The Expressive Turn of Aya Hirano

I just read of yet another wacky set of statements Aya Hirano made on a variety show (according to Sankaku Complex).

She’s gone on a bit of a rampage, hasn’t she?  2ch is apparently frothing at the mouth (and not the good kind of frothing either!) and I think there is a collective expectation that she might be alienating the otaku without firmly establishing herself in a more mainstream fandom, so that in the end she’ll end up with nothing.

I don’t know if this will happen.  I sure hope not.  But on her development as a whole I can honestly say:


I tried to find my comments on hashihime’s blog, which is my main source for seiyuu news, and managed to turn up these two (I think there are others, but I can’t find them now):

“i hate to say it, but isn’t aya working a tad to hard. should worry about karoshi and all.”

(April, 2009)

“hopefully she’ll pace herself!!”

(October, 2009)

Karoshi is Japanese for “death from overwork”, but now I realize my concern for her was not from overworking.  Lots of Japanese overwork and live long, long lives.  My concern was always for her psychological well-being.  I honestly had such a pessimistic view on the way her life was going I stopped commenting on hashihime’s Aya posts…I had a foreboding of doom and I didn’t want to deal with it [I’m a lousy fan, I know].

And now here we are.  Instead of exploding and vanishing she’s letting it all out in small, rapid bursts.  Excellent.  I wish her the best, and a belated happy birthday while I’m at it!


~ by Haloed Bane on October 21, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Expressive Turn of Aya Hirano”

  1. I don’t follow seiyuu scene but yea, good for her! Better to screw the fans than karoshi!

    Anyway I am surprised such remarks are allowed on Japanese variety shows, I thought they were quite conservative (granted, I don’t watch Japanese variety shows). I mean in our entertainment arena, specific details regarding things like sex are ‘forbidden’, and celebs have to say something like ‘we were seeing each other’ to imply intimate relationship, and avoid mentioning forbidden words.

  2. I wonder how many guys she will bang on her birthday…with thin condoms…

  3. I literally have NO IDEA what’s going on with this whole Aya Hirano thing. I am in alternating phases of shock and awe. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be thinking about all this, other than FUCK YEAH AYA GO HAVE AN ACTUAL LIFE.

    I do think she is trolling en masse her slavish otaku fanbase, which is probably something that ought to be done.

    • She probably has a war room where she gets together with her advisors and they try to figure out how to make the otaku madde.

  4. I only got some clue about what’s going on with Aya from Sankaku Complex feed. but seems like she’s doing OK. That’s good. She’s basically the only female seiyuu that I like

    • I’m in a similar situation: she’s basically the only seiyuu that I know, aside from Koichi Yamadera and Megumi Hayashibara.

  5. Aya plays a nun with huge boobs in the new Index. Just thought you’d be interested to know.

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