π · Hitchhiking is Easy as Pie…

That is to say, when you get Ladios and Magaella to get half-naked and ask for rides!

It’s funny to see Magaella so quickly obeying her master, and even funnier to see how Ladios Sopp initially resists but ends up getting soooo into the act that he’s disappointed when it’s the Colus official escort that shows up to pick the guests (disappointed because he knows no haggling or negotiating will be needed).

Magaella and Ladios do their thing.

Magaella and Ladios do their thing

I’m not going to dwell any longer on this scene is it just me or are Sopp’s undies ridiculously femininine?  No I’m not going to dwell any longer on this.

Look, the war situation has definitely improved for the Trio de Colus.  Hagooda has pulled out of Meistner and is concentrating on Ballanka and the Atork region: they are overextended and feeling the heat.  The Boowrays are out, and the Trün Federation and Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes have just sent representatives to negotiate support for Colus.  Of course, we as readers know some news that would bring dismay to the Trio: the Boowrays and Fillmore might have pulled out, but the empire of Hathuha has already pledged to pick up the slack on the side of Hagooda…

A word about Lizard Meistner.  In the English version she is addressed as Her Highness, and this might lead some to believe she is a princess.  She isn’t, she is the (unmarried, virgin) Queen of Meistner.  Remember, Trio de Colus has three monarchs: the King of Colus, the King of Ballanka and the Queen of Meistner.  Just as in the case of Rogner King of Babiron (sometimes called “prince” in the translation) I think the translators were scared readers would be confused by so many monarchs that happen to be under other monarchs.  But this is the reality of the Joker Galaxy.


left to right: Lays, Magaella, Vooards, Ladios

Thus, the Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes, as a federation of ten countries, has several kingdoms within it.  Babiron is one, so is Grees.  It just so happens that the King of Grees is also the Emperor of A.K.D….the situation is very similar to the German Empire, where the German Emperor was also the King of Prussia, and he shared the title of “king” along with others such as the King of Bavaria.  Grees = Prussia, Babiron = Bavaria.  OK, enough of this.

Page 18 give us one of Sopp/Amaterasu’s political rants, where his vision becomes crystal clear: he wants to unify the world under one government so that everyone will see his neighbor as just that, a neighbor, rather than a potential rival or enemy.  King Colus III’s comment that it feels as if the Joker Galaxy is coming to an end reminds me of the concept of mappô so ubiquitous in Japanese culture.  It also reminds me of Galadriel’s musing of the end of the Third Age in LOTR.

The conversation between Lachesis and Mirage Knight Hind Kill, where he bids her to go visit Amaterasu, is interesting because of how firmly, though politely, the headdliner puts Lachesis in her place.  When the Fatima asks why everyone treats her so well he responds that she is valuable to the Emperor, and as such she will be treated as well as possible..not for her own sake, but for the Emperor’s.


Est and Dr. Morard

Before Lachesis makes her appearance, however, three other VIPs arrive on a doorey: Fatima meight Morard, his creation Est, and her master Roados the Black Knight.  The meeting with the King is emotional for a couple of reasons: Morard created Ulicul, who has just died; Colus III first met Morard and Roados after being severely wounded by Vralgo, and here we have him recovering from another vicious wound…caused by Vralgo’s subordinate, I might add.

As the manly men that they are, Morard and Colus don’t dwell on these things for too long.  Their immediate topics of interest happen to be literally related: Clotho and Lachesis!  Dr. Morard wants to take a look at Clotho, which makes sense as her maker Ballanche is his (friendly) rival, the curiousity must be killing him.  Clotho is with Queen Elmelah at the moment [where, I’m still not sure, but whatever!] but Colus says she will be coming soon.

And Colus asks Morard about Lachesis.  Now, I didn’t pick this up at all when I first read it, but the King mentions that back at Lachesis’ debut in Bastogne he had looked at her and felt fear rushing through it.  I went back and found the precise panel in volume 3:


Honestly, since the Hagooda Arc so far has focused much more on Clotho than on Lachesis I’ve come to think of the Clotho as the “special one”, but there’s obviously more to this than meets my eye.  What is it that Colus III saw in Lachesis?!  I’m sure we’ll find out!

In the meantime, we learn that Colus wants Sopp to help him out with the Jünchoon.  This MH is awesome, sure, and it fact herein lies the problem: the Berlin engine, the Colus MH standard, is way too wimpy for it.  So Ladios takes up challenge to fit a more powerful engine for this majestic headd.

While at the hangar, Sopp meets Sir Roados and Est.  Est sees through Sopp’s disguise immediately, which seems to be a skill the Fatimas have, as we can remember from the time in Bastogne when Lachesis asked “Who’s that woman?” when she first saw Aisha disguised as the Emperor.  Roados, though, is totally oblivious.  Earlier on he had said of Amaterasu: “I don’t think he’s my type…of human being” but he’s totally smitten with Ladios!!  By the way the triple dots in the quote are not in the original Japanese, but they’re a masterful addition by the translators because they make the sentence literally true: Amaterasu is a being of another order, and somehow Roados senses this.

[covered VOLUME 6: from page 15 to page 27.]

~ by Haloed Bane on November 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “π · Hitchhiking is Easy as Pie…”

  1. Ladios|Amaterasu tuning the Junchoon is too delicious an irony for me, even if only because it involves giant robots. It hasn’t happened very much in the tradition of the mecha genre and particularly in the real robot subgenre: the prototype is weak.

    Especially in Gundam, where the prototype is usually the most powerful mecha in the show. All Gundams are prototypes, and some of them are superprototypes — particularly in alternate continuity shows such as Wing, SeeD, and 00. The prototype may suffer obsolescence, only to be superseded by newer superprototypes.

    Junchoon’s story becomes particularly special in this regard, and it’s an easy thing to overlook amidst the many, many, many, many, many charms of this arc.

    • That’s a really interesting angle that I totally missed, not being a robotologist. I assumed it was normal to modify mecha and improve them. Already at this point, though, I wonder if Ladios’ motives might be less than pure. I guess when the first chapter of the whole manga has a Mirage Knight beating the last Juno resistance fighter to a pulp, one can’t help but have these doubts…

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