Soul Eater 68: Witches Abused

First off, this image is awesome:


You gotta love how Chrona’s longsword slices through the left page, even as Black☆Star is unleashing his three blades.  No matter what Tsubaki says, I don’t think Star is kidding when he talks of his third weapon.  The joke is on Chrona though…I wonder what prompted Ookubo to address this gender issue so directly at last?!  And then avoid an answer!!

Now, as much as I love Medusa, I must criticize her here.  Usually, when you want a subordinate to perform well, you use what they call the carrot and stick method.  Medusa, though, is all stick!!!  It would be so simple to make a nice-looking Black Clown for Chrona, maybe make it look like Maka (Chrona would like THAT!), instead of having her put up with yet another monster…  Let’s be frank here, Chrona’s performance would be much better if there were some perceived benefit to her here…just saying.

The chapter was a rollercoaster for me. It started with Noah and Gopher, and I went “yuck”.  Then it switched to Chrona, Star and Tsubaki.  Of course I was pleased, although in the back of my mind I thought it was silly to show Noah just for a few pages and then leave him hanging.  But then, just as I was starting to get tired of the usual Chrona melodrama, Justin Law pops up at Medusa’s to link the two villains up…and even better, Eruka and the Mizunes showed up to back Chrona up!

"Kaeru" means frog AND to go home.

So it was a crazy chapter, and probably not as good as other more focused ones, but it set up a lot of interesting possibilities that will me even more impatient for the chapters to come.

Wouldn’t it be smart for Medusa to take control over the witch leadership and use them to fight?  I guess that’s easier said than done…For the moment her little band of rogue witches is getting beaten up!

The last pic seems to suggest that Medusa will be apprehended and manhandled.  This is par for the course…as she is the S a& M queen of the series.  Next chapter is called “Execution Begins”.  Yikes!

Eruka is too clever for her own good.  Opting not to fight against the overpowering Star might let her live to fight another day, but at what cost?  Maybe Eruka is next in line to request asylum in Shibusen…

As for Justin, it’s nice to see that he feels as if the Kishin is his God…because it’s consistent with his outlook.  Artificial construction of a clown, blasphemy indeed!!

Even now, the hairstyle holds...

~ by Haloed Bane on December 12, 2009.

10 Responses to “Soul Eater 68: Witches Abused”

  1. That’s a very good review. I mostly don’t understand the chapter exept black star saying to Chrona that she betrayed maka, maybe there will be a big chrona/maka drama <3.

    • Thanx. There’s a lot of rambling talk re Chrona and Maka, and BTW Star unsuccessfully tried to get Chrona to reveal his/her true gender. I’m sad to say I think this drama WILL continue for sure…

  2. Aw man where are the translations XD
    And Justin is so scary, It’s hard to understand what he actually wants. Or is he just a crazy follower of all things that seems strong so he can see it a god. (yknow. shinigami. then asura)

  3. And BTW if Oohkubo has a lot to show more that do seem like it’s not finished (like:when will Angela find out Mifune is dead, where is wolf, and what about soul’s past?) doesn’t matter to me becouse I know it WILL come. Oohkubo isn’t the type to ignore unfinished situations becouse I think he is a mangaka who knows his work very well.(if not I would simply hate that) And it would kinda ruins the pace if he reveals things chapter after chapter.

    • I’m sure Ookubo will cover all those things, as you say, when the time comes. Where is Wolf? I was just asking that myself…

      I’m not really sure at this point if Justin is really working for Noah, or working for himself, or for someone else. He does seem to believe in the Kishin Asura above all things. I’m sure translations will be out soon!

  4. […] Soul Eater 68: Witches Abused First off, this image is awesome: You gotta love how Chrona’s longsword slices through the left page, even as […] […]

  5. They’re already out. Gawd I love Sugooi-scans

  6. I´m looking forward to your article about chapter 69, cuz it´s out y´know.

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