Trapeze 05: Between a Scaly Crawler and Nothingness

I didn’t blog on episode 04 because I didn’t find any specific angle to take on.  It was a nice episode, though, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It turns out that episode 04 and 05 are deeply interconnected.  04 had Yakult third baseman  Bandoh having trouble in the later stage of his career, and 05 has a psychiatrist who is Bandoh’s big fan.  We’ve had this connections throughout, but here it seems deeper because: 1) Bandoh is struggling to deal with the future that is about to bury him, whereas 2) Ikeyama is struggling to bury the past in the shape of his father-in-law.

For the first time, we see the patient having two “heads” after he is injected.  The first is actually nothing at all, Ikeyama is just headless.  Then eventually a colorful reptile head pops out.  In essence, Ikeyama feels that he is nothing at all, having married the daughter of a famous doctor; his attempt to adapt to the family’s pristine environment makes him thirst for his younger days as a prankster – enter the crazy reptile.

But that’s all boring stuff.  The real treat in this episode was seeing Irabu outside of the office, and not as a mental hallucination of his patients, either!  It’s reassuring to finally confirm that Irabu is a real doctor and that other people know him, tolerate him and yet still find him strange…  The episode was even lighter in tone than the episodes prior, and it’s clear that by now the viewers will like or dislike the series based on the visual extravaganza and sympathetic/quirky characters, and not for any trailblazing esoteric teachings or earth-shaking artistic constructions.

So we can clearly ride this formula all the way to the series conclusion EXCEPT we need some background info on Irabu himself.  I’m not talking about his methodology, as amazing as that is, but what really makes him tick.  Some more stuff on Mayumi would be nice too.  What I’m saying is if we reach the end of the series and we don’t know more about Irabu then I’ll be sorely disappointed.

And when I say “makes him tick”, what I means is I want to know the answer to the question: WHY DOES HE SWEAT SO AS MAYUMI INJECTS HIS PATIENTS???

~ by Haloed Bane on November 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “Trapeze 05: Between a Scaly Crawler and Nothingness”

  1. Almost EVERYONE needs info on Irabu. But I think this episode explained a bit on his background: He’s an alumni on the same university (probably even on the same year) as Ikeyama, he has bad relations with Nomuro, and his acquaintances find him weird even though they know him for so long, or maybe the last part is something understood along the lines of a “prank”. His close ties with Ikeyama may have also been a factor (remember, Irabu calls him “Ike-chan”) for a no-holds-barred kind of drastic treatment.

    • I think now that we got a bit of info on Irabu, I just want more!!!! Is he married, for example? (I think he is in the novel but…)

      And I guess I also want to know about the injections: he should patent them! Or is it the nurse’s skill that’s at play here??

      • I don’t know. I mean, he does recommend them, meaning it might be his own medicine. But is it really medicine? The hallucinations of his other personas seem to stem from the shot, though it is questionable if they really influence the patient’s actions or just display the patient’s thoughts.

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  3. I don’t think he’s got two heads. He’s supposed to be a chameleon, so his ‘invisible’ form is just him blending in with his surroundings.

    • Ah, I see, that makes sense. Like he’s trying to blend in with the new family, but in fact he’s a tricky chameleon and he wants to show his true colors.. That makes sense.

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  5. I thought this ep gave plenty of Irabu info, hehehe. It certainly proves he has enemies! And I love how the psychologist shoots a patient Irabu’s way in episode 10, haha. As for the sweating, he’s obviously a sadist (he seems to say in one episode, I think 9, ‘I LOVE PAIN!’ as Mayumi injects the smiling guy.) I personally don’t have too many questions about Irabu because I kind of want to half-imagine he lives in the hospital. He seems to have more than enough space….

    • He seems to own the place or something close to it, so he probably does live there. And gets full discretion on decoration obviously!

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