The following is to inform my readers that I will stop blogging for the time being.  I will not venture to predict the length of this interlude; I can only say that very likely it will be only that and nothing more permanent.  I will be answering comments on older posts, but I will not be writing new ones.

Thanks for all of the support these past 14 months!

Since it is Mamoru Nagano’s 50th birthday today (CONGRATS!!!) here is a recap of the content of this post FSS style.

~ by Haloed Bane on January 21, 2010.

34 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. God damn it, man. This does not bode well. Weak is my expectation that Ghostlightning will last out the year, what with all of his favorite blogs becoming inactive and he himself having no time. Am I going to be the only one left? I guess I knew if I wanted to rise to the top then I’d have to watch everyone else fall around me, but it’s painful…

    enough drama, I’ll miss you till you return!

  2. Take it easy, man. Don’t worry about visitors–I’ll be busily attacking your FSS posts as I start reading it!

  3. Man I just found this blog and now it is inactive!
    All the FSS post are great and it helps me to understand the story in more detailed. As I get lost in all the jumping around of date and the hundreds of characters, is nice for some one to just slow down and explain it. I hope you will continue in the future.

  4. You take care, don’t force it… and before you come back, write like a dozen posts and schedule it in advance. It will save you, as it’s what’s keeping me afloat now.

    BTW, I didn’t realize I was anon when replying to schneider LOL

  5. Please come back guys! ;_;

  6. =(

    Sadly my fire is burning out too (no, fight it gaguri fight it!).

  7. Soon enough, you’ll be back….

  8. See you when you get back.

    That’s the only thing I can say. Anything else is too sad, you know? Itterashai.

  9. Damn…

    We’ll miss you lots, AK…

  10. Whoa whoa! You were supposed to at least partially fill the gap in Awesome left by me.

    Seriously though I will miss this blog and I look forward to your return.

  11. Come back soon 😀

  12. …. D: *cries* And I shall shall miss reading your blogs D:
    Though myself, haven’t been active either, I hope you still have the courage and the endurance to continue your life into the unknown! *Dramatic pose*

    Keep smiling and laughing my buddy ^^

  13. Eh, that won’t stop us from linking the hell out of this place. Course, it’ll only be a matter of time before we run out of pages to link to……you don’t want the kids to go into an intellectual slump, do you?

    • hmmm, you’ll have to switch to other sites, or just link to the actual translations (i wonder how many people get upset when their promised futanari doujin link turns out to be a discussion on time and the leijiverse??)

  14. All I can say is good luck, and godspeed. 🙂

  15. Oh my God, I am so late… But be sure not to forget us, m’kay? Even if it’ll take a year or two to come back, I’d still read your blog. 🙂

  16. Hope your break from blogging won’t be too long, ak.

    The only good thing about this break is that I will be able to go carefully through some of the things on the blog that I missed in the past. Your posting pace was a bit too much for me.

    • Thanx for that! I had plenty of time to blog, so yeah, I was able to post 201 times in 14 months!

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