One Year Anniversary!

This blog is one year old today.  Just minutes ago I reached 55,000 hits, with 1,200+ comments over 170+ posts.  Here’s the main stats page [is it obligatory to say it’s obligatory??  I’m not sayin’ it]:


Not bad, you might think, considering all of this.  But you’re wrong.  It’s not not bad at all, not meaning that it’s bad (as in not not = yes) but that it’s in fact actually very awesome indeed.

See, I’ve always liked The Little Prince.  This is likely because I share so many similarities with its author Saint-Exupéry.  I mean, I can’t fly any planes and I don’t have a talent for writing or doing heroic things, but I have been to Long Island and there’s still a good chance I’ll be enshrined at the Panthéon in Paris for cool deeds I still haven’t done but might, just might do.

So, I’ve always been treally [= truly + really] troubled by the snake swallowing the elephant at the beginning of the tale.  I’ve always felt that it was my duty, my destiny, to save that elephant.  This is, not incidentally, the real reason why I moved to Siam: elephants.  Now that I see an elephant walking down the road at least once a month (once a week when the weather’s nice) I know what to do.

I created this blog with the motto “Save the elephant, save the world” and then looked high and low for the superhero that could help me in this task.  It would have to be an animated character with style, flair and a voice actress of arguably divine origin.  My own contribution, a crucial one though subterranean, would be to manipulate my blog hits in such a way as to plot the success of this great task, to engrave it as it were.

It was tough.  At times my blog started to get too popular, threatening to throw the whole secret project into disarray by making the elephant’s body way too massive.  This is why in June I did a post on Christian theology [I was desperate] and two on the Transformers movies [I told you I was desperate].  My hits went down accordingly.

In September, on the brink of success, I was forced to post 10 times even though I was busy at work and doing all sorts of stuff on the side.  It wasn’t easy, but somehow I made it through.  And my partner, well, she did what was to be expected  from an entity with 999 yggs of power…  Behold!


AK, Aya and Garnet save the day. Read Genesis 3:14-15

[Picture credit for Garnet: Pixiv’s みーちゃん.  Genesis of the idea, and thus ultimate blame for it, goes to Kitsune’s post here.]


But seriously, I need to thank everyone who made blogging possible and pleasurable for this blogger.

It was a blessing to be caught in the double pincer of the Digital Lightning Love Lobster, or to somehow become the ham in the extra-cheesy Ghost Boy Love Sandwich, whatever.  The motivation that I get from these 2 bloggers’ support and help is boundless.

Also, I must give thanks to The Rabbit Reich.  One must keep a balance between theory and practice: this blog is the theory and all those wonderful scanlations are the practice [OK, that doesn’t really make sense but let’s carry on!].  Prettyprophet, funny_bunny and crew’s endless plugging of this blog is warmly appreciated.  The copious stream of translation opportunities the Reich has afforded me have effected a fundamental change in my life…maybe.

This is the original pic of the elephant being swallowed, but you knew that, right?

This is the original pic of the elephant being swallowed, but you've already seen it, right?

There are a couple of Master Suppliers that I need to give thanks to: Fallen and Mr. Archive Scans.  The lore that these scribes have chronicled, transcribed and transmitted to me with regards to the Joker Galaxy and the Leijiverse is vast and wondrous.  Thanks!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who, read, commented or supported the blog in any way, including (besides the people I mentioned above):

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~ by Haloed Bane on November 11, 2009.

38 Responses to “One Year Anniversary!”

  1. w00t! A whole year! Fuck yeah! Thank god for trackbacks man. When you started commenting on my blog at first, you didn’t link to your damn blog, and I only found out becaseu you linked to me on that Tokyo Akazukin post, which is still probably in my top 100-or-so blog posts ever. YOU ROCK!

    I think it’s crazy just how enigmatic you are. When I think ‘my friends in the animeblogosphere’ I think of you and ghostlightning instantly, and yet I recently realized that was strange. Ghostlightning I talk to all the time on AIM and we’ve pretty much rattled off our life stories to one-another, and yet you I’ve never talked to outside of the blog.

    I think it’s because you and I have genuine voices (and GL does too, but I’m not sure people can grasp just how goofy his is unless they read more than just the posts) I expect people to be able to talk to me/about me with understanding because I’ve put so much of myself out there, and as such people like you talk to me like you know me. And because you talk so kindly, you open part of yourself to me. I really do feel like you and I are good friends even if we only talk so much. Look how great our comment chemistry is! Even though we both seem to play the boke XD

    • Thank you!

      I’m not much of a computer guy so it takes me time to figure out like links and stuff. I’m getting better, though.

      I do think that you and GL really put yourselves out there, which I also do but in a more roundabout way.

  2. Ohh, congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed the Petit Prince reference although I must admit that I hated the book when I was a 9 year old child.

    (Also, yay, I’m mentioned. Thanks!)

    • Hate the Little Prince??? OMG. Thanks for your support!

      • But it was so depressing! I was so sad when he died at the end… So it’s a love-hate relationship with that book, I suppose. For some reason everyone who loves the book (they tend to be old French women in my imagination) seems to completely ignore its sad ending.

        • I hope you’re not telling me that a sad ending is cause not to love a book!! Love itself, by its very nature, is a tragic emotion. Therefore, one should love tragedies above all. QED 🙂

  3. Heh, I am just over 50,000 too so we’re doing not too bad =D. And as usual, you win again with bad ass lores and graphs…

    Great job on surviving one year and hope to see you post some more!

  4. Here’s to another year. Although I discovered you rather recently (thanks mister ghosty) I enjoy your blog immensely — the right mix of thinking and chuckling go on when I read it. And I look forward to working together again soon as well.

    • Thank you! Indeed, the Black Rose awaits. I know you’re crazy busy..I myself have been busy but that should end by early December…I hope!

  5. Now that I think about it, you are now one of two blogs I comment on. XD

  6. This one year anniversary post is so touching that I want to quit blogging so I can restart and have a one year anniversary again.

  7. Awww … shucks man … I have only been here for a little bit considering everyone else ^^; But I would like to congratulate you and your achievements.

    Your work is amazing. I’m sure the Reich is ever so thankful that you walked into their lives and that fans everywhere admire your work.

    You are one of the only people I can properly converse of philosophical aspects, which your knowledge is amazing more than mine …. but at least I can still show up in the Leiji department though 😉

    Though once again I haven’t heard of the Little Prince …

    Anyway congrats my dear friend. Lets hope this is the first of many, many anniversaries which I hope I will be there with you.

    Good luck with the future, my pirate buddy.

    • Thank you so much for everything. Your command of Leijilore is humbling, to say the least. We’ll see what the future brings!

  8. Hehey! Gratz on the anniversary!

    Sadly, I’d type a longer post if I could, but I’ve spent the entire day studying for a corporations law exam tomorrow, and it’s a wonder that I even have the energy left to type… -_-

  9. I was holding the PageDown button on Google Reader and then… THAT ELEPHANT! \o/

    I hope you keep ’em coming, especially those FSS posts. I’ll be reading the actual manga soon, in tandem with your own entries. :3

    • Thanks. Well, get prepared to read FSS very slowly then. These days it seems each 80 page volume is taking me 3-4 posts to cover. But it’s an absolutely awesome series. Divine! I totally recommend it.

  10. Thanks for a whole year of great posts, ak. You have made me aware of many places in manga and anime (and eastern culture in general) I was not aware of. Best of luck for the future.

  11. I feel VERY cool knowing that a particular group of bloggers started around the same time:

    me, then schneider, then you, then emperorj, then gaguri…

    I love reading these blogs… and together we’re in some kind of vague milieu. It doesn’t mean anything really, just a collection of blogs and bloggers I like that started around the same time.

    Still, I feel good about this. Keep up the awesomeness.

    • Thanks Ghost. In the name of Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Est, Teata, Ulicul, Alecto and Magaella. Oh, and Ladios!!!

  12. Did… did I get mentioned by name? Okay, just at the end there , but… *blushes* Aww. *huggles ak*

    Congratulations on getting this far and being so consistently excellent. *salutes*

    • I don’t think I’ve ever been huggled. Thank you, and I promise more posts on Utena before…well…before the new year, let’s say (I’m busy!!!).

  13. I’ve only known you for a few months, and here I am, stunned at you taking another bold step into the blogging world. Ain’t that dandy, yes?

    I’ve been past one year, and I’m pretty much a senpai. Well, technically, if we’re to include those hiatus periods I had. But anyway, cheers to success of now and the future!

    • Thank you, I do feel one year is a milestone. I tend to switch most hobbies around very quickly so….

  14. ak, on behalf of the Rabbits, rock on towards the future. Rock the fuck on.

  15. Congratulations on the year, Kritik. I may not follow all your posts but the ones I do, especially regarding Soul Eater, have certainly been enjoyable and food for thought. Keep them coming!

  16. Yay! Congratulations on your blog anniversary! 😀

    haha You are a master of traffic manipulation! The picture turned out great! I am glad that elephant is saved 🙂

    I enjoy reading your posts and often learn something new 🙂 I am especially impressed by the thorough research you completed for some of the posts. It must take some time to write such posts, but I hope it is enjoyable as well. I appreciate your efforts and wish you many more years of blogging 🙂

  17. Looking forward to years more of your analysis; especially enjoy how you engage with stuff that tends to fall off the beaten track.

  18. I will just congratulate you because I feel like I’m coming here far too rare to say something important. May your keikaku succeed!

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