Soul Eater 66: I had a Ball with this Chapter

YES!  Well, if you’ve read my last few posts on Soul Eater my reaction to this latest chapter will be obvious.  In a nutshell: Ookubo in this chapter spent most of his time working on the characters, abilities and stories that are already well established rather than creating a whole potpourri of new ones.

Kilik and the Pots

It’s the Spartoi’s first mission.  The crack squad has been broken up into two teams and we get to see one of them (composed of Kilik, Kim and their weapons, plus the Thompson sisters) in action under the operational control of Azusa.  The setting is Central Africa, where Medusa (!) had kept some sort of laboratory.  Orders are simple: retrieve as much data as possible from the lab.  Positioning is as follows: Azusa at HQ somewhere, Kim and Jackie hovering over the target, and the rest entering the target area.

I’m a sucker for wordplay, and there’s a nice sequence here so please bear me.

Once Kilik’s team has entered the lab, Patty runs into a jar with an eyeball looking at her.  She immediately gets angry at the eyeball for staring at her, so she decides to stare it down!  Liz tells her to quit it, and to let the eyeball keep its identity.  Kilik gets the pun (I didn’t, at first) on the eye’s “eye-dentity” and complains to Liz [puns are frowned upon in Japan, especially among young people].  Liz retorts that as far as ganriki (眼力=  “power of sight”, gan means eye ) goes she can’t compete with Azusa but that she can’t help but be attracted to the subject because she happens to be a gan-taipu (ガンタイプ= “gun type”, gan means gun) too!


Azusa tells them to knock it off.  Azusa’s skills are used to the max in this chapter, as she manages through Kilik to scan/copy key documents as they are found.  Later on, zombies start to pursue the team, apparently the result of a mass production black blood project by Medusa.  Azusa guides the team out to safety by linking to Kim’s eyes (gah this ability rules!) in a fast paced sequence that reminded me of scenes in FPS games like Half Life 2.


As a lover of languages, it was exciting to see bits of witch script, and if we get some more in later episodes I’ll be definitely trying to crack it and play with it.  For that we need Ookubo to translate at least some words…

By the end of the chapter, the team has retreated to safety, mission successful.  As they wonder about how the other team is doing, the very first assessment of what Medusa has been trying to do is this: harness the power of the black blood to create an army of lethal subjects.  And then…we see a Medusa created clown, whose hat I mistook for Eruka Frog’s (though it doesn’t look anything like it, have pity on me!), about to engage Shibusen’s Spartoi.


I hope that Ookubo goes on to treat Black☆Star’s team immediately next, possibly leaving that story in a cliffhanger, then treating Kilik’s team battle with the clown in chapter 68 and then coming back and finishing Black☆Star team’s story.

Anyway, I can’t really keep making new demands!  I’m very happy the way this is going…

~ by Haloed Bane on October 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Soul Eater 66: I had a Ball with this Chapter”

  1. The scanlators who served this to me went for the “it’s the identity of the eye to look so you can’t win” kind of route (Identity, eye, get it? Yeah…).

    Also, the script: it seems to have furigana, and that one in the lower left seems to be a hiragana ni. Upper right corner ko? Yeah, really looks like stylized-to-death kana to me. Kind of sad, when I just saw it on the fly I thought it would be pseudo-arabic script or something.

    • That’s a good translation, I would have done the same but made the “i” in identity bold to help out the punless.

      Yeah, the script looks like Ookubo started with hiragana and arabified it, with dots thrown in for good measure. Ideally, Ookubo is working off of little correspondence tables he’s made but..the chances of that are super low, huh…

  2. This chapter was so awesome – I’ll be getting into my favorite bits in a post of my own, which I’ll be track-backing here when I make it, so look out for that. I definitely hope the trend of using these characters continues. I reaelly want to see some development out of Kilik and his weapons because they are so badass, but have so little personality for the most part…

    I lol’d at the furigana in the witch language.

    • Witchygana, yes, pretty funny. Japanese will be Japanese a la Boys will be Boys kinda thing…

      I’ll look forward to that post of yours.

      Back stories on Kilik and his Pots would be awesome.

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