SPC Harlock 27-29: Mayu Lost

Episode 27 begins with First Mate Yattaran collapsing from all the fighting and being replaced by Daiba.  The young dude aims at the offending battleship and blows it up.  I am very, very impressed with Daiba’s development.  I’m almost ready to forgive him for making the Ring for Alberich in Harlock Saga…almost.

Mazone on the prowl.

Yattaran is not the only exhausted crew member, everyone is on their last legs.  Captain Harlock opts to sneak the Arcadia into the civilian flotilla within the Main Fleet to buy some time.  The Mazone military is happy enough to trigger a battle in the zone but Lafresia doesn’t want to raise civilian casualties so she orders against any attacks from the moment.

Yes, this looks like a complete reversal from her vow to be merciless in the last episode, but let’s ponder things further to see if we can’t make sense of it.  With the death of Tesius, the highest ranking civilian in the Mazone Empire, the tension throughout the fleet is high.  Lafresia has already rejected the hawkish Cassandra’s proposal to jettison the civilian contingent…what’s the point of reaching Earth if you don’t have a substantial number of colonists with varied skills to populate it?  The proposal is foolish on cold, rational ground.

Horses at the race.

So waging war on Harlock while the Arcadia is in the midst of civilian ships is not viable with things as they stand.  Queen Lafresia orders her agents on Earth to dig out Harlock’s weakness and exploit it.  The very much naked agents grab Kiruta, who is utterly shocked by these news of an alien invasion [the scene is neat because we know Kiruta is the  best informed officer in the Earth Federation government and so his perplexity here throws in relief once more just how clueless everyone on our planet is] and make him tell everything he knows about Harlock.  Kiruta tries to hide Mayu’s identity [everybody loves Mayu!] but fails.

Lafresia in a bind.

And now Lafresia strikes down a proposal to kidnap Mayu and hold her hostage.  The vow from last episode is thrown into question again, and this time I don’t think I can explain things very well.  Either the Queen is being a softy, or she is so obsessed with what Harlock will think of her that it’s clouding her cold, merciless judgment.  She does mention she doesn’t want to be called a “coward” by Harlock…

Kiruta’s eyes have been opened, and after failing to persuade the Prime Minister to fight the Mazone he decides to do it on his own.  Meanwhile, one of the divisions in the Mazone fleet rebels and begins to attack the Arcadia and civilian ships indiscriminately.  Lafresia is forced to kidnap Mayu to get the Arcadia out of the sector and stop the fighting (I suspect Cleo was behind this all).

Mayu is taken and now it’s Harlock’s turn to make a tough decision.  He doesn’t but leaves it up to his ship.  The Arcadia sets course for the Ulysses Nebula and Mayu.

The next episode, 28, is stupid, boring and unnecessary.  It’s junk…quite possibly the worst episode I’ve ever seen in a Matsumoto work.  After a string of awesome episodes I guess we were due for a bad one, but its plain awfulness is well…awful.  “Beware of the island episode” seems to be a universal maxim in animeland…

The proud crew of the Arcadia.

Basically, Harlock enters the Ulysses Nebula and tries to find Mayu there.  He doesn’t.  The end.  There’s other stuff that happens but I’d rather forget it.  Let’s move on to episode 29, which is very interesting even though it’s concerned with boredom.

Mayu is nowhere to be found and the idle crew begins to go loopy: guys fighting over underwear, Tori and Mii getting absolutely drunk, Dr. Zero and Mimay getting absolutely drunk [ok, that’s normal I guess], Mimay making sensual advances on Dr. Zero [crazy!], Dr. Zero rejecting Mimay and running away  [that’s triple crazy!!] etc.

It turns out I spoke too soon of Daiba’s progress.  After showing time after time a predilection for falling into traps unknowingly, now the kid falls into traps knowingly…can you call this progress?!  Then he forgets it’s a trap, or rather convinces himself that it isn’t one, and gets outplayed by a little Mazone girl called Kirika.  It gets so bad the little girl wounds him on the shoulder and turns her back on him, and he’s ready to kill her!!  I ask you, Mr. Tadashi Daiba, would Captain Harlock have shot a girl in the back?  No, he wouldn’t have, and Daiba didn’t get to either, by the way, because the grownup Mazone were quicker to the punch and took his gun.  How low can you go, Mr. Daiba?!

Luckily Harlock is there to clean up Daiba’s mess.  Tadashi has one last chance at redemption, when Shiraku the Mazone is about to execute the Captain…Tadashi crawls and fires but we see Harlock letting off a shot right after.  Both shots are taken well before Shiraku is able to react.  Therefore our conclusion must be that EVEN IF TADASHI DAIBA HADN’T BEEN THERE HARLOCK WOULD HAVE FINISHED SHIRAKU WITH TIME TO SPARE.  Daiba, you’re worthless.  And you forged that Ring even after Maetel came and told you not to make it.  FOOL!

Not so proud pets of the Arcadia.

~ by Haloed Bane on September 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “SPC Harlock 27-29: Mayu Lost”

  1. I felt that Daiba was finally started to grow up. At the very least he isn’t shooting people on sight now.

    I’m starting to wonder if Leji just can’t write teens. He does men and very young boys. So we don’t give Daiba as much slack as we would Testuro. Though i hive you him being useless in Saga and mostly useless Endless Odyssey.

    • As you imply, Daiba in SPCH is 20 times more useful than in Saga and Endless Odyssey. How is he in Endless Road, I wonder?

      Yes, he doesn’t shoot people on sight, but he almost does 🙂

      If Daiba’s position is as representative of ourselves the viewers, then what opinion does Leiji have of us?? Hmm…

      • acording to corn prone flicks he’s not in Endless road. instead we seem to get Tadashi Monono who i get the feeling is more of a Tesuro knock off who joins to be their cook or something. I’ve only seen the first episode but seeing as he’s replaced for the second Harlock TV series I’ve had the feeling that once they told his story here they could never think of another good way to reinvent him.

        I don’t think that anyone is meant to be a normal like the reader in Leiji’s works. If anything the normal people would be the idiots that go along with the government and just party and are unaware of the corruption of the government. Daiba’s one of the lucky few that aware of the problems in the system because he’s from a family with a academic background and seems to be his father’s assistant.

        I also think there’s no time in Saga or Endless Odyssey for Diaba to develop any skills that will make him useful.

        • I wonder if Endless Road will ever be subbed..

          Daiba-as-reader seems to be a popular theory on the Net, but it doesn’t really work, now does it..

          Ultimately I’d say that Leiji wants us to go from P.M. of the Earth govt status to Commander Kiruta status (I’m speaking in terms of knowledge and bravery, and of course by Kiruta I mean the born again Kiruta that fights the Mazone).

  2. Have mercy on Tadashi Daiba, I beg thee! He is all right really, has his bright moments and follies – without Tadashi we would have begun to take Harlock’s awesomeness for granted long ago. And in the Saga the whole gang is around – Harlock, Tochiro, Emeraldas, Maetel! – who would not look an idiot in that company?

    • Iskra, fear not. Before this series of posts is all over you will find I have words of praise for Tadashi Daiba. Really!

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