SPC Harlock: 06-08

This Mazone just died

This show is all about guts and valor, and episode 06 exemplifies this:

1) Harlock has Daiba go out with him to inspect a Mazone wreckage, and they run into a live Mazone ship instead.  Daiba is forced to destroy it.  “You passed” says the captain.  Now they can inspect the wreckage.

2) Mayu, in the midsts of her living hell, writes to Harlock about how things are all fine with her.  Harlock can tell she’s lying by the tears that have left their marks on the letter.


Mimay and Harlock recall how they met: Mimay’s planet suffered a nuclear holocaust.  The radiation mutated plants into monsters that destroyed the remaining inhabitants.  Harlock found and saved the last survivor, Mimay, and took her aboard his ship.  Whether this is actually related to the Mazones or not, the resonance with the vegetable menace to Earth is obvious!


Resonances, reduplications are all over the place in the Leijiverse.  Episode 07 is important in this connection…

Earth shows up on the Arcadia screens as if it were split in half, with the splitting line running down the Bermuda Triangle.  When Harlock and crew approach the planet, the line cannot be seen any longer.  The Arcadia submerges [!] and begins inspecting the sea floor.  A depth charge reveals a large pyramid.  Harlock decides to investigate.  A Mazone lies in her grave.

This Mazone died long ago

The pyramid is probably beaming signals to the Mazones in outer space.  Harlock calls the dead Mazone a hero to her people and leaves her undisturbed.  The ancient presence of alien Mazone on Earth is now confirmed, Daniken is proven right after all!  Not only that but an iron link is thus established between this series and two classic Matsumoto shows (Galaxy Express 999 and Millennial Queen) insofar as the main threat to humanity in both of those shows is an alien race from the planet LaMetal who has had a (secret) presence on planet Earth for eons and eons.  LaMetalians and Mazones are two versions of the same fundamental thing.

The systematic assassination of undercover Mazones that follows, as the Arcadia has spotted them hidden around Earth, is fantastic.  You can argue the Mazone have shown themselves to be rather merciless and that all means are acceptable when the future of the race is at stake.  The matron of Mayu’s dorm we won’t feel any pity for…and a supermodel Mazone could just be adding to humanity’s lethal stupor.  But plenty of Harlock’s and Daiba’s victims here are just that, victims.

This Mazone is in the process of dying

The scene, extended as it is,is a good corrective to Harlock’s attitude toward the Mazone in her pyramid grave as seen earlier.  That is, respect the enemy dead, but if the enemy is alive, then kill her.  End of story.


As for episode 08, after Daiba blows up a ship carrying a Mazone diplomat whose life Capt. Harlock has just spared, some of the debris knocks out his own ship’s controls, communications and oxygen system.  I think you could argue that the Mazone drifting in space actually kept him alive (plants release oxygen after all).

This sets up another bout of Daiba madness once he’s been rescued by the Arcadia, where he ends up filling up a bathtub with water and playing with Yattaran’s model Yamato battleship.

can you say cuckoo?

The fight against the Mazone fleet was ridiculously easy, but it should be pointed out that Harlock recognizes this.  In fact, the Mazone have made the correct calculation that the only threat to their plans for Earth is the space pirate.  As such, luring the Arcadia out to space and sneaking the main fleet behind it to approach Earth makes sense.  Why mess with Harlock??

But Harlock’s not about to take that bait~

NOTE: Not only the dead are to be respected, but diplomats too.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “SPC Harlock: 06-08”

  1. I told you episode eight is awesome D: I think insane Daiba is cute 😀

    But for an 70’s series, the main character is so bloody thirsty … I LOVE IT! Daiba is fricken insane. I love it when Harlock gives him that big old slap too. He just kills for the sake of killing and laughs. Daiba is cool 😉

    • My opinion of Daiba has improved dramatically watching this series, which I guess is the main Daiba series in the Leijiverse! Usually Daiba is much worse than this!!

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  4. gay.bermuda triangle is aliens or illuminaties o d same thing

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