Sexaroid: Volume II

We start the volume off with Shima and Yuki having to deal with a fearsome enemy: Prof. Mass from the 69th century.  He is a time-traveler who systematically goes around impregnating all the important women in history so that his seed shall rule the Earth at all times.  He tells Shima his victims include: female chieftains of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon varieties, Himiko, Yang Guifei, Cleopatra, Ono no Komachi, Yodogimi, Catherine the Great…  Oden Takahashi was too strange so he couldn’t stay long with her.

They finally track Mass down, but before that Shima teleports briefly in Hitler’s bedroom and unsuccessfully attempts to get his signature.  Hitler calls security and Shima disappears, so the Führer wonders if it was all in his imagination.  His staff mutters, “if he’s starting to hallucinate we’re done for.”

the end is near...

Further on in the manga, there’s a hilarious euphemism for sensual climax.  Shima meets an enslaved woman named Yura, he frees her but she won’t let go until he proves it’s all not a dream, one thing leads to another, and we see Yura sprawled with volcanos spurting in a Paelozoic landscape and two trilobites making sweet love.  Shima doesn’t even show up in the scene, well, except for the volcanos.

love the trilobites...

Throughout the course of the Kamiyo Plan, the G Bureau has been plugging endless intelligence leaks.  At one point Shima goes up to his boss and asks: “If this is top secret how come we keep getting these leaks?!”  His boss replies that all of this is happening with the consent of the powers that be, and that Shima doesn’t need to know much else.  The boss himself claims not to know what’s really going on either.  Both Shima and boss are but cogwheels in a system they cannot comprehend.

There’s another interesting development pertaining to Yuki and Shima’s relationship.  As a Sexaroid, Yuki is insatiable and Shima gradually gets more tired and tired.  He likes to eat fried eggs to get his energy up, and on one occasion he tells Yuki to fry 30 eggs, hoping to convey to her his exhaustion.  But Yuki makes all 30 and gets him to eat them.  Even the pervy robots start to get tired of seeing Yuki and Shima make love…The exhaustion is partly psychological, as Shima remains very interested in exercising with other women, though!

In true Matsumoto fashion, the Kamiyo Plan ends suddenly and without much fanfare: the government conducts a secret survey of the general population on the idea of leaving Earth and moving to another galaxy, and the results are unanimously negative.  Even if the Earth is crumbling, the Japanese would rather remain in the land of their ancestors.  So the Kamiyo Plan is dropped.

Here begins the Yayoi Plan Arc

The first we hear of Yayoi is that a shipment from space is intimately related to it and our heroes from G Bureau is sent to protect it.  Shima and Yuki open the cargo hold and find a bunch of space rocks.  Their boss tells them these rocks will change the course of human history, and of course that’s all they need to know!

Shima and Yuki’s relationship continues to get rockier.  On their next mission Shima and Yuki have to pilot a spaceship full of mining robots all the way to the 10th planet, where the space rock was found.  Shima complains he’s bored, and Yuki tells him “Well, at least you have me!” and Shima replies “Taking a woman you know well on a trip is like taking a packed lunch to a restaurant”.  She smacks him.

In another story, we see that the Japanese are developing new engines with this space rock, known properly as cosmonite, for fuel.  Cosmonite releases an unbelievable amount of energy.  The G Bureau figures out that a scientist by the name of Necrophyll has stolen some of the space rock.  Shima goes over to Dr. Necrophyll’s spooky mansion to recover it.  There he meets a beautiful ethereal woman named Karmira, who coaxes him into bed.  In the meantime Yuki is captured by Dr. Necrophyll.

something odd with this woman

Shima and Karmira find Necrophyll and Karmira shouts angrily at the mad scientist.  The truth is that Karmira is his wife, who committed suicide long ago because he was constantly cheating on her.  Necrophyll is using the cosmonite to revive Karmira (and other unnamed people he keeps in a vault beneath).  By now Karmira has been revived and has died several times.  She wishes she were dead forever, and berates Necrophyll for not allowing this to happen.  With her help, Shima takes the cosmonite and rescues Yuki.  All of the people in the mansion begin to die, and Karmira manages to shoot her husband through the heart before she does.

Back at the G Bureau, the boss and Shima wonder whether cosmonite will prove a blessing for mankind after all…Yuki reflects on her status os Sexaroid, and the fact that she can go on forever whether she wants to or not.  The connection between the Yayoi Plan and the Kamiyo Plan seems to be this: Japanese leaders wanted to escape Earth because it was going to hell in a handbasket, but the people were not into the idea, so now Japan is mining cosmonite to improve conditions on Earth.

My favorite story in the volume is next-to-last.  Shima and an unknown woman are making out, high on super LSD, in the back of his hovercraft, in the middle of traffic.  When Shima’s boss shows up on the computer screen, Shima shoots the computer and goes straight back to business.  When they’re done the raven-haired woman refuses to give her name and just leaves.

the traffic's bad...very, very bad....

Shima now learns that his boss was trying to contact him because Yuki has gone missing, along with some of the cosmonite.  When he goes to the spot where Yuki disappeared, he is struck and captured by antlike humanoids who live underground.  It turns out these creatures are the result of a bizarre experiment by some scientist to make gigantic ants.  They are all male, so they must seek human women to produce eggs.

...and I love all of them!!

There is a human Ant Queen in place, but evidently a couple of the antmen wanted some variety and kidnapped Yuki for that reason.  Once the Ant Queen has chastised them, she shows Shima a room full of bones and tells him they are the remains of former queens.  As soon as a queen stops producing eggs, she is killed [and eaten?] by the antmen who then go out in search of a replacement.  Therefore the current Ant Queen hopes to use the power of cosmonite to keep her fertility up forever, so she won’t suffer the same fate.


Oh, and when Shima finally gets a good look at her he realizes it’s the woman he was making out with earlier!  She tells Shima she will 1) allow both Yuki and him to go, and she will 2) promise not to send the antmen up to the surface again.  In return she wants to a) keep the cosmonite and she wants b) the Antman Empire to be spared, because according to her calculations the antmen will soon begin getting smaller again and revert to being regular ants.  And of course, she wants c) one last bit of funky time with Shima.  He accepts these conditions.  Finally, (poignantly in a very comical sort of way) she asks Shima to think of her every time he is a bout to crush a tiny ant on the surface.

There are some very neat visuals in this chapter, like this one:

And this here:

Finally this one:

The very last chapter stars the Neo-Human League, an organization determined to rid the world of ugly people and have only the most beautiful people rule (this is called kalocracy BTW).  Their plan fails and Mira Duffin, the commander of the Japan Section of the Neo-Human League, is shot and killed by Yuki.  That said, Mira’s kalocratic credentials are in full display during the chapter:

What will happen to the Yayoi Plan?  Will it end with a whimper like Kamiyo did?  Or will cosmonite change the world??  Volume 3 has the answers!!


Looking at his little black book, we find that other women professor Mass has slept with include:

Jacqueline Onassis

Tomoko Ogawa (singer and actress)

Raquel Welch

Miss Universe (which one is unclear)

Catherine Deneuve

Teruko Hino (Hawaiian singer of Japanese descent)

Sachiko Nishida (Japanese singer)

Elizabeth Taylor

Madame Butterfly

Calamity Jane

George Sand

Tokiwa Gozen (wife of the head of the Minatomo Clan in the 12th century)


The consequences of this last encounter, or encounters (20 of them according to his own count), are nothing less than earth-shattering, as they would imply that we are all descended from Professor Mass himself!!  Also, to what extent do pretty Japanese singers from the 1960s qualify as important historical figures?

Mass Book

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6 Responses to “Sexaroid: Volume II”

  1. This is sexy. Will this be scanlated?

    • Great question. I’ve got way too much on my plate already…someone should definitely pick it up!!!

  2. I wish it was scanlated T_T anyway …

    I love the little trilobites! But is that how they originally mated?

    Ha ha ha ha I love that! “To what extent do pretty Japanese singers from the 1960s qualify as important historical figures?” Well Leiji is a guy … he can dream a little 😀 But hilter appearing in his work? I must see!

    But it is definitely during his earlier ages (this included) that Leiji could REALLY draw. His women are so beautiful but now coming into the 2000’s, Leiji realizes that he is picking up younger readers and have changed his style to suit that. This makes me sad ): They are no longer elegant, but are cartoony.

    • Leiji’s art has definitely changed. I wonder what you think about Maetel in Space Symphony? A lot of fans criticized her design and said it looked terrible. I actually like it a lot. However, the latest Galaxy Express series does have cartoonish art….

  3. Well, this sample of hair does look better 🙂

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