Soul Eater 69: Smokes and Mirrors

This episode had so many scene changes that I’m tempted to just break this post into scenes.  As I’m still trying to make sense of the chaos, this will mostly be a recap of what happened (or what I understood happened).

Scene One: Medusa and Justin

Half-guillotine half-clown shaped Justin Law decapitates Medusa, but she immediately responds with a vector arrow attack: in other words, Justin has been messing with Medusa’s head but the witch has seen through the psionic attack.  She proudly tells Justin that she’s learned how to cope with this since her debacle before Big Sis (=Arachne) in Baba Yaga.

medusa dies, sort of, again

Then Medusa introduces a mini-Black Clown and tries to use it to beat Justin.  Quite frankly, all of these little gadgets of Medusa’s are starting to bore me, if anything because they seem to be pretty darn worthless.  Oh well…

As I predicted, Justin beats off the repeated attacks and then….

Enter Tezcatlipoca

Actually, at this point Justin sees a second Justin, while Medusa sees a second Medusa.  Medusa is clueless, but Justin realizes this is Tezcatlipoca, which is not surprising as they have a history together as two of Shinigami’s Death Scythes.

Tezcatlipoca is then a doppelganger, but oh, here’s a scene change.

Scene Two: Mizunes, Eruka, Black Star, Tsubaki and Chrona

Yes, this is a battle royale, and Eruka, true to the pun in her rerarranged name (Kaeru = “frog” and “go home”), tells her people to scram, as their objective is not to defeat Black Star but simply to get Chrona out of that mess.

So Eruka throws loads of froggy smoke bombs and then promptly forgets to run away with the others.  The incensed Black Star sees her, she turns into a frog [I think turning into your animal form is the witch equivalent of peeing your pants] and is promptly captured by Star.

Eruka Getto!

Those who read my last post will note my guess that Eruka would gravitate toward Shibusen…and isn’t capture the classic Ookubo way for this to happen (eg Chrona)?  I might be right on this one.  We’ll see.

Scene Three: Medusa, Justin, Tezcatlipoca

Tezcatlipoca announces himself as the Mirror that Reflects All, which translates into Justin seeing memories of his service to Shinigami, while Medusa sees a defenseless, harmless Chrona.  That is, Tezcatlipoca is a tour guide and he’s taking you on a guilt trip.

The Death Scythe also happens to be insane.  He pleads, incoherently I should add, for Justin to turn back to Shinigami etc.  In the end Justin is so baffled, disgusted or simply confused that he decides to move out (or into one of Noah’s pages). When Tezcatlipoca’s technician (Enrique) shows up the Death Scythe announces that’s he got a hold of Justin on his mirror and now they can go and pursue him.  So this mirror shtick is useful in more ways than one.

Excellent side episode for Season 2 of the anime.

Tezcatlipoca = mirror = doppelganger is a set of associations from the original Aztec god (his name means “smoking mirror”), so once more Ookubo has been dipping in the UNESCO bowl.  Here’s an interesting and illuminating article: “Therapy and the face in the mirror”.  By the way, Tezcatlipoca is one of the dark gods of the Aztec pantheon, and this is consistent with Ookubo’s preference for darker, sometimes pure evil, entities Remember the Grigori??

Scene Four: Chrona and Ragnarok

Chrona lands in a clearing, courtesy of black blood wings, and Ragnarok congratulates her on a successful escape.  And she says “yeah” but all the while she’s just thinking about Maka…

Scene Five: Soul and Maka

Back at Shibusen (!) it seems that for some inexplicable reason Maka and Soul are hanging out and going to school like things are normal pretty much.  I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that Shinigami is keeping them around the school in a defensive role to ward off any sudden attacks…or something.

Soul’s popularity is on the increase and lots of technician students want him for a Death Scythe.  Maka is not too happy about this.

Enter new character

This new character is a little girl with a Shinigami hairpin.  She spies on Soul and Maka and complains that Maka isn’t good enough for Soul.  So let me guess: she’s a relative of Shinigami’s, she’s really prissy but powerful at the same time, she has a crush on Soul etc…  In my world, we call her a Suzu-chan (Marmalade Boy).


Exit new character

Alas for the new character, Soul explains that if he were to switch to a new partner it’d have to be someone with spice, a sexy thing like…

Enter Blair, Risa and Arisa

Like Blair.  Yes, she’s hawt.  The three hostess ladies (magical cat and two witches) are inside Shibusen grounds, evidently pomising “services” to Shibusen students in exchange for the successful completion of missions.  Of course this is all very suspicious…especially considering Risa and Arisa were working for Medusa not so long ago…

Anyway, I’ll take more Blair (and more Eruka), thank you very much.  This all looks very promising.  Honestly, as confusing as this chapter is, I think it shows that Ookubo has some sort of plan, and this plan includes full deployment of Soul Eater‘s large cast of characters.  How can this not be good news?

Scene Six: Kid and Gopher

This last scene is four and half pages of fun.    First Gopher is punching Kid and telling him to beg for his life.  Kid mocks both the beating and the request, and begins to make fun of Gopher’s favorite grimace.  See, Gopher’s mouth looks like the “he” kana in Japanese:

The problem is, the shape is hardly symmetric, and as soon as this dawns on Death the Kid’s obsessive compulsive consciousness, the real torture begins!

I bet you Gopher picks up on this and begins to use it against Kid!

~ by Haloed Bane on January 11, 2010.

15 Responses to “Soul Eater 69: Smokes and Mirrors”

  1. When I saw that little new girl, I immediately disliked her XD. I think there’s gonna be some little drama between Maka and Soul since girls and students want him to be their scyte. Those students are pretty stupid, becouse it´s Maka who made him death scyte, and if they would choose a new partner they would choose Maka,(sigh would be happy with a jealous soul , me fangirling) Or maybe it´s me to dislike background characters fast.

    I dislike the fact that much witches are very weak, becouse now it´s very easy to make a death scyte for Black Star and other meisters,isn´t it? While Maka and Soul had to work hard for Arachne´s. I get the feeling that the enemies are too weak. and the characters too developed. And it gives me the feeling of underdevelopement when I see kidd still caged :(. How would Maka grow further when her partner is already a Death Scyte and have wings and soul perception ability? wouldn´t it be too special for her to have more than that? (Maybe it´s too deep to think of that but is that a sign that we are close to the ending?)

    But I like it when I still don´t know a thing about so many things (When will we get to see Mabaa?).That´s always what is driving me to read this manga, Does Soul still got that black blood? I would like to see him go insane (ENTIRELY so the imp is pleased) I also expect Kid to use Gopher to escape, It´s almost the only way.

    Well I see 🙂

    • Maka makes that argument, yes, but she’s very jealous. I don’t like the new girl either, but we’ll see!

      Maka is overpowered for sure! It’s ridiculous. And Black Star / Tsubaki being able to fight 2 Mizunes and Chrona, well, yeah, Shibusen students are very very strong. But these kids need to grow up pychologically…

      I agree with you on all of the questions…mabaa….imp….I actually think we can be optimistic that Ookubo will address them at some point. I mean, if you examine Eruka’s appearances…they’re few and far between but they’re still there, and they make sense…sort of the same thing for Blair. Mabaa will show up at some point, possibly in connection with Angela..

  2. Angela’s gonna be pissed when she finds out mifune being dead(Would like to see that:D). But why would she come up together with Mabaa?

  3. Poor Kid. xD

    I think you’re right. Eruka might turn into an ally.

    • Question is: will this be good for the manga? I’d almost prefer for Eruka to end up back with the main witch faction and bring all of them into the fray!

  4. Mabaa n angela? I tnk more like angela n dat eruka is capturd (i like her) medusa wl use her to escalate sumtn agn wt shibusen. N i tnk mayb shibusn wl remove da snake 4rm eruka n she wl hav to play double agent 4 both. N da i end i tnk she wl side wt shibusn n btray medusa.infact i tnk al of medusas cronies wl btray her.1nce da mizunes fnd out abt dh sista n crona wl snap out of her spel.frèe (my fav) wl prob follow eruka. Dy sm to b a pair.n i tnk dis grl wl instigate sumtn 2 brk up maka n soul posibly side wt da crooks unwittngly.

  5. But i also c rshp wt black star n angela nt a romantc 1 bt h wud prob try take ova mifunes role.i v noticd blakstar is in alot emotinl pain afta hs batle wt mifune.i dnt tnk h realisd in quest 4 gr8ns h wud b hurt sum how. N emotinl wounds take tym to heal.i tnk h wl bnd wt angela dy go close n she finds out n goes syco(medusas fault).h wl prob offer hmslf to her so she cn kil hm bt i tnk by dat tym she wd hav bondd wt hm enuf 2 4gv hm n she wl join shibusen 4 gd.

  6. I want to see more scenes about kid?

  7. the new chapters are on raw paradise!!!!!(wants to read more from you)

  8. Wow! 70 AND 71 were awesome. That Eruka is going to be Shibusen’s tool to rescue Death the Kid is, well, it’s sublime.

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