Soul Eater 72: Genderbending in Eibon’s Inferno

No, I’m not breaking out of my hiatus.  This blog is still very much asleep.  However, it isn’t dead.  And as its death would be the only thing keeping me from commenting on gender-bending Ookubo madness, here comes this post.

Soul Feeder, let's say.

Let me get the esoteric stuff out of the way first.

It seems the seven chapters of the Eibon book will match the seven deadly sins of tradition, and this in Pope Gregory I’s order: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.  The whole scheme is pretty cool but it’s got one little drawback IMO: by following this traditional order Ookubo has to put LUST first.  But Lust is precisely the most powerful sin in Shibusen, and it’d have made more sense to place it deeper within the book.  Maka and Soul dealing with their issues for one…

If you look closely, the two walls of text that the Index unfurls are actually the same single page from two angles: specifically an excerpt going from the end of Chapter 5 to the beginning of Chapter 6 of Alice in Wonderland.  The section is all about transformation: Alice nibbles from the mushroom and becomes really huge.  A bird flies by and accuses her of being a serpent.  Then she finds a house with a footman and tries to get inside.  He tells her:

“There might be some sense in your knocking,’ the Footman went on without attending to her, ‘if we had the door between us. For instance, if you were inside, you might knock, and I could let you out, you know.'”

And that’s where the excerpt ends.  Make your own judgments as to any connections with the situation within the Book of Eibon…

And that’s that!  Now for the gender-bending!  IMHO the Golden Rule of Gender-Bending is this: the more masculine a character is, the more feminine the transformation will be, and viceversa.  As a corollary androgynous or asexual characters won’t be changing very much.  Here you see how Maka just gets a bad haircut, and Black Star looks totally voluptuous with his partner Tsubaki looking like the manliest dude ever.  And I must add that Patty looks totally rad, though I wouldn’t want to run into her/him in a dark alley.

Will genderbending flip Technician/Weapon relations as well??

The succubus doesn’t disappoint (but we already knew Ookubo was great at the succubine, e.g. Medusa), and I wonder whether next chapter we’ll see this succubus actually trying to seduce the characters or just being the matchmaker and prodder for the Shibusen students themselves (god knows these kids need some pushing).

I can’t put too much stock on the ending of the chapter, though it is very interesting.  Of late we’ve had a few ending pics that are totally crazy but don’t seem to connect to the next chapter.  That said, sometimes they do (I’m thinking of Medusa and the clown guillotine).  So now we hear of 8 warlords: Eibon, Ashura, Shinigami, the one with Kid inside the book, three that were swallowed by Ashura, and a mysterious one knowing to Kid himself.  It makes one wonder just what is up with this Noah that he can trap and contain such things in his collection.  Someone, IDK if as a joke or seriously, suggested number eight is Excalibur.  I think this is actually very possible!  Plus Angela is the third Gorgon sister…But I digress.

Her time will come, i'm sure...

A word about Eruka.  I do pity her.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  First she’s Medusa’s slave and now she’s become Shibusen’s pawn.  She uses a hexagram for her magic whereas unless I’m totally mistaken Medusa is fond of pentagrams.  I don’t claim to know what any of this means, but it’s obvious Eruka is a Goody Two-Shoes witch, and that she wishes she were back with Mabaa and all her witchy sisters.

Finally, let me give Ookubo an ultimatum: I want to see Medusa again before three more chapters have elapsed!!!

~ by Haloed Bane on March 29, 2010.

13 Responses to “Soul Eater 72: Genderbending in Eibon’s Inferno”

  1. I hadn’t noticed the Alice in Wonderland thing, just as well you talk in your sleep.

    re. the genderbending details, surely the relative endowments/musculatures of the new cast reflect what they consider desirable as well as your Golden Rule? So, er, Patty likes a nice psycho etc. Seems SE is getting back on track anyway, which is cause for happy.

    • Hmm, so you mean to say Maka likes plain non-aggressive boys? Well, I have seen Maka x Chrona doujin around but I still think she’d prefer something manlier. Though in the case of Tsubaki and Star you theory does fit very well.

  2. Haha nice on all the references, I never really read that much into them. I admit though the genderbending was hilarious as all hell, and yes, these kids do need some pushing.

  3. Or Maka just hasn’t much interest in boys, And becouse of fandom threats on other forums it is said that Ohkubo gave us a hint that Soul really likes Maka, becouse his transformation looked much like her (Nah, not THAT much, But he had bigger eyes and a FLAT-CHEST he always teased Maka with!)

    Well written again!

    • Thanks! It’s totally natural for Soul to like Maka, I mean, when a boy and a girl spend time 24/7 like that etc.

  4. I am glad Diana is loosening her grip on you 😛

    • I totally stopped watching that. It’s a shame really…but I just don’t have time for anime now.

  5. When I see gender-bending, I sometimes wonder if there’s a universe where the gender-bent versions are the default. And if they decided to have a gender-bender episode, would the characters turn out like the defaults in our world? But I guess that’s a silly train of thought.

    Say, could you explain some of the context here? I’m not quite sure what’s going on. But I’m happy to see you back! I’m looking forward to when you come back for really-real. 🙂

    • OK, I’m assuming you don’t know anything…so this is my summary:

      1) There’s this kid called Kid. He’s a good guy.
      2) The bad guys trap this Kid kid inside of a book.
      3) The good guys go inside the book to rescue Kid.
      4) The book has 7 chapters and Kid is in the last one.
      5) To get there, the good guys have to get through the book.
      6) Each chapter is a deadly sin, and to get through each chapter means to conquer each sin.
      7) These good guys have all sorts of desires and yearnings toward each other, but they’re so very shy.
      8) The first chapter is Lust.
      9) The book genderbends the good guys so as to loosen up all those urges and tempt them into committing the first deadly sin.


      IMO if you genderbend the genderbent, they should revert back to their original forms, sure!

      [I didn’t mean for no.8 to look like that, but it’s quite fitting!!]

  6. He placed Lust first because in Dante’s Purgatorio, there are seven levels, each for the deadly sins, an the first level is Lust. All the sins appear in the order that they do in Purgatorio. You could say that the book is heavily based off of Purgatorio because in Purgatorio, the souls there in each level are attempting to overcome their 7 mortal sins instead of being punished for them as they are in Hell. To overcome the sins brings them through purgatory and closer to the heavenly realm and ultimately God. In that sense, it is very appropriate seeing as in each chapter, they have to overcome the sin to get closer to Kid, their friend and incidentally, a God himself.

    • I didn’t think of Purgatory at all…Thanks for that 🙂 So the idea was great, I’m not so sure about the execution.

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