ξ · Clotho goes Godly on Us


Elmelah, queen of Colus

We begin with a report on King Colus III’s condition.  His wife Elmelah listens to the facts: Colus seems on the way to recovery but he is still unstable.  Clotho asks the Queen to rejoin her husband.

This scene confused me a lot.  I read and reread it without really understanding where they were and where they were going.  Looking at the original Japanese I think I might have figured it out.  This is what I think is happening:

Queen Elmelah is in Jarth, the capital of Colus.  Her husband has been taken to the Colus Castle, which is not in Jarth, but actually to the southwest of the capital [and thus farther away from the battlefront].  Elmelah makes the excuse that people would worry if it was seen that the Queen was retreating to the Castle along with the wounded King.

The English translation has changed every reference to “the Castle” by “Jarth” or “the capital”.  I have no doubt that Colus has a residence in Jarth as well, but Colus Castle seems to make more sense to me.  Otherwise, Elmelah’s words would imply that she is even closer to the frontline than Jarth…

Anyway, it’s not really that important.  Elmelah confesses to Clotho later on that the real reason she doesn’t want to meet up with her husband is because she doesn’t want to see him mourning Ulicul.  She despises the Fatima, and is happy she’s dead.



We then get a long rant from Elmelah on how Fatimas are terrible creatures precisely because they fit a man’s ideal so well.  The reasoning on her part is very bad, and her feeble attempt at an excuse: “well, how can you love your masters anyway?” rings hollow.  In essence, she’s just angry she can’t compete with the Fatimas..period.  She clearly has come to understand that, contrary to her own argument, Ulicul has satisfied Colus III much more than she ever could.  Finally, she praises the Kneue Syltiss and their disgusting treatment of Fatimas in a very unseemly way…for a Colus Queen.

Clotho listens patiently, and then announces her intention to go to the Castle.  Elmelah immediately thinks that Clotho intends to replace Ulicul, but it’s clear the Fatima has other plans.  She makes an insightful comment that one person who might be able to understand Elmelah is Lachesis, who has to live in the awesome and difficult to understand presence of Emperor Amaterasu.

And then Clotho goes godly on us.  She spreads her arms and prophesies: “the Colus dynasty will be in trouble, but two of the Fatima Sisters will look over it until Fortune is born, and the Fatimas’ hopes will be crystallized in an entity by the name Kallen”…   Oh, and she calls humans foolish.

We don’t get to see the Queen’s reaction while all of this is going on, but I imagine she must have been gawking mouth wide-open.  Here she was accusing Fatimakind of being subhuman in some sense and Clotho proclaims herself superhuman.  The wind itself seems to obey her call [or Her call?]

As coda to the volume [this is the end of volume 2 in the original edition] we see Colus III recovered and greeting his people.  The Trio’s friends all over the Galaxy send reinforcements and assistance, and we know that the enemies of Colus, the shadow backers of Hagooda, have been spurred into action as well.  All in all, things are going to get hotter.

One of the volunteers is Ladios Sopp.  Nagano shows us his love for detail by drawing the meister’s passport.  We see the entry and exit stamps for Addler 2988, and the fresh Colus stamp for 2989.


Ladios Sopp, in summer wear.

It’s Sopp time!!!


The English edition has a pretty page in the back of the book with quotes from the Fates’ dialogue in Goethe’s play Faust.  Goethe’s characterization of the Fates doesn’t seem to match up well with Nagano’s, but only time will tell for sure…

Basically, Atropos talks first and boasts about her power.  Then Clotho interjects with the news that Atropos has been stripped of her power because she kills off people that deserve to live and lets bastards live on.  Still, Clotho herself is prone to make mistakes and she’s decided to drop the whole business rather than keep blundering.  Lachesis steps in and declares that she alone can do the job and so from now on she will take control of people’s lives from beginning to end.

Faust is a comedy from beginning to end, so we can’t take this as Goethe’s serious take on the Fates..  Anyway, it’s interesting because it seems to be a diachronic take on the Fates (shift of power: Atropos → Clotho → Lachesis) instead of the usual synchronic one (power sharing: Atropos + Clotho + Lachesis).

[covered VOLUME 5: from page 55 to the end of the volume.]

~ by Haloed Bane on October 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “ξ · Clotho goes Godly on Us”

  1. I just finished reading this big dramatic scene… dramatically convenient to be placed on the middle of nowhere it seems, where Clotho and Elmelah can seem to be the only 2 people in the universe, deciding its future amongst themselves.

    Elmelah’s speech against Fatimas is almost moving. But I am more moved by the image of Clotho, both hands on her breast, staring upward, hair billowing back.

    Return it to Kallen… or whatever it is you intend to do Clotho, I won’t deny you ANYTHING.

    • It would take me months to get used to being around a Fatima. Being in a completely yielding mood, as you said you would not deny Clotho anything, and yet having the Fatima have pretty much the exact same attitude toward me/you… It’d be funny. I guess we’d end up walking in the park and not talking much….

      • It’d be almost exactly like Kimi ni Todoke only funnier and less frustrating. And yes, more awesome since for us to have fatima in the first place you and I must be headdliners too, with our own Mortar Headds. I would be perfectly satisfied being a Mirage Knight. They never seem to do any real work while bearing truly impressive officious titles… while allowed their vacations and excursions, as you’d be delighted to witness Aisha’s later on.

        And how about those LED Mirages?

        MHs are very interesting because they are hefty, SLOW, and elegant. They are no taller than Gundams, just slightly taller than Battloids, and perhaps Mazinger Z… but do not move anywhere as fast. I can imagine Mazinger Z rust hurricane the gold off the KOG with no problem whatsoever.

        What’s even more interesting is how complicated they are to operate. Any given fatima would probably beat a number of Kouji Kabutos or Char Aznables, or even Maximilian Jeniuses… let alone a freaking Headdliner. (You must watch the anime now, just to see Clotho at full sprint)

        Headdliners are more powerful than Jedi in some ways, minus the mind control and telekinesis, and minus the deus ex machina powers of the most powerful of Gundam’s Newtypes.

        And yet… it takes a Headdliner AND a fatima to pilot an MH. This makes Nagano an interesting designer in my mind… who let his conceits run the way they do… increasing the complexity of control of the mecha, reducing their overall power (in relation to maneuverability relative to other real robots, while remaining pedestrian among super robots), and making their military impact and political significance tremendous nonetheless.

        You said you thought FSS was the kind of manga you’d write make yourself if you had the means and ability to do so… the more I think about it, the more I read your posts…

        Me too. It’s something I would like to have made myself, or at least its universe is something I want to write stories of my own in.

        • But somewhere in the extra info from the mangas it says that MHs can move at the speed of light?? I guess it’s not in Battle Mode, though.

          It’d be great to be a Mirage Knight. It’d be interesting to be a Syltiss Kneue Knight too [trying to hide your Fatima from the missus. Pretending you killed one and then having to go get another one. hmmm]

          At some point we need to have a “Design your own Fatima” competition.

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