Jewel Pet 36: King turns Traitor, Dian goes Bishie

A well-crafted episode.  Jewel Pet has essentially two parallel storylines: the Pets’ struggle against Diana [evil black kitty] and her oniisama Dian [evil gray kitty], and Rinko’s excruciatingly painful quest for her knight in shining armor.  In this episode, the two strands intertwine.

Diana kicks King = STICK

A recap from last episode: King [pink French Bulldog] was sad because his girlfriend Lapis [Russian Blue kitty] had gone missing.  It turned out she had been captured and turned evil by Dian.  As usual, the only way for King to save her was by winning a Jewel Game, but he lost, and by losing was forced to join Dian’s forces alongside his still twistedly evil ex-girlfriend Lapis.

Lapis pretty pleases = CARROT

King folds = Men are Rabbits Q.E.D.

In this episode, King refuses to help Dian and Diana against Rinko and the Jewel Pets.  Lapis, however, uses her feminine guile (via a devastating “pretty pretty please” look) to get him to spill the beans on Rinko’s weak point: Rinko is obsessed with finding the perfect boy, a.k.a. prince on a white horse, etc.

So Dian uses his magic powers to turn into a bishie, that looks a lot like Lelouch from Code Geass [with voice actors being the same :)], and proceeds to infiltrate Rinko’s school by posing as a transfer student.   Diana promises King she will have Dian turn Lapis back into a nice pet if he cooperates, and so they head to school to back Dian up.

Teacher introduces the new transfer student.

Rinko oversleeps and forgets her lunch box.  When lunch time comes, “Andy” the transfer student offers her a lovely lunch box and asks to meet her later.  At that point, he proposes holy matrimony to Rinko.  Before she can reply, though, Nanase (fuming with jealousy, the little brat) steps in and challenges Andy/Dian to a basketball duel.  In the meantime, Rinko’s mother has called Tatewaki over and asked him to deliver Rinko the lunch box that she forgot.  Tatewaki goes to the school, notices everyone going to the basketball court, and makes his way there.

So 15 minutes into the episode, we have Nanase and Tatewaki, the two lads Rinko kinda sorta dreams or thinks or ponders about, in the same spot, reunited by her worst enemy Dian!

Highly illegal somehow.

Despite flagrant misuse of magical powers to repeatedly score and dunk the ball, Andy loses the match.  Failing to realize that one must shoot at one’s own basket for the points to count…also playing with the ball on the ground like a cat would…Dian’s human skills are still quite coarse.  And after the match he begins to transform back into a cat so he scrams.  But he swears he will remember his new enemy: Nyanyase.

Dian muses, Diana assuages.

All in all this managed to be an entertaining episode although Rinko’s situation has still not advanced…at all.  Tatewaki was told by the pets that Nanase has a crush on Rinko, but that she remains clueless.  In any case, Rinko was simply not about to sound her spiritual depths for her true feelings vis a vis Tatewaki and Nanase in this episode, as she was so smitten with bishie Dian/Andy.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “Jewel Pet 36: King turns Traitor, Dian goes Bishie”

  1. Well he really does look like Lelouch and somehow…I wonder if Diana is the C.C of the series..since she always admire him a lot all the time as a love more than a big brother.

    NOTE: Dian needs his own Knightmare Frame when he appears again, if that happens. ;P

    • They should let Diana have some pizza! And Dian have his Knightmare Frame!! And for the love of god, give Rinko a boyfriend!!!

  2. King folds = Men are Rabbits Q.E.D.

    hahaha XD Well, I have to admit that “pretty pretty please” look is quote formidable and almost unevadable!

    Oh, that bishie attack was sooo evil! How could he?! Also he cheated with all those subjects! Obento re-fuel ftw!

  3. I HATE THAT FRICK’N BUNNY!!!! Lelouch is AWESOME!!! (not in the love ❤ way) what happens to diana? Dian shouldn't cheat on those subjects…he's not like Lelouch in that.

  4. dian est le plus moche des jewelpets

  5. As a 16 year old male anime fan I can say these things are adorable,

    By chance are you ever going to take a look at twinkle sunshine kira deco or happiness?

    Those series are good enough that they have a decent size male fanbase. (myself included)

    Also should i take a look at this series should it ever get fully subbed?

    • Too swamped with other stuff to watch all those series, but it’s good to know the franchise is going well~

  6. It’s just too bad i can’t actually support it being american and all.

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