Soul Eater 67: Shaman!

So Ookubo apparently decided to finish Kilik’s squad’s mission before focusing on Black☆Star’s.  I really enjoyed this chapter, and there are two things in particular that I must mention.

1) Fire and Thunder

I’ve seen people in the Forums speculating a lot about Kilik’s twin pots.  I always thought it was kinda odd, I mean why focus on those two weapons??  Chances that Ookubo is going to develop their characters are nil: Fire and Thunder are not secondary characters, not even tertiary, they’re friggin’ quaternary or something!!



And then this chapter comes along and wow!  In order to defeat the Black Clown, Medusa’s black-blooded creation, Kilik orders everyone to do a resonance chain: that’s Kim (with Jackie?), the Thompsons, Kilik himself and the pots.  During the resonance, Kim pours all of her witch magic into Fire and Thunder and out come these two buttkickin’ Earth Shamans of doom.  One huge surprise, to me anyway, is that Fire seems to be male [I figured both were female].  I also love the language here: Kim says very clearly she will pour the magic, and as Fire and Thunder are called pots [though they look like gloves] it all makes perfect sense.

These powered-up Fire and Thunder seem to grow out of Kilik’s gloves, and it is they who actually end up wielding Liz and Patty for the kill.  An awesome thing to behold!

2) Medusa’s Change of Heart?

My contention or pet theory throughout this whole series is that what makes Medusa special among the villains is that she is a purist: she doesn’t want power, she doesn’t want the Kishin to herself, she wants to unleash the beast and let madness do what it will.


always scheming

In this chapter, we find her musing over her plans while overseeing the Black Clown battle from her crystal ball.  And it seems she’s had a change of heart.  She has decided that Arachne’s goal wasn’t necessarily wrong, but that she just went the wrong way about it.  Now, Arachne’s goal was to become the Mistress of the Universe by utilizing the power of the Kishin.  This is different from what Medusa used to believe in, if my interpretation is right.  She even seems to relish competing with Noah.

In a way, though, this makes sense.  I mean, this is not the old Medusa we are talking about here: this is Medusa’s soul in Arachne’s body.  If we ask whether she’s had a change of heart, well, yes, literally Arachne’s heart is the one beating so 😀  Who knows?!  Maybe the changes in Medusa are due to Arachne.

BTW, my other pet theory is that Angela is Medusa’s and Arachne’s sister.  But I digress…


While Kilik and company were tasked with finding about Medusa’s research, Black☆Star and Tsubaki are supposed to actually find her.  In their path lies Chrona, and their meeting sets up the next chapter.  Quite frankly, Chrona looked pretty much as she always does: deadly on the outside but all messed up on the inside.

We also had some great examples of Ookubo fashion in this chapter.  The super-pots are totally primal:

pot fashion

I want this on a T-shirt.

Black☆Star and Tsubaki look cool as.  Soul and Maka could learn a thing or two:

black tsubaki fashion

Tsubaki's legwear would make Kid's head spin!

By the way, what are Maka and Soul up to?  Seeing as Kilik and Star are taking care of Medusa, logic would indicate they’re after Noah and the Kid.  But if they are, why aren’t the Thompson sisters with them??  Hmmm…..

And as for the Thompson sisters, I loved this pic:

eyes closed

Title it "Le Serenissime".

Notice how different Kim, Liz and Patty look, even though when you really come to it each face is so simply designed.  Marvelous!

~ by Haloed Bane on November 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Soul Eater 67: Shaman!”

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  2. I love your analysis on this anime?

  3. Liz and Patty need to make themselves useful and the best way to do that is for them both to be wielded and no one other than Kilik, Shinigami-sama, Kidd and stein has shown the the ability to wield more than one weapon and Kilik and Kidd are the only ones who constantly wield two at a time

    • It’s years since I stopped this manga, but I do remember Liz and Patty being constantly underused, to the aggravation of many a fan.

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