How Lena Katina’s Birthday is Relevant to this Blog

Happy Birthday Lena!

Ok, actually, Lena Katina’s birthday was yesterday.  I was just trying to figure out how if at all this event in the life of one-half of t.A.T.u. [I reckon she’s the T.u., but don’t quote me on that] fits in with this blog’s interests.  She’s 26, which happens to be one of my favorite numbers, though not my favorite favorite number, but this isn’t a numerology blog or a blog about my personal interests [despite what some may injudiciously assume] so that isn’t relevant per se.

So I thought and I thought and for lack of a connection I suddenly found two!!  And they relate to Leijiverse!!!  Check it out.

1st, there’s this amazing AMV by a friend of mine:

Yes, this consists of scenes from the Maetel Legend OVA to the tune of  t.A.T.u.’s Not gonna get us.  If you check out the lyrics, which are right below the video, you’ll see how it all fits perfectly.  The brilliance of my friend had much to do with this, true, but notice how the song  mentions “Night the Conductor”…and think of the Galaxy Express 999 conductor and how you would describe him!  There is an intrinsic affinity between these images, I assure you.

2nd, there’s the “Mega Leijiversal Showdown of All Time” film project.  Never heard of it?  I’m not surprised, after all I’m revealing it to the world right now for the very first time!

I’m thinking of submitting this idea to Mr. Matsumoto: a 12 hour live action film set in the Leijiverse, with lots of stuff happening before the end, but most importantly ending in an epic battle between the Arcadia, the Queen Emeraldas, the Space Battleship Yamato and the Time Sweeper Mahoroba on one side, and a coalition of Mazone, Valhallans, Machiners, Metanoids, Illumidas, Gamilons and the Noo.

Guess who I’ve penciled in for the role of Emeraldas?  Didn’t the AMV light your bulb?  Think about it:




Hello?  This is, like, obvious to the max.  Lena Katina would make a perfect Emeraldas.  And as for that special feature that distinguishes the pirate, I can take care of it:




I was faithful down to the number of stitches.

You might be wondering if I will play a role in this film.  Well, of course!  I will be playing that generic character who shows up as Commander Leopard’s right-hand man in Space Symphony Maetel and Captain Zero’s right-hand man in Cosmo Warrior Zero.  There’s an irony here inasmuch as I am left-handed (!) but I can do this gray-haired, short and stocky type very well.

This setup precludes any possibility of a romantic relationship between Lena Katina’s character and mine, since Emeraldas is so smitten with Tochiro and all.  Unless…unless this is all after Tochiro has died of his anemic, radiation space disease thing!

Bwa ha ha ha!!! [writes into script]

Anyway, happy birthday Lena!

~ by Haloed Bane on October 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “How Lena Katina’s Birthday is Relevant to this Blog”

  1. LOL! Why not play Tochiro himself????!!!!!

    • Oh my god, you ARE brilliant!

      It didn’t even occur to me to consider this possibility. Tochiro and I have a similar sort of humor, and I love hats!!!

      But then I’d have to die…hmmm, I wonder if Leiji would allow me to revise his mythos a bit.

  2. lol too much tylenol again? anyway I couldn’t get into Tatu that much, but with the exception of their one song “all the things she said”, the vocals just melt my heart away.

    • How come you always attribute my best posts to the influence of controlled substances?!

      Not only are the vocals great, but the musical arrangements are inspired. There are some amazing tracks in their latest album!

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