κ · Meeting in Thamantha

May 2989 J.C.  Hagooda maintains a small but irritating foothold inside the territory of the greatest power in the planet of Jüno: the Trio de Colus.  The foothold consists of four counties in the states of Meistner and Ballanka.  Colus Proper, where the reigning dynasty hails from and has its seat, is still physically intact but the psychological harm has been done.

When Prince Trao of Ballanka complains to the mechanics that they are short of mortar headds, they in turn suggest the palace’s elite of Berlin MHs take the field.  Trao is outraged.  How can we send the elite against an upstart empire like Hagooda?

The Queen of Hagooda, a would-be Cleopatra if I ever saw one.

The Queen of Hagooda, a would-be Cleopatra if I ever saw one.

The situation is worse: brave and talented King Colus III is not being allowed to run the show because his ministers fear that he will be too hotheaded.  The subtext seems to be this: Hagooda is too minor a power to deserve direct attention from the King!  Chivalry is hampering Colus’ efforts, no doubt. So the King secludes himself and builds weapons: peidoll spires and more importantly, Jünchoon.  The all-white MH looks awesome, and we can only nod our heads when the king tells Clotho he feels she is destined to pilot it!

Then there’s a long flashback as Colus tells Clotho of his first meeting with the great Fatima meight Morard.  The tale’s simple enough but its importance is undeniable.

Vralgo does the prince in.

Vralgo does the prince in.

At the time when he is still a prince, Colus is sent by his father to study in the Republic of Marutara.  The reason for this is that Marutara boasts an “educational city” named Auocer famous for its schools.  Morard happens to be living north of that city, and so it’s natural for the King to send his son to pay his respects to so great a craftsman.

What makes the situation potentially exciting, even dangerous, is the fact that Marutara is on the planet Kallamity, home of one of Colus’ great rivals for galactic supremacy: the Fillmore Empire [you just know with that name they’re going to be hungry for expansion!].  Both states are on the same continent even!  Look at this map:


Auocer is in red.  Prince Colus wanders in search of Morard and ends up crossing over into the Kingdom of Thamantha after being chased by a mysterious figure.  There he runs into a detachment of Kneue Syltiss knights, Fillmore’s elite MH force.

To understand what happens next we’d do well to keep an eye on the map.  As soon as Colus sees the knights, he wonders what in the world they could be doing so far from home.  Vralgo Kentauri, head of the Kneue Syltiss, understands at once that this fellow is a student from Auoucer in Marutara, and warns him that he’s stepped beyond the border into Thamantha.

Vralgo is being utterly cynical in chiding Colus for “straying” when his own forces are probably a hundred times farther away from their own territory!  As if to prove his intentions are not benign, he slashes Colus.  Being a headdliner, the prince survives a wound that would have been lethal to most.

The mysterious figure turns out to be Morard’s Fatima Ulicul, and Colus is nursed back to health at the meight’s home.  The second Black Knight, a skilled swordsman named Roados, is there, and of course this means we get to see Est too!!

Colus’ encounter with the Kneue Syltiss makes Morard worry that Fillmore is up to no good in that part of the world, and he decides to move to Bastogne in Addler.  Chrome has his house there, and he’s in a bad state, so Morard hopes to help his friend out…so know we know why Morard was there during the first arc!

Morard gives Ulicul to the young Colus, who begs him and Roados to allow him to accompany them to Bastogne.  In the “airport” Colus spots Vralgo.  It becomes clear that the Fillmore ace knew who Colus was from the beginning, thus making his attempted murder an outright assassination!  [This motif, whereby someone realizes another’s identity but chooses not to reveal that fact, pops up often in FSS.  Just before this flashback scene, for example, Colus told Clotho he knew who Ladios Sopp was ever since they met in Betolca].


Prince Colus approaches Vralgo and returns the favor by using his amazing headdliner speed to cut a gem off of his hem before Vralgo has time to take his spaad out.  This will set up Vralgo’s hatred for Colus that will have consequences in the distant future (chronologically) though almost immediately in the present time of the story…

[covered VOLUME 4: from page 23 to page 59]

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3 Responses to “κ · Meeting in Thamantha”

  1. LOL. A delightful read as befits an entertaining chapter.

    The Junchoon is a very handsome design. I don’t blame Nagano for plagiarizing his own Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

    This whole chivalry business, with all its socio-warring ‘niceties’ and rules and manners… Isn’t it just delicious? It’s something that sets FSS apart from almost every mecha or space opera work in manga and anime. To think that there really isn’t a lot of panels to get all this richness across… Just amazing.

    Regarding the always welcome Est sighting, the number of characters in FSS and the clever things it does to create a sense of gravitas throughout the chapters result in a phenomenon similar to the ‘celebrity cameo.’ Don’t tell me you don’t feel this or my name is Falk U. Rogner.

    • The “cameo effect”, yes. I must admit even after only reading the first 4 or 5 U.S. volumes, I’m already going: “look, over there, it’s Est!!”..

      Kinda unrelated but related somehow, are there any mechas in LoGH?? That’s a chivalry-centered show, right?

      • Yes there is gentlemanly warfare in LotGH to be sure, though nowhere near the extent displayed in this rich chapter.

        There are no robots in the warfare there either. It’s rally capital ships, planet-sized battle stations, planetary orbital defenses, space fighter craft, and infantry warfare… but mostly large scale fleet battles in the tens of thousands.

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