Soul Eater 76: Salvage my Sanity

nenena‘s translation and the discussion surrounding it [here] are so enjoyable and encompassing that I almost feel this post is superfluous.  However, I’m still writing it if anything because I want to admit to the world that my ultimatum to Ookubo in my last post failed: I told him after chapter 72 that he’d better bring Medusa back within 3 chapters and here I am, still Medusaless, still reading Soul Eater.

Master Evans, ever so dapper

And it is interesting.  I still feel the Baba Yaga arc was better, probably because it had a point to it (= taking out Arachne and her crew).  “Now wait,” you might say, “surely this SALVAGE arc has a point too: rescuing Kid!”

The reason I have a problem with this goal is that from the beginning this tale has revolved around three heroes: Maka, Black Star, Kid.  And though they get into trouble often enough, they always end up fixing things themselves.  I don’t think Ookubo will switch gears now: Kid has to save himself.  And so the whole debate over whether Black Star will do it, or whether the Thompson sisters will or what, will probably be moot.  We’ll see.  But it’s obvious that if Kid does end up breaking out of the book by his own power, then the whole focus of Salvage is lost.

But I said it was interesting, and it is.

a) The Death Scythe situation – this could have been very embarrassing: we were expecting Soul to achieve Death Scythe status at some point and become the most awesome weapon ever.  But the series became more and more popular and Ookubo wasn’t about to finish it just then.  I mean, the manga should have ended about 4 or 5 chapters after Soul became a Death Scythe.  So how to allow for this transformation to happen without bringing the series to an end?  By ignoring it.  Well done.  In this chapter, as he does periodically, Soul mentions the fact that he’s become a Death Scythe and then carries on.  Obviously the enemies from now on are so strong the pre-Death Scythe Soul/Maka combo would have been obliterated in battle against them…or something.

b) Summonings – Soul actually summons the dreaded Piano lord to help him against Gilico.  This is Ookubo in a nutshell.  I’d totally forgotten the whole “black blood plus demon in a room with a piano” deal.  Ookubo conjures it from thin air, employs it, and moves on.  If I were a black-blood fan, then I’d be getting really excited by now, slightly disappointed by the lack of mention later on, but still hopeful of more development in later chapters.  As it turns out, I’m a Medusa fan, so I’m sure in a chapter or two Ookubo will do the same thing to me: throw in a mention, perhaps even a panel, on Medusa, and then move on…until he decides to deal with it.  And Ookubo’s storytelling is spread on such a wide anything-goes canvas that it all holds just because he wants it to.  It’s madness, in short, it’s like how the fabric of a dream holds together simply because anything can happen in a dream…or a nightmare.  And Soul even calls upon the power of Arachne!!

c) Arachne – I guess there’s a chance the big witch can come back.  My speculation will go along these lines: Medusa has her body, Evans has her soul, so if the two were to have a baby voilà.

d) Girlico – Girico…Girico…The character confuses me.  Is he a major foe or is he a wimp?  Is he his own man, a mercenary willing to sell himself to the highest bidder, or just Arachne’s Gopher?  And now his gender’s all messed up.  I give up.

Oh, and on the cover with Maka and the skull…I do think it’s as bad as it looks.

~ by Haloed Bane on July 18, 2010.

16 Responses to “Soul Eater 76: Salvage my Sanity”

  1. I think you’re right; Kid will have to come to his senses in order for this coming fight to end. I’m kind of looking forward to it, because I’m hoping for a weird new power balance between he and Black Star. On the one hand, Kid has no weapons, but he’s a tough little godling, can take loads of punishment, and won’t mind destroying Black Star at all. Black Star, on the other hand, could possibly kill Kid, but he doesn’t want to–he likes the guy and might not be in the mood to indulge his surpass-a-god fixation right now. So it’ll be an interesting rematch, possibly using lots of weird mindwarping insanity powers, but yeah, it’ll end when Kid comes to his senses–and Black Star can’t bring that about with a physical attack. As my Dad is fond of saying, “You can’t change someone’s mind by kicking them in the head.”

    Female Giricco absolutely slays me. I haven’t read that recap, so I have no idea what she’s saying, but she’s so happy–look at that grin! OK, most of that is mental illness, but part of it must be pure joy from possessing chainsaw hair!

    • I think 100% of Girlico’s grin is madness. I fear there’s been a Gopherization of Girico, to use the technical term that I have just invented (!). Basically, Girico is in love with Arachne and hates Shibusen for destroying her (though he seems to think there’s hope for her yet). So he’s just playing Noah’s Gopher to Arachne.

      It’s also interesting that Black Star wants to surpass god and Kid is actually– a god! Yes, it’s going to be fun.

      But where, oh where is Medusa????

  2. I will laugh long and hard if Kid snaps out of it thanks to something asymmetrical (Or symmetrical). But I guess I won’t mind Black Star saying SOMETHING to help out.

    But still; What have they done with Girico?! After reading over and over I finally understood HOW he is now Girlico, but I will never understand WHY (I’m a fan in tragic shock).

    Seeing Medusa again would indeed be NICE TO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT SHE’S DOING. Same with Justin (Another character I’m a fan of-…if Girlico lives, wonder how he’d re-act…?)

    Yeah, the manga’s going nuts if you ask me.

    • Since the Girlico is just his current body, and he has the skills to get another one later, it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a man again…just have to wait.

      I hope we see Medusa soon.

  3. Giricco’s in love with Arachne? Good lord, when did that happen? I know she inspired a sort of son-like devotion in her underlings, but I never got the idea it was romantic. And it’s not like he’s too shy to make his feelings known.

    I like the idea of Arachne being not quite dead, so let’s have her soul come back just enough to give Medusa a severe case of possession/MPD. It brings Medusa back into the plot, it’s poetic justice for what Medusa’s done to Crona all these years, and it could make the combined entity even worse to deal with than either Arachne or Medusa alone.

    • I know, kinda shocked me as well. He seemed more like a brother or a son in a way; respects her, but not as much as a servent, like Mosquito. He really just has rivalries with people such as Justin, not entirely a romantic kind of guy (Unless you’re a fan of Love/Hate relationships).

      Yes, that would be a shocker for Maka & Co. The irony would be cool too.

    • Re: the love thing, I’m not saying it’s romantic (though maybe it is), just that is an obsession of some sort.

      Arachne’s soul was eaten by Soul Evans, right? So how could it come back? Interesting…

      • Well, I read Binktopia’s scanlation, and Giricco’s behavior actually seems normal to me. I’m truly not seeing anything to indicate out-of-character obsession, or anything beyond “I want my old mistress back. I waited 800 years for her to return, 800 damn crazymaking years, and I didn’t do it so she could get eaten by some sissy little boy in a hairband.” Which is reasonable, really.

        • When you put it that way, yeah, it’s reasonable. I think anyone that gets beaten up by one of the Shibusen brats would be quite upset.

  4. I love this chapter. oK, Giriko cloned himself a female body from Brew, even though it would be simple for the storyteller to say “That thing you killed was a golem that I built, and me, I happened to stroll through Lust on my way here.” But no, he got his female body from Brew, and Ookubo may be crazy, but I think he set up that whole thing for a reason. Giriko is going to retrieve Arachne’s soul, put it in a body that he cloned for her, and return her to her former glory. Also, didn’t Medusa have Brew for awhile? I think we know where Crona came from. Ookubo loves his puns, and what better pun than to mesh kuro na with clone?

    • P.S. and a cloning machine? Boy would Stein ever like to get his stitchy mitts on that.

      • Interesting theories…but just how is Giriko going to get Arachne’s soul?!!!

        I really gotta go back and research this stuff. I don’t really remember what Brew even was?? (did I ever know what it was??) Hmmm….

        • I went back through the manga, and Brew’s does a lot of weird, random things. I’m going to start calling it the Anything Box.
          At the beginning of the manga, Maka and Soul had collected 99 souls, which Soul ate in the normal way, and then they messed up capturing Blair and Shinigami-Sama took them back and busted them down to zero souls again. So they CAN be taken back, but yeah, Giriko’s not Shinigami-Sama.
          I have lo luck at all predicting events in this manga, but if Giriko really, really carves Soul up, unto the point of imminenet death, Soul’s black blood demon might come forward and say, “Kid! Give him what he wants or we’re both dead meat!”

          • That’s some great research. I bet you Shinigami has some sort of bad medicine that makes you
            throw up souls.

            • Argh, I apologize for all those typos up there. I’m usually not that bad, I was just trying to type that up and talk to someone at the same time!

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