ρ · Lachesis goes Godly, or at least French, on Us

Lachesis arrives at Jarth, escorted by the three Mirage Knights Leopard Crytharis, Urazen Sie and Sharie Randers.  They’re a colorful bunch: Leopard is Duke of Crytharis, one of the ten countries in the AKD.  He can’t stand crazy Urazen, or Urazen’s friend Spector who seems to be at least twice as crazy [Nagano loves Spector bass guitars].  Sharie is Pauroth Randers’s brother, who died early on in this conflict.

the escort

Pauroth’s name has been changed here to Bruce, while his tombstone says Poulurs…  The important thing to remember is that this is one and the same guy we’re talking about!!   He and Sharie are siblings from Addler.  The lad ended up working for Colus and becoming friends with Prince Trao of Ballanka, while the gal is now a Mirage Knight.

Upon meeting Urazen, Sopp orders him to bring three LED Mirages, the intention being to equip Jünchoon with a LED engine.  Urazen balks at this.  Just how far is Amaterasu willing to go for the sake of Colus???

AKD flagship Bell Creal, piloted by Mirage Knight Iemarah Lout Jajas, lands with the LED Mirages requested by Sopp.  Incidentally, both Iemarah and Urazen Sie are from the planet Kallamity.  I point this out to reinforce the charisma and influence of Amaterasu, as he is able to draw out the best headdliners right from his major rival’s (Fillmore’s) neighborhood!

Anyway, Iemara’s fashion rocks, and she immediately spots Viewlard’s MH Brandzi and Lay’s own Croma.  From a distance, the King of Ballanka and the Queen of Meistner survey the scene with obviously mixed feelings: it’s great that Trün and the AKD are supporting Colus like this, but what does this mean for the future?  Both powers get to test their new weaponry on foreign ground…  King Colus’ own view seems totally positive though: a great triple alliance for Good.

Back on the ground, Fatimas Est and Teata meet for the first time.  This is a fateteful meeting if you remember the very first pages of this tale.  Est is there of course as Sir Roados’ partner, while Teata is Duke Leopard’s.  Actually, both of these Fatimas pass more or less systematically from master to master.  Est is tied to whoever pilots the Black Knight MH, while Teata is bound to the heir of the Crytharis Clan.  And of course, Teata is modeled on Est.

est teata

While Teata and Est talk, Clotho looks from a window and all of a sudden she can hear voices.  These are the voices of those involved in the final battle years in the future between the two Fatimas.  Clotho hears Amaterasu congratulating Atropos, her sister [that must be creepy], and the lethally wounded Grard Sydmian asking Est to leave him.  She finally screams [deep within her heart] for Lachesis to come help her.  It remains a mystery whether she actually gets to hear the whole conversation between Atropos and the Emperor, where the latter bemoans the loss of Lachesis!

We come to Lachesis at last.  Meight Morard had promised King Colus he’d look into this Fatima, and here he conveniently finds her feeding pigeons.

And then Lachesis goes godly on us!  And in French!  I’m not at all clear on what the point of Lachesis speaking French is, but evidently Morard understands it and what the Fatima says bewilders him.  As neither the original Japanese manga nor the English version offer a translation, you’ll have to do with my own.  Numbers are for speech bubbles in the order that they appear [comments in brackets]:

1 ) Good afternoon, Doctor MORARD.

2 ) Myself, I am LACHESIS!

3 ) What are you looking for? [she addresses him politely, BTW]

4 ) I am invisible, I do not exist.

5 ) Wind and time are powerless. [Clotho talked of the wind when she went godly]

6 ) The wind’s breath does not linger in (my) ears. [“my” or “the”]

7 ) and time’s light is not etched in (my) memory. [“my” or nothing]

8 ) The air will carry the grains and history will bear the fruits.  [And Morard says “So that’s your true form…”]

9 ) The light dances with its protector in the skies…

10 ) Darkness buries its roots deep beneath the earth…

11 ) All traces of human life are tossed to the winds, blood blends with water,…

12 ) and sweat mixes with the skies, sparking little flames.

13 ) Do not blame my father… [i.e. Ballanche]

14 ) Do not blame my husband… [i.e. Amaterasu]

15 ) Do not blame my daughter… [the mysterious Karen?]

16 ) Do not blame the blood cross. [emblem of the Mirage Corps Knights]

17 ) Do not…blame…me…

18 ) We are the children who know naught…

19 ) Princesses who have never stepped outside their homes… [Fatimas?!  At this point Morard tells her to stop.]

20) Goodbye, doctor.  Mr. MORARD.


godly laki

Well, I’m not going to say I get what this all means, but it’s very nice.  After this Lachesis apparently goes back into regular mode and either walks away or disappears.  At least some part of her remembers the event, as that night she prays that her master at least might forgive her…for whatever she’s going to do in the future.

Note Added No.v 20th:

Actually, a partial translation of Lachesis’ speech appears in volume 7.  I’ll deal with it in a subsequent post.

[covered VOLUME 6: from page 28 to page 52.]

~ by Haloed Bane on November 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “ρ · Lachesis goes Godly, or at least French, on Us”

  1. Things that escaped me when I first read this chapter:

    1. The ‘action lines’ in the panel wherein Teata and Est meet. Nagano used such lines to draw attention to the subjects, as if to reinforce how significant the meeting is.

    This isn’t very significant, only that I feel stupid for not noticing the meaning of this meeting despite the effort to call attention to it.

    2. Lachesis with the pigeon/dove looks awesome. It’s not quite beatific as St. Francis de Assisi but it’s such a peculiar pose!

    It’s like a lord falconer with his bird, only instead of the martial falcon we have a pacifist’s dove… while the pose remains dominant, perhaps even aggressive. It’s a splendid portrait and I think it should belong in the pantheon of FSS images.

    • I think I noticed the action lines the first I read through it, and then I forgot about them. It really makes the image stand out, huh.

      Maybe the dove symbolizes the peace that Lachesis and Amaterasu will bring, and the posture symbolizes that they’re not gonna be afraid of cracking more than a few skulls to get there.

      • I realize that pigeons/doves aren’t necessarily pacifistic — they are only so purely on a symbolic level. Carrier pigeons have a bigger martial impact than any falcon I think, and put into fantastic use by John Woo in Red Cliffs.

        • Let me be totally prejudiced and say that Japanese tend to think in pure, static symbols and so my guess is that the dove here = peace.

  2. […] divided Lachesis’ prophecy from Volume 6 into 20 statements, by speech bubbles [here].  This is how Magumika’s 9 statements match up, and the degree of similarity (on the basis […]

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