Jewel Pet 33: Oniisama!!!

It was about time!  I mean, we’ve got what, less than 20 episodes left…but let’s celebrate and focus on the positive:

Oniisama is here!  And he’s voiced by Jun Fukuyama!!  That means Mamoru Miyano, Aya Hirano and Jun on the same show.  Wow.  And he’s ready to kick some Jewel Pet butt.  And…


OK, well, he was trapped in an ice pillar for who knows how many years so a trip to the kotatsu makes total sense.  Let him recover first.  His name is Dian, BTW, pronounced DEE-ahn.  Oh, look!  He’s warmed up now, and he’s ready to rock!

Piercing power!

I’m awed by his earrings!  I mean his ear rings.  I mean his ear pierced by rings of gold.  This is very manly.  And now I’m sure he’s ready to kick some major Jewel Pet butt.  Look at them, cowering with fear already:

Sapphy and Garnet just don't know what to do.

That’s right.  The great Dian is going to beat them with his…


…charming good looks?!  I guess that’s one way to go about it.  Dian could go School Days on each of the lady pets, flagrantly date every single one and have them all fight with each other until he gets stabbed by one of them…OK, maybe this isn’t a good idea. Anyway, I’m sure Diana is so happy to have her big brother back.  Now they can go and kick some pet butt as a family!!


Oh brother…Oops, that’s what she’s saying.  Diana has such a brother complex it’s not even funny.  And the way Dian is going to operate, well, let me spell it out:

Dian actually has ten Jewel Pets or so in his possession.  With his magic he is able to put his evil paw on the captured Jewel Pet, and turn it into its virtual opposite.  So, for example, in this episode he put his paw on a “Getting Along” Pet, and the pet became a total bastard with the power to make people fight with each other.

The only way Rinko and crew can get the paw out of the pet is by waging combat with Dian and Diana, and winning.  The format for this combat is based on the ancient Jewel Games (if it sounds Greco-Roman, it’s meant to be).  The games are very, very odd and random (just like the Olympic Games if you sit down and think about them).  Anyway, from now Rinko will have to beat Dian in different “tasks” in order to release pets.

Hmmm…I figure villains love roundabout ways to defeat the good guys.  Why doesn’t Dian just put his evil paw on Ruby, Rinko, etc???  Goodness, I hope he’s not reading this post…Hm, I should erase it.  Where’s the erase button?  Don’t have my glasses.  What does this say?  Publ–

~ by Haloed Bane on November 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Jewel Pet 33: Oniisama!!!”

  1. haha Oniisama is awesome, and even more awesome when voice by Jun Fukuyama! 🙂 Nice music in this episode too 🙂

    Well, those earrings are for power concealment. Just like with Belldandy, once you unlock them, he’ll gain his ultimate power! Thus, what you see so far is only a tiny fraction of what he is capable of 😛

    haha Diana looks very happy 🙂

    Oh no, what have you done?! He is going to read your post and implement your evil scheme! The world is dooomed!!! XD

    • I didn’t have my glasses so I clicked Publish instead of trashing the post. Now I’m afraid he’ll turn the world into kitty litter. oh well.. BTW, Diana looks TOO happy. Gee, even the kitties in animeland “love” their oniisan!

  2. When Dian reached is full powers in the Last Episode then it means one thing……………..

    He’s about to RESET THE WORLD D:

    • IMHO the world needs resetting, so go Dian go!!!

      • Even if he needs to mass Genocide the Humans and make them Extinct to the universe? NO way! He’ll end up like Kamen Rider Dark Decade.

        Never imagine that Dian almost turned everyone to stone before he was sealed…

  3. Dian is awesome!!! I usually have a liking to awesome villains. Like the smart and cool kind (like lelouch in code geass)…NOT the stupid do it over again villains. (like in pokemon) I bet Dian is gonna blast out of bermuda and have a war…sadly I think the goddamned rabbit ruby and stupid rinko will either ‘touch his heart’ or beat him with ‘the power of freinship’ or something corny like that. Why doesn’t the creater make it LESS predictable! If any of the before happens, I’ll have a serious dissapointment. I’ll put of a site or something about GO DIAN!!! JOIN EVIL SIDE! MAKE’S STORY ACTUALLY INTERESTING!

    • Evil has no allies. It is lonely to be evil, and most lonely people are unhappy with their situation. I agree with you 100%, if Dian were to stick to his plan it’d be awesome.

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