Trapeze 06: Woodpecker

The resolution of this episode is probably the easiest yet, because it flows from the natural process of growing up.  A kid can be a loser and grow up to be the the man; once you’re in your twenties, though, it’s probably too late.

It took Yuhta, the mobile-obsessed teen, quite a while to see Child Irabu.  And he had to get two shots!!  Young bodies are resistant.

Yuhta’s turning into a woodpecker, and specifically a black and white woodpecker with red on top of its head, suggests a couple of species.  One of them is the Downy Woodpecker (wikipedia) which is very small, with a tiny little beak, and whose scientific name happens to be:

Picoides pubescens

That said, teens mostly tend to be interesting only to themselves, and I found myself focusing on Irabu and Mayumi, though I always end up doing that anyway.

Irabu treats mobile phones like Twitter, and if that sounds ridiculously silly to you then where does that leave Twitter?  This is social commentary.

Mayumi’s alone all the time.  Is she lonely?  Yes.  Why doesn’t she go out and meet other people?  Because it’s easier this way.

So there’s a calculation she’s making.  Loneliness is a minus (-), but the complications that arise from relationships are even more of a minus (–).  One should accept her choice and let her be.  The fact is, though, that she has to practically confine herself to the hospital, as immediately upon going out she’ll be assaulted by people seeking to establish all sorts of relationships with her.  This is the way the world works.

But Mayumi has a solution: a partner with no friends.  What this would mean is the elimination of loneliness with the least amount of complication possible.  However, how do two such people meet?

Fukuicchi seems to be all alone…


~ by Haloed Bane on November 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Trapeze 06: Woodpecker”

  1. I thought it was interesting that the good doctor has a Christmas party with soooo many patients who have nowhere else to be. Now are they all sociopaths, or do they genuinely want to hang out with their creepy psychiatrist on one of the most romantic (Japanese-interpreted anyway) holidays of the year?

    Also, Irabu has been counseling all these patients (seen and unseen by us) all over the course of the same few days. I’m starting to think he’s at multiple places at once, considering he’s out with them during their daily routines even. Is he a part of their conscience then, or actually physically there?

    • Once they get their vitamin shots, he shows up with them outside of work. he’s not physically there most of the time, i don’t think. the sessions are real, as you can see by the climbing number of syringes in the bin…

      crazy people don’t have any plans for Christmas…makes sense to me!

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  3. hahahaha, I loved this ep, especially because of the Christmas party, and I loved it even more when the kid’s father was brought in for episode 11. This episode was the best at getting us to know both Irabu and Mayumi. The thing about Irabu is, he really is every it as hyper and ridiculous as he seems. There’s a method and a genius to the madness, but he certainly lets it all hang loose (I think this explains the usually suggestive pose of bear-mode, which is in fact the default) and I’m glad the kid could eventually recognize and appreciate the ‘reality’ of the doctor’s actions, as it were. And Mayumi, she’s just grand.

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