WOW.  HOLY ZEUS!  THAT ROCKED!! Spoilers after the break.


What an amazing finale!  I feel like the crew behind Shin Mazinger decided to give me a very belated birthday present and someone managed to climb inside my skull, pick apart my innermost dreams and animate them onscreen!  wow wow wow.  THIS IS WHAT I WANTED.

I just went back and reread my few posts on the series, and it’s just so funny I’m going to take the unusual step of quoting myself.

after watching ep 01: “These dudes and dudettes have what it takes to do a great show, and the first episode is plenty of proof of that.  We’ll see how it goes.”

This turns out be an understatement.

after watching ep 08: “In the end, though, I gotta hand it to Ashura, who’s working “their” butt off to win.  Too bad the Baron/Baroness is on the wrong side of this history.”

LOL.  I had this feeling that Ashura was the star of the show all along but…


after watching ep 19: “I thought that the whole series in the first few episodes seemed to revolve around this character, and the focus is back on “them” in these last couple of episodes.  Watching episode 19 I was stunned at how lovely the phrasing of Ashura’s tragic dilemma was set.  Shin Mazinger doesn’t just show you things, it tells them [this redundancy is part of the epic flavor of the series, as it seems to hark back to the plays of old].”

I don’t know what to say.  A big part of this show was the constant lying, but they really managed to save the best lies intact until the end.

How many lies did they pile on?

Dr. Hell claimed only two Myceneans had been found, and there were hundreds, thousands!  He killed them all!!

He claimed he found Tristan and Iseult merged in a rotting embrace, but in fact he had actually poured acid over them!  On them, who became “indebted” to him for their “salvation”!!

And Nishikiori and Ashura knew about this ever since Kedora’s pillar!!!  But as Nishikiori enlists Ashura, who is consumed by rage against his supposed benefactor, she fails to see something the meaning of which only a Mycenaean could understand…

Then there’s the end.  We knew Dr. Hell was opposed to the Mycenaeans, sure.  We might even, if we had sat down and considered, have come to the realization that he was their most formidable opponent (because of his knowledge) and that to get rid of him could prove troublesome if Mycenae tried to rise again.

We also knew that Tristan and Iseult were the priests of Mycenae, and that they had been put into a cocoon state to preserve them for the next coming of the Gods.  And what do priests do?  Sacrifice.   And what’s the ultimate sacrifice???  Blood.  Your own.  It’s…so…darn…simple.  And having seen in Kedora’s vision that the rite had been set up already, Ashura knew what to do.

is ours

So Hell’s device to keep Ashura from killing himself wasn’t just a way to keep a minion around, it was to prevent a far worse scenario.  A scenario that comes true just as soon as Kabuto Kohji’s wonderful 100 rocket punches put Dr. Hell out of the picture.  With Hell out of the way, Ashura can shed their own blood.

Beautiful.  Ashura tears himself apart, recreating his two loving halves, and brings the Gods back from the dead.  The skies darken…

Are we gonna have an extra episode??  New season???  I’m happy the way it is…what do you think?

~ by Haloed Bane on October 5, 2009.

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  2. Now give me Great-Hen or give me death!

    • There seems to be a debate whether a new series (Great-Hen) will be preceded by a movie of some sort. Anyway, I have heard that whether get anything at all depends on the popularity of the show back in Japan. And apparently it hasn’t been doing that well ratings-wise..

      • From what I’ve heard, while it didnt do great, it did a lot better then originally anticipated. Let’s not forget, Shin Mazinger was basically made on a shoestring budget =P

        …but yeah, if no sequel is made because Mazinger didn’t do well enough in the ratings, I will lose all respect I ever had for anime and its fans >_>

        • i think we can be optimistic. there’s enough robot fans in japan to keep sales high enough..if it was done on a shoestring budget then it’s all profit, right?

          I just hope they don’t change director and writers.

          I just rewatched the first ep and it was just…plain awesome!

  3. Aww man … I always wanted to see this show … Go Nagai is awesome! I Have Change Getter’s theme songs on my MP3 player 😉

    I notice you have also changed your icon in the web browser thingo 😉

    Atlas … I have never seen any of his works … heard about them but never seen them …

    • Well, the show was glorious, hopefully you didn’t read all the spoilers I wrote about. And yes, Ashura has just dethroned Ryomoh from the position of Blog Pic Lord. 4 months though, she had a good run…

  4. The Ashura rapeface is definitely a winner.


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  6. I looooved this. And it made me really rethink Ashura. Now I realize how cool they are.


    • !! I think it’s safe to say there will be another series sometime this year…at least that’s the gossip. Le’ts hope!!

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