Mezzo Cammin: 26 episodes of Jewel Pet

Halfway through the currently airing 52 ep series, it’s time for some reflection: a look at the past and then some thoughts on the future.

Diana, the underpowered Villain

Diana, the underpowered Villain

The first 18 episodes or so focused on the discovery of new (and collectible) Jewel Pets.  Since then we’ve had more focus on the basic struggle between the evil kitty Diana and the denizens of Jewel Land.  First we learned that Diana had been vanquished after causing some sort of war in the human world that looked suspiciously like WWII.  Then we heard her speaking of “bringing back” her oniisama.  Episodes 25 and 26 dealt with a heretofore (to us at least) unknown megaweapon: the Jewel Stick.

Immediately upon getting her paws on it, Diana decided to test its power by turning Rinko and pals into her favorite kamaboko, or yummy Japanese fish cakes.  No one’s happy about this.

I'll have a Ruby and a Rinko please...

I'll have a Ruby and a Rinko please...


The crisis is averted when it’s discovered that the Jewel Stick will only obey the first person who touched it: Rinko.  Diana throws a tantrum and starts blasting away at everyone with her magic, triggering a volcanic eruption.  Calling to her oniisama for help, she mysteriously disappears.  Rinko almost falls into a chasm and is saved by Tatewaki.  She asks him if he saved her because it’s his job and he replies as any self-respecting gentleman would: NO.

Anyway, Rinko and pals have to escape the volcano and the Jewel Stick seems the way to go.  As Rinko is too scared to use it, Ruby volunteers her “Courage” magic.  So far in the series the rabbit has failed in casting the spell every single time.  Now it finally works.  Rinko wields the stick and out comes a new Jewel Pet, which is nothing less than a pegasus unicorn hybrid!!!!


The power pet immediately puts a stop to the eruption and has Aoi Arisugawa’s airplane land right in front of the pets.  Then he or she leaves for parts unknown.


There are many positive things about the show so far.  The mechanics of this world are very consistent, and a lot of confusing bits that I pointed out in earlier posts have been fleshed out.  We have a nice sense of what the Pets are, how they operate, etc.

There’s been plenty of variety in the comedy, from provocative shower scenes [kitty Garnet’s] and American-flag-print bikinis [doggy Peridot’s] to smashing wordplay [usually courtesy of Ruby].

At this point, the voice acting of the pros (Hirano, Saitoh and Miyano) is as awesome as ever, and the newbie talents (AKINA and Morning Musume‘s Eri Kamei) sound as amateurish as ever EXCEPT that having gotten to know the two characters they voice better, and realizing how hopelessly clueless they are [I’m looking at you Rinko!] it turns out to have been a case of brilliant casting.  Eri Kamei was born to play Rinko.

Tooru falling for Ruby?

Tooru falling for Ruby?

On the negative side of things, I must say that the enemies haven’t really gotten any stronger.  I guess since the main target audience of this show is girls, and relatively younger girls at that, the creators don’t really want to aggravate them with misery and tragedy.  God knows they get enough of that in Japanese schools.  Fair enough, I say.

So far I’ll give the show an A for doing what it’s supposed to do and doing it really well.  As for the future, it’s clear what must happen: LOVE.

Minami’s been going after sempai pretty much for all of the 26 episodes so far, and with all the fits and starts it’ll take her 78 more to get her man, episodes which we don’t have!  Ruby likes Tooru, but she hasn’t even started trying to confess to him.  Anyway, she’s a bunny so you’d expect her to be more straightforward.  Arisugawa and her butler I’m not even going to touch…creepy…

Minami and Rinko...get a clue girls!!

Ironically, the two seiyuh have 999 sexy photobooks between them...

Rinko, though, see…this is where the show will be made or broken.  Tatewaki and the kid that came back from America seem to be the two potential boyfriends.  Tatewaki is too old, though, and a 4 or 5 year gap for a teen relationship might not be what the creators want to encourage in the viewers’ minds.  The kid from America is just not cool enough, as you can see from the fact that I can’t even remember his name.

I’ve heard the gossip that some new human characters will be making an appearance in the second half of the series.  Maybe Rinko’s salvation lies with one of them.  Anyway, something must happen on the love front.  It will add that essential (missing) ingredient to what has been a good and solid shohjo show.

~ by Haloed Bane on October 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “Mezzo Cammin: 26 episodes of Jewel Pet”

  1. Huh. I’ve never even heard of this show, when did it come out?

    As an aside, those animals are so fucking cute, I feel as if I could get diabetes just looking at them >_<

    • 2 seasons ago. The reason you’ve never heard of it is probably because it’s gotten no love from the subbers. I’m watching it raw.

      You can tell how popular this series is in the English Net by noticing that the list of automatically generated related posts from WordPress consists exclusively of earlier posts of mine.

      And yes, the Pets are delicious!!

  2. Diano ignited a war in some way?! D: That is so evil! But she is so cute…

    Jewel Stick sounds like a formidable weapon!

    Yes, the wordplay you mentioned was quite interesting 🙂

    Yay for more love! 😀

  3. This is bizarre. But I enjoyed your commentary on it. The pegasus-unicorn hybrid looks like it would make a killer phone charm, which I suppose may have been the point.

    • I guess any post on a kiddie series longer than 300 words is gonna make the plot sound bizarre. At some point I have to research the merchandise and post on that!!! Diana keychain, that’s what I want!

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