Anime Favorites: 2000-2009

I can’t really post 50 titles, as I have barely seen 50 titles from all time periods combined!  Also, looking through the list, I’ve kinda figured out that a lot of my favorite anime came out in the Nineties…  One thing I must say, though, is that I tend to drop series when they start to turn sour, so that most anime that I do finish are shows that I really, really like.

Anyways, these are 5 anime that I really love from the 2000-9 period.  The reason is usually that they show a lot of intensity or have a nice sense of mystery.  In real world terms: these are shows I would take with me to a deserted island.  I will line this up in alphabetical order.

a. Code Geass

This show is all about Lelouch: his agony and his triumphs.  He is an intense fellow.  And he isn’t Japanese.  There is something to be said for an anime series where the protagonist is a gaijin saving Japanese people.

b. ef

Talk about intensity!  The pain in this show is absolutely wonderful!!  My feeling toward melodies is about the same as my feeling toward Geass R2: they are both fine as long as you take them as supplements to the first season.  Anything good in these second seasons you can take to the altar of the first season, the bad you can simply forget.  Enough!

c. Interstella 5555

Now we get into the mystery, by which I mean the sense of something utterly unknown coalescing around the edges of a book whose single page you cannot take your eyes off (and the page reads simply: NOT THIS).  Or like looking at a green wall and getting the feeling that it’s actually an enormous snake which you’ll never really get to see in toto, although if you put your hand to it you can feel it breathing and you can (no, you must) marvel.

If you notice, the movie begins and ends with pretty much the same concert…

Of course, this movie was my gateway to both Leiji and Daft Punk, so how can I not love it!!

d. Shin Mazinger

The thing about victory is that its sweetness is proportional to the pain suffered on the way toward it.  Basic stuff, right?  This show was intense!

e. Space Symphony Maetel

Watching Maetel, Emeraldas and Promethium duke it out in frigid LaMetal is like getting a time-ticket to watch the champions from Athens, Sparta and Thebes do the ultimate smackdown…at least to me it is!  In its best parts it combines both intensity and mystery.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 11, 2009.

40 Responses to “Anime Favorites: 2000-2009”

  1. Yes, since the time is limited, only shows that you really like are worth the investment.

    Alphabetical order! hehe

    I also enjoyed Interstella 5555 musical 🙂 Ef is on my watchlist.

    • obviously i didn’t want to have to rank them so i put them in this order!! Ef is very nice, especially memories.

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  3. ef: Yes. Melodies’ attempt to recapture that emotional charge fared badly in comparison, I thought.

    That you’re can’t do a full decade post only proves you’re human, in my mind. Some people’s ability to find 120 different shows to say something about scares me, frankly.

    • I agree with you on melodies, especially because you say “in comparison”.

      The qty of anime watched, well, I think that depends on time allotment. As much as I love anime, I still spend most of my time reading books. I could easily give you top 20s and 50s if the subject were greek philosophy or something…some might look and that and say: he’s not human!!

      • Ah, but was it not Socrates that said “the unexamined life is not worth living”? Thus that only a life spent reading philosophy is worth living? And thus that the only people who are truly human- transcendant- are those that can produce a top 50 list for philosophy?


        Really, what worries me most of all is not so much that he managed to find a 120 (my own anime folder tells me it has 188 subfolders, and I’ve cleaned it out once or twice), but that he found 3 from every season for the past 10 years. The very breadth and consistancy of it is terrifying in both senses of the word.

        I took care to say “in comparison”, because in all honesty… it was affecting. Deeply effecting. But that particular scene felt too obviously like an attempt to ape the other and cheapened the impact.

        Plus, all the focus characters were B characters in memories and I’d gotten used to not caring about them.

        • ef-wise we’re on the same page. my point is that to really enjoy melodies you have to simply absorb the good and spit out the bad. i think that melodies not only aped memories, but it aped itself. my favorite scene from both series, however, is actually in melodies (I don’t remember the ep no., but miyuki, and the chihiro sisters were sitting on the bench).

          Re Socrates, I think his quest was impossible. I wish I’d been born an Utena: lots of action, little thought 🙂

  4. I really should get into Matsumoto now, after seeing that Maetel DVD cover.

  5. I’ve seen 3 out of 5. I feel good about myself.

    • so you’ve seen mazinger, interstella and geass, right? good stuff. ef memories is great; space symphony will probably only be great if you’ve got some investment in the leijiverse already.

  6. I’ve seen the first three, and none of them are on my list, hahaha. (Well, for Interstella it’s because it’s not a series.)

    You totally have to watch more indeed. There are some gems (especially in the movies, not so with series) that are total must-sees in my opinion.

  7. But hey, you are watching Jewelpet. I am sure you will have lots of fun with different shows that came out this decade! I just really hope you won’t stumble the wrong titles. (Ugh, Kaiba, hahaha.)

    • I haven’t seen Kaiba, but word is that it’s wonderful…I thought. Jewelpet is actually very good, but I wouldn’t take to an island!

      Eventually I’ll watch other stuff, if only because the new season looks quite bleak…

  8. Geass R3 = Same plot, same Geass cast, ONLY GENDERBENT.

    Want? Y/N

  9. Nice list, you reminded me of a couple shows I forgot while making my list.


  10. Hmm, that Maetel show sounds pretty cool. Bookmarked for reference.

  11. Code Geass: Certainly good.

    ef: STILL haven’t finished (or really watched)

    Interstella 5555: Daft Punk = awesome…I have been meaning to watch his for a while.

    Shin Mazinger: Apparently it’s good. Apparently I have yet to watch it, simply because I do not like how it’ title sounds or looks (what a good reason, right?)

    Space Symphony Maetel: Never heard of it.

    Personally I’m not bothering to any kind of decade post, since that would pretty much be the same as me doing a lifetime post (I’ve been watching anime for like….9-10 years).

  12. 5555 had an AWESOME soundtrack, this is a great list. I too have a similar list going on at my site, check it out if you got time 🙂

  13. Out of the 2000-2009 list I was thinking that you should really see:
    Kaiba (Brilliant series. You would love it to pieces. It is about a boy who wakes up to find himself in a world he can’t remember, with no memories. It goes into body changing (la Leiji style) and you think Trapeze had weird animation. Check out this baby.)
    Boogiepop Phantom (Another thinking anime)
    Paranoia Agent (Absolutely screwed up and everything. Another thinking anime)
    Hi no Tori (Now THIS is something you need to see. Based of Osamu Tezuka’s amazing work, this anime is about the legendary bird “The Phoenix” and over the course of time … what people would to to gain eternal life. I’M BUYING THIS ONE SOON!)

    But yeah. Those are the ones you need to watch (Not what you should, but need)

    But i have seen … 1 on your list 😀 how sad ): (Interstella 5555) I mean I will get to space Symphony Maetel but I need to watch Maetel Legend first ^^;

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