ν · Ulicul

Colus III and Ulicul are 10 km behind enemy lines.  The Jünchoon is damaged and Colus doesn’t want to leave it, although his ribs are broken and it is doubtful how far he could defend his MH.  It’s interesting that Colus’ injury is concentrated in the same area he was wounded by Vralgo so many years ago.  It’s totally possible that the Kneue Syltiss leader’s slash is finally taking its toll…

The King becomes unconscious and his Fatima takes the opportunity to extract him to safety (and disobey his orders).  She bids the MH to be strong.  I wonder if headds are sentient.  When Ladios Sopp was eloping with Lachesis in Addler, I suggested that he seemed to telepathically activate the Knight of Gold.  The way Ulicul speaks to Jünchoon suggests to me that the KOG might have simply been waiting for them!


Ulicul ends up being chased by a group of mercenaries, probably a mixed team of Miminbas and headdliners.  She hides Colus and tries to lead her pursuers away from her King and take them one at a time.  The “Yellow” Boowray mercenary, now clearly identified as Sir Gellow of the Kneue Syltiss knights, manages to give her a mortal blow.  Just when they’re about to strip her and hang her up, the wounded king makes his appearance.

Ulicul dies in her master’s arms.  Gellow gets ready to take Colus out but the King uses his impressive speed to slash Gellow’s neck, albeit the “Boowray” runs through Colus with his spaad [reflexively, or maybe even accidentally].  Colus makes a brief speech on the tragedy of Fatimas and how they so want to be human.  If I wanted to get all cheesy, I could add that the knights of Fillmore, by mistreating the Fatimas, are exposing [paradoxically] their own inhumanity.  Humanity is not a matter of essence, but of existence.  Ulicul, in my book, is very human by virtue of her fervent wish to be human.


Ecce Femina, ecce homo.


That humanity is a matter of existence is the starting point of Heidegger’s philosophy.  Section 9 of Being and Time starts with the famous words:

“The “essence” of Dasein [i.e. being human] lies in its existence.”

Besides its importance for the existentialist movement historically, the line is spectacular because of its blasphemous hijacking of the classical definition of god as the being whose essence is His existence.  Are we gods?


While Ulicul and Colus are valiantly protecting each other, Mirage Knight no. 9 Dippa and her Fatima Achilles run into the royal all-white Colus.  The brief scene where Dippa admires the Jünchoon while Achilles stands by is absolutely marvelous.  For one thing, I’m ready to call this mater/Fatima pair’s character design yet another triumph of the creative imagination!  Dippa looks like a crowned joker, while Achilles manages to look incredibly manly and mind-crushingly subservient at the same time.  Dippa’s assessment of the MH as “a young maiden carved of jewels” sounds, taken out of context at least, as one of the most chauvinistic statements I’ve ever heard.  And how awesome must you be to have a Fatima named Achilles??  Gender exploded all over this page of the manga!


Achilles, Dippa.

And they aren’t the only AKD troops in town.  When the remaining Boowray crew is ready to take Colus down, he is rescued by none other than Falk U. Rogner and his Fatima Eatta.  Two of Rogner’s three titles have been changed in the English translation.  Besides being commanding general of the FEMC, the English has him as President of the AKD and Prince of Babiron.  A more literal translation would be “party leader of the AKD” and “King of Babiron”.  Now, I understand the first substitution because the original is rather odd.  It could mean that the AKD is a one-party state.  Rogner’s party position would thus be for all intents and purposes a state position [just as in many Communist countries], with power being divided three ways:

Amaterasu – as imperial leader

Aisha – as state leader

Rogner – as party leader

I don’t know, though, why he is being demoted from King to Prince in the translation…  Amaterasu has been clearly described as Emperor so there’s no danger that readers will think Rogner as equal to him, I think.

Anyway, Colus is rescued by the Mirage Knights.  Ulicul is dead.  The news spreads like wildfire and the Fillmore Empire decides that the whole operation has been successful.  What looks to be Emperor Lader from Fillmore [judging from the resemblance to the pic in the intro blurb for Volume 1] orders Vralgo to pull out the Boowrays and let Hathuha take over.  Vralgo hasn’t had his vengeance yet but orders are orders.


Emperor Lader...

I’m very confused about the actual nature of the Boowrays.  Are there actual mercenaries by that name.  Or are they a cover for Fillmore’s Kneue Syltiss?  The Empire of Hathuha is in the planet Both [where the Boowrays are said to hail from] so maybe they are an extention of that nation’s military power.  It all remains unclear though one thing is for sure: Colus (federation, kingdom and king) are in big, big trouble…

[covered VOLUME 5: from pages 34 to 54 of the volume.]

~ by Haloed Bane on October 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “ν · Ulicul”

  1. This was very very confusing for me. Ameratasu realizes that Colus and Clotho think that they will not be coming back from this battle yet he sends his personal knight of gold lachesis to be prepped for battle. As the battle starts, Berlins and Maglows clash on the field, but there are no Boowrays in sight??!!

    • I’m guessing that you’re ahead of me here, as I haven’t read what you’re talking about. I do know that at the end of Vol. 5 Amaterasu (as Sopp) comes to Colus to help out so I imagine you’re in Vol. 6. I’ll see what I can do about your confusion once I get to that point 🙂

  2. Man is the creature whose project is to become God. I believe it was Sartre who said so. Digression to Heidegger made this post more epic than it has any business being… but here we are. Awesomeness!

    The FSS is dedicated to Fatimas everywhere. It says so at every volume. Where are the Fatimas? Who are Fatimas? Is the Fatima a metaphor or allegory of some kind? If so, who?

    I am averse to psychoanalytic literary criticism but I find it useful in this case. Does Nagano view himself as Headdliner or Fatima? Maybe he views himself as Ladios the meister, but with a divine aspect… Amaterasu.

    Nagano 1 = mechanical designer, illustrator (character designer) : Ladios Sopp, Chrome Ballanche

    Nagano 2 = mangaka, writer, world builder : Amaterasu, the God of Light

    He’s just making fun and games… the playfulness permeates the whole thing : Joker Galaxy (there really is a giant galactic demon that really looks like the joker from a deck of cards).

    It’s not necessarily evil, but perhaps amoral, but funny and playful despite the death and corruption and entropy throughout the FSS.

    Back on topic:

    For one thing, I’m ready to call this mater/Fatima pair’s character design yet another triumph of the creative imagination! Dippa looks like a crowned joker, while Achilles manages to look incredibly manly and mind-crushingly subservient at the same time. Dippa’s assessment of the MH as “a young maiden carved of jewels” sounds, taken out of context at least, as one of the most chauvinistic statements I’ve ever heard. And how awesome must you be to have a Fatima named Achilles?? Gender exploded all over this page of the manga!

    Observations like these and the playful prose that share them is why I read you. I love you.

    I am more confused than you are about the Boorways, the Fillmore Empire, and now the title changes in the translation. I have no recollection of Rogner and Codante do anything officious so I feel that governance is like oxygen (I’m sure it’s necessary and gets breathed, but is entirely invisible). These titles make the characters more awesome but they really are warriors for all intents and purposes.

    • If I saw Nagano at the airport someone would have to restrain me to stop me from taking his hand and kissing it. His glorious hand!!! The Joker Galaxy is love, and FSS readers must be lovers, and sentences describing it must be..well, you get the drift.

      I agree that Nagano is probably a meister more than a headdliner, a Fatima or an MH. Sartre, who I still haven’t read, seems to be an endless source of wit.

      I get you on the governance. I’m happy Nagano doesn’t spend much time on it but I also like how he still goes to the trouble of coming up with the positions anyway: monarch, prime minister and party chairman, essentially.

      On the Boowrays, I’m starting to think that these mercenaries never actually existed at all, and that they were simply a cover for Fillmore’s dirty operations..not that it really matters anyway.

      • I remember this ‘cabinet’ meeting at the beginning of this arc wherein Amaterasu/Ladios was pretty much rolling in the fields with Lachesis talking geo/galactic politics with Aisha and a few others. It was really more like a picnic and gossip than it is a formal meeting.

        To be fair, boardroom meetings in government become like this too… only minus the overt sexiness (and the complete absence of sexy participants for that matter).

        • Although rumor has it that hi-level govt. meetings in Japan may include sushi fests where naked woman are covered in sushi and then the cabinet members..well, it’s only a rumor…

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