received by me, old characters or new. Plus, more totally random transitions in art style within chapters are needed. I think it works well with this new hyper-clean look Okhubo has going on, and the first medusa page this chap was random pointless win.

  3. hm hm. so sdds thinks i only like colored character, and coburn only female characters. flat-out discrimination!! you may both have a point, though i guess i’m not a proper shohnen fan so i’m not used to people just popping up and getting beaten, then disappearing.

    Also, the truth is I practice name discrimination, and Noah is one of my least favorite names in the world. Sounds like an extinct Australian bird or something.

  4. It’s certainly not just you. Some very staunch SE fans have been dissatisfied by the last three or four chapters, muttering “More stage-setting? Hmph.” And with this chapter, “OK, did we go through all that just so Gopher could emit a ball of energy, and Maka could cut it in half, forming the shape of a broken heart? We did, didn’t we?”

    There have been so many *potentially* interesting things happening in this manga, and they’re just…wasting away. Wow, Justin’s evil? When did that happen, and why? No explanation. Wow, Stein and Marie figured out it was Justin and caught up with him; what evidence did they use, and what have they been doing all this time? Dunno. Kid’s imprisoned, but we barely get a glimpse of his situation. Noah collects stuff, but we don’t know what or why. Gopher’s in mad love with Noah, but how come? Give me a motive; any motive! I’m not picky, guys! Gopher was bitten by a radioactive sparrow and Noah fed him worms until he learned human speech. Noah’s collecting demigod breeding stock so he can flood the planet, and repopulate it with well-dressed evil minions. I’ll actually be fine with that; years of comic books have softened my brain up *real* good (but boy, will Noah be disappointed when he finds out Kid and Gopher are both male).

    This lack of thought worries me, both for the title and the mangaka himself. Now, neither of us draw manga (I think) but we both know that when you start phoning it in like this, something’s up–either your heart’s just not in it, or you have an editor sitting on your head, saying “No exposition, that bores the audience. Fighting! More fighting!”

    Maybe I’m giving Ohkubo too much credit, but I suspect he has been ordered recently to give SE more bombast and less background. I mean, look at that last page. It’s practically an *apology*–“Next week, I’ll get back to the people you care about. No really, I promise this time.”

  5. @Christo

    My assessment is the same as yours. I feel…I’m afraid that…but let’s not jinx ourselves here. Hopefully the next chapter will rock etc etc. If it doesn’t I’ll be very disappointed.

    Anyone read B-Ichi?

  6. I’m with you, this chapter sucked. The fight came out of nowhere and concluded nothing, and this dude has no purpose int he story. I’d even be fine with Noah if the pointless bishie wasn’t around.

  7. I happen to like gopher i feel bad for him he’s like a abused lil puppy who keeps on coming back to his master. I got really angry at noah for takeing kid but thats just my fangirl opinion

  8. Gopher and Noah are great. Angela, on the other hand, is an annoying side-character that got snatched up by Shibusen and will be brainwashed into becoming a non-destructive (BORING.) witch. She is also obviously not the third Gorgon sister, considering how old Medusa and Arachne are, and how neither Medusa nor Arachne seemed to even care that she exists.

    You really ought to face facts.

  9. Noah is awesome. your just envious.
    (lol 7 sins/noah joke)

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